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Monday, February 28, 2011

came and went

I want to say thanks to those that sent me well wishes via e-mail and blog.

My pain fortunately ended up being some type of  a pulled ass muscle ? It went away after 2 days rest and anti inflammatory. It is the first time ever that an anti inflammatory actually worked well and quickly for me.

Got to pick up the new bike on Saturday. It was even more awesome than the first time I saw it.
Road Sunday's club ride with OC Velo. Patrick and I hooked up and rode down to meet the rest of the crew that would show up. Sunday rides are spotty it seems, but because of the lack of a Saturday ride about a dozen people turned out.
I new from the very beginning it would be a faster than normal paced Sunday ride. Our out tempo was about 20-22 mph and it really should be about 18-19 mph.
That part didn't matter one bit to me as I just wanted to ride.
But as the ride kept progressing I did notice some unsafe issues going on in the group. I'm new to the club so I kept my distance from the once I didn't feel safe around. We mixed in some fast interval pace lines and a few normal climbs that are on this ride.
At one time we had a 7 man organized group climbing a couple mile straight away and we paced it at 22 mph. It was pretty flawless. If you have every had the chance to climb a decent grade where everyone is in sync and pulling it is pretty amazing.

Again I ran in to an old friend of mine before we headed out. In fact this is the same guy that got me into cycling when I was 18 years old. He was kind of on a babble fest, but it was great to see him. It had literally been over a decade. He was a room mate of mine for awhile and was even in my wedding party of my first marriage.
This guy was a hard charging local bike racer and raced on a national level sponsored by Schwinn. This is back when Schwinn still had a strong program. We worked our normal jobs and I got the privilege to train with him on a regular basis.There was never a shortage of cycling talent at these rides.I won't throw names out there, but I can say some went on to Olympic status and Junior national titles.
 He is also the 1st person I had ever meet that not only had done a triathlon, but an Ironman. This was back when M-DOT's where not really the envy of athletes. But only for the insane. I'm glad times have changed.

He started spouting about "COMO" street rides we used to do and kind of embarrassed the crap out of me about strength and power I possessed on the bike.
I would really rather let that sleeping dog stay laying down. I don't have that strength anymore and these are a bunch of people I don't even know.
Now I'm either going to be looked at like, hey wheres that strength and power? or that I was just a poser and never had it ?
I always say things happen for a reason. I have been recently pressed by another friend of mine to get back out there and be competitive on the bike. And then this ghost shows up. It has to be some type of sign.
I'm truly trying to ride and run back into shape, but it takes some time.
Come March I will be doing some midweek evening local crit racing and I will see if I can bring some heat in the masters division. Or at least get back into some sort of strong riding shape.
I won't take my eye off the run and swim, I still have a few triathlons and a couple more running races I want to compete in this year.
I don't want to be a one dimensional sport person. Plus I like the training for all. But I do have to face the fact that although I have a decent swim capability, I am an average at best runner.
So I'll do triathlons and focus on my weaknesses and enjoy the heck out of it.
And I'll get some miles in on the bike and improve on my strength. No matter how I slice it, it beets the crap out of sitting on the couch and turning into an ageing middle aged, over weight sloth.

Big shout out to he is racing an Oly this weekend. The first of the year for him. He is looking solid and I suspect he is going to be a force this weekend.
He is looking sharp and ready. I'm sure this doesn't surprise anyone.

did I tell you I got a new bike, and I'm overly excited about it !!!!           

Friday, February 25, 2011

what have I done ?

This is a real question, out of the blue. I have a shooting pain when sitting and then shifting or l;eaning forward, or getting up.
It feels like I fell on my tailbone, but I haven't. I ran yesterday and it was not noticably uncomfortable ? I rode 2 days ago, and it is so far away from my sitz bone area I cant imagine it was hurt then ?
I thought it was from sitting on my couch kind of stretched out and lazy ?
Anyone experience this before ?
I feel fine standing and walking ? 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kicking it old school and loving this.

A bit, wait, way off topic. But I pulled up to my office yesterday and found this parked out front. True California classic straight from Germany. This thing was dirty, but oh so cherry.

1956 oval window rag top. The inside was flawless and all original.

