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Monday, August 8, 2011

All said and done, it's not about me

Which is amazing, because blogs whether we like it or not are that way.
I love to share my experiences. But it seems to me my blog is very redundant and even though I'm trying to put the reader there, it's all about me.
So I'm going to lay low on the long blogs about the same old stuff. I'll keep posting brief race results and training rides but, eh, I think I would rather read yours. 

Saturday's ride was in my head to be 75 miles. I got the opportunity to ride with Patrick for the first time in awhile. He as most of you know is in full tri season swing and getting ready to go long, and it appears even go longer. Good for him. He is fighting his way (but enjoying it) to peak at the right time. 
As OC VELO is a great opportunity to link with other like minded riders on Saturdays it has it's hiccups. This Saturday was no different and shortly after our first stop there would be a mechanical to another rider on the road that one of our club riders had the tool to fix. This is great and this is what should happen. However I iimmediately shifted gears to a shorter ride and went on with the "B" ride. This worked out good anyways because Patrick was doing this ride. He was also set for a post ride brick and felt this pace would be best. I couldn't agree more with him and really from that point in my mind I was kind of set on getting him through the ride at a good pace but try and help him stay fresh. 
I rode tempo of front on the climbs, but this isn't really a good thing. I'm no climber, so either I'm sucked on to a wheel and getting dragged up. Or I'm leading out and riding at the fastest pace I can. If you get dropped off I can't help it. For me climbs are all about staying consistent and steady pedaling. We made are way back down through the canyons and on to PCH for a regroup. It was shortly there after I asked Patrick to just sit in and out of the wind. There was no reason for him to help going home, save his legs for his long run to follow.
I felt that was the best act of assistance I could give him. We had a good pace back and he was able to get a strong run in. I on the other hand continued to put in a few extra miles before hitting the home front. I showed a bit different pace on my Garmin than his but ? He also said we climbed 4000 feet ( LOL !!) I can assure you we didn't. I don't know why the difference in pace though ? I showed 60.03 miles at 18.2  avg. 

Anyways, Took a fast shower and grabbed my son for popcorn and Cowboy's and Aliens, which we both thought was far fetched and very cool.
Later we headed over to some friends for a home cooked meal of wild salmon that was even better. 
Sunday was fun day. Woke up late and headed to Knott's amusement park for 6 hours of fun in the sun and roller coasters.



  1. I dropped my chain in Laguna Cyn and had to dick around with that. That's probably the difference in speed. No idea why my Garmin said 4000 feet of climbing, that's just weird.

  2. I don't know. I hope you keep doing some posting about your training and especially your racing. It may be all about you, but it's helpful for those of us who are learning (and might need the same lessons drummed into our heads).

    I've had this discussion with my 7 year old, though, about the blog. "So, basically, it's all about YOU," he accuses. And yes, it is. No apologies for it, either. It's my space to talk about my training, and while I may post some about my family it's very very heavily edited bc I choose to put myself out there, I'm not making that choice for them.

  3. P.S. Thanks for the nice comment. Last sucks. I'm sure a little training will help a bit.

  4. "I think I would rather read yours." I know how you feel. Every time I think it's been awhile and I need to write a post, I sit down and read everyone else's blogs instead. Then there's no time so I repeat the cycle. In the end, we still need to write about ourselves because to someone else out there -- we ARE what they'd rather read. Personally, I always look forward to your crit recaps.

  5. dude
    its all about you
    thats what your blog is for
    to be about you and redundant if you want!

    im all about me
    me me me

    cowboys and aliens
    far fetched and out there
    figure out a screenplay and hit the big time
    hollywood is apparently out of ideas