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Thursday, June 9, 2011

tell me what youre doing ?

First off, I have tried repeatedly to respond to post and blogs and I'm having issues I haven't figured out yet. So I'm not rude or insensitive to followers or people I follow. I'm just not capable yet.

It's been a busy week and getting ready to get busier.

Tuesday we raced at Tuesday night worlds with our small but growing road race team. There was a better turn out for the 4/5 race and a return of the collegiate trio that put a beating on the group. They ride well together and it appears they still ride often. But it did make for a fast pace and significant suffering. Patrick had a mishap but since I have not seen anything on that, I'll leave that alone. Our newest Junior rider finally came out, but got dropped at the first sprint. And then eventually lapped. But I'll hand it to him, he stayed out there in the wind and put some miles in. He's an avid fixed gear rider and apparently racer too, so I'm sure he will come around. He has size and fitness and it appears he just needs some experience. I will tell you first hand there is no simulation for criterium racing. You just have to do it and learn the tempo and grind as you go.
This was taken somewhere around lap 3 of the 3 of us together

     I didn't have a very impressive night either. I contended for the 1st prime sprint and gave in 25 meters from the line running 2nd. THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE AND I GOT PASSED BY TWO OTHERS BEFORE CROSSING THE LINE. What the hell was I thinking? It took me a full lap to recover and we had now split the field in half.
Another two laps later and I and 2 more would crack from the pace. Fortunately I kept my head in the race and focused on trying to bridge back up.
This can be a futile effort on your own, but I had enough wits about me to latch on to the fast freight train of the masters in a group of about 35 or more and work with them for the duration. They are fast and almost always catch and pass the 4/5 group due to group size and speed they create.
I didn't just take a free ride in there, I worked
   And apparently I was getting worked by the look on my face.
But I did manage to stay in and take some short turns up front and try and bridge back to the fast few ahead. Amazingly enough they never caught that group and I can say that is a first for me. But these young guns are fast and very up and coming and will jump directly over Cat 4 to Cat 3 no question about it. So that was kind of shitty for them to beat up on the fat old guy but it is what it is.
As I said I tried to bridge back up with the next group of racers which was the masters class. Fortunate for me my efforts paid off and I was able to still pass a couple of riders that got cracked off our group and didn't have the strength in them to bridge on to us. I ended up 9th for a couple of points and really though and still do think I was 7th, but whatever. I'll take the lesson and the points.

I'll get a 25 mile ride in Friday morning and then an easy 35-50 on Saturday to keep loose and fresh.
Sunday is another CBR     Bai ley Bikes Cri terium! ( B AR Se r i e s # 8)
Dominguez Hi l ls, Cal i forniaupdated

June 12, 2011 [Sun]-$5,000+ in cash & prizes!

It will be race # 8 of 11 in the series.
Ive opted to race 2 classes to get extra time and work. Wish me luck I'll need it.  And hopefully we'll get this all together before the season ends here in 10 weeks.

FYI- I was told to go buy some t-shirts this weekend for an upcoming trip, and basically because I need some. I'm kind of a freak about not wearing your everyday off the shelf shirts. SO IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS SOMETHING LIFE RELATED TO WHAT IT IS WE DO, I WOULD APPRECIATE THE HEADS UP. I will gladly pay you for them as necessary. I just hate to buy your typical Hurley,Volcom, Quicksilver etc.. shirts.

Train hard,train smart and be active.



  1. I find it interesting you have multiple groups on the crit course at the same time - that just doesn't happen here. How long is the loop?

  2. 1.7 MILE LOOP.

    GG Thanks

  3. Ah, that makes some sense then. I don't think any of the regular crit series around here have a loop longer than 1.1mi. It would get dicey fast with multiple groups.

  4. when I comment and it asks you to login, type your credentials but CLEAR THE CHECKBOX for the 'remember me' option. your comment will be saved. its been bugged for weeeks, i just figured it out now uggghh.

    love the photos! Intense!!

  5. I'm catching up! Congrats on all the races! Holy cow! Amazing shots! It's nice to have teammates to work with and the newbies I'm sure esp like having someone like you to motivate them!