Then come to find out it was a client/vendor/friend of mine. I asked if I could test drive it for a year or so. Sadly he declined.
I don't know if your a fan or not, but VW's of this age and caliber are art to me.

Moving forward.
I managed to take advantage of the dry,coldish weather and get in a pre dawn to sunrise 20 mile ride.
Was fortunate enough to hook up with another rider at mile 10 from another local cycling club. We chatted and spun at a fairly high speed for the next 5-6 miles. It's funny when you have other riders or another rider how fast you can go and still bla,bla, bla.
He was my envy of the day. He was meeting 5 other friends another 8 miles North and then turning around and heading south down to San Clemente. In just a quick calculation in my head he should get in 60-75 miles of riding. *** sigh *** on a Wednesday morning, to me that is just about as good as it gets.
Anyways, he was super friendly, we parted ways at my turn off and I wished him safety and a good day.
I got in just under 21 miles in 1:03 and didn't even have a crank come off :-)
Sadly this may be the last ride until Sunday. Assuming Saturday washes out with the suspected rain, but I'm still hopeful.

Train hard, train smart, be healthy. 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

lunch time pole position

Apparently there are outside sources that read my blog and then go to my gym and jamb me up in the swimming lanes.
I never had company until I started blogging about how I never had company in the pool.
Now it's common on at least one swim a week where I share a lane. And all others have something going on. I say something because I'm guessing some nut case has sold these people on a bill of goods that what they are doing over there is in someway beneficial. And who the heck am I so maybe it is.
Hell I heard about this one crazy lady in Colorado area that runs in the pool for hours !!! Oh snap, did I say that out loud :-)
Today was kind of fun though because we were racing weather he knew it or not and I was kicking his ass.

This is not me, it's a friend of mine. But I love the picture so, whatever !!

Lunch swim was fast quick and furious. I am not fast, I'm not even allowed to use that word.
50 meter warm up
4x200 all under 3:58
2x100 both under 1:46
3x50 all under :41
 1150 meters in 21:35

Not blistering but certainly respectable for me. I was looking forward to swimming and it was good.
Plus I one all my heats today :-). 

It is perfect run, bike weather right now. Sunny and coolish. Holy cow would I love to be going hard on a bike right now or chew up a run trail!!

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

No Stopping at any time.

Just another patience tested and character building session sent our way.

The west coast got murdered with rain off and on Saturday. But it appeared most got out and got there sessions in. I was not one of those that did. I had my son this weekend and chose another path.

Some will think I'm insane when they read this next part.

I did manage to drag my little guy on a 2 hour turn around trip to ** wait for it ** check out a new bike.
Yes, that's right, your heard me. My beloved Italian Bianchi that I waited patiently for was mis sized. And try as I might for the love of it, I just can't get it to fit perfectly. And if it doesn't fit perfectly, it's not the bike for me. So lesson learned and I'll move forward.
I may be even moving deeper, into my past life of bike racing with this upcoming purchase. I won't be abandoning my beloved Triathlon, but may be embarking on adding some criterium and road racing to the mix as well.I never git any higher than a level 3 before, maybe I can do something special as a master? More on that later.

Patrick from and I, had been texting back and forth on Saturday evening about riding Sunday. It was likely getting annoying because of his short film on bikes,dogs and white noise.
That being said we finally agreed we would hook up at noon Sunday and get in some 50 + miles.

The next morning broke with sunshine and drying roads. It was about 9 a.m. when the e-mails via Face book from the bike club started. Some were meeting at HB pier around 10:00 for a ride.
I then started trying to see if P wanted to meet up earlier and jump in.
5 text later and I'm sure we were both scrambling, but managed to get it together.
We met at our normal spot and proceeded at a much faster pace to get to the starting point.
After rushing to get there and about 3oo yards away. I start noticing a looseness in my left pedal crank and a clicking in my bottom bracket.
Not good to say the least, and on top of that, no one was at the meeting point. We made it there with exactly 1 minute to spair.
Patrick and I looked at each other and our focus turned to my bike.
He made the comment of exactly what was on my mind. Bike religion is 4 miles away. Make it there, get it fixed and finish our ride.
We made it to and introduced ourselves. Fortunately the same guy that approached us is the same person I just had about an hour conversation with about a bike some 3 days ago.
As quickly as he could, he got my bike back there and racked to figure out what was what.
I really have to give the shop and him special props. Even though this is our club sponsored bike shop. I believe they would have given similar attention to anyone. Bike people are bike people.
That being said. It was finally realized a retainer cap on the left side of the crank had backed off and dropped out. They didn't have it. They helped phone another semi local shop and they didn't have it either. So it was get the crank back on as best as possible and try to get the 10-12 miles back home.

Off we went.
Within a couple of miles it was loose. We stopped and tightened it.
Within 3000 yards it was loose. We stop and tighten it.
Within 2000 YARDS IT WAS LOOSE AND THE WHOLE CRANK HAD COME OFF WHILE MY FOOT WAS STILL CLIPPED IN. We stopped ,I swore, we laughed and tightened it.
At this point Patrick is saying worse comes to worse I'll ride home get my truck and come back to get you.

I'm thinking, holly crap. It's not getting to that point is it ?

I put it back on and within 1000 yards it comes off again and Patrick runs it over. O.K. I'm done !!
We had came to the revelation that there is another bike shop on main street PCH that likely won't have the part, but Patrick was willing to hammer down there check it and get it if possible.

Again we laughed and he made the comment that at least I would have a blog story.

Off he went like a warrior. With the pure mentality of never leaving a soldier behind.
It was then when I called the support vehicle into action (aka my wife), just in case. While I was sitting there thinking about all that happened and was happening I noticed the pole my bike was leaning up against and what it said.
This is just cruel and rude.

This is what happened

All is well now, all thanks to a  good   GREAT  friend. And a support vehicle that got us home. At this time Patrick was over it and elected a ride home. His plan was to maybe go get a swim in. I don't know if he did or didn't but I suspect I know. He also got to meet my wife and Eric my youngest. So now my wife knows he actually exist and is not just a made up character in my head :-)

So we will ride another day soon.

But likely it will be on this - Full carbon Felt F-1 Garmin Slipstream powered by Chipotles model.
I couldn't resist it and put a deposit down on it.

Cant wait ! cant wait ! cant wait !!! like a little kid or worse.

I did get a run in this morning at a decent pace with no IPOD. THIS is rare for me. But Ive read so many blogs lately and articles on hearing your footsteps to the feeling your footsteps. I think I got away from this early on, and I don't think it has helped me.
So I did hear my steps, and it allowed me to change my step cadence, therefore my pace.

I got in a quick 3.4 miles in 29:33 with very little effort. This was huge for me, because I felt more fluid running at just over 8:30 pace than if I was running my normal 9:00 to 9:30 pace.
I know I cant run without music for long, but maybe this will instill the pace I need to be at. Then I can get my music back on. ?? 

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.


Friday, February 18, 2011

annoying people day

Sorry, not very positive. But this is what it was. I'm not even getting into it.
Shamefully I passed on a pre dawn ride this morning. Now I'll be lucky if I get a ride in by Sunday
** sigh**. That is what you get for being complacent. I will run for sure, rain or shine. I don't know when, but it will happen.

have a job - check
have a roof - check
have a family - check
have a ride- check
have my health - check

o.k. it's apparently all better.

A closing photo of one of my old race bikes, you'll want to know the story. I'll share on a later date. Enjoy it, I know I didn't

Train hard, train smart, be healthy. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

First of all

Some time ago I was tagged with a Stylish Blogger Award. I know it's hard to believe it is here if you don't believe it
I tagged several people that may and may not respond. It would be based on if the really read my blog or not. Apparently some just don't but here is the list below.
James at
Barbie at
Patrick at
BDD at
Diana at
Neil at
John at
Shannon at
Kate at
Joel at
DRog at
Jon @
Charisa at
Richard at
Ryan at

Now some really do read my blog because they responded, others obviously don't :-( (shame on you) - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. And some that I would have included had already been tagged, so I gave them reprieve to ealleviate redundancy.

O.k. that is my rant, now onward.

Reading other blogs, I'm very excited and impressed with some (a lot) of times and distances being laid down. It appears most are on track and getting fired up;. I LOVE IT, YOU PEOPLE ROCK !!!

I too got to get out of a nice toasty bed this morning and was greeted by beautiful,crisp and clear 43 degree run weather. And I know that would be heaven to a lot of people and hell to others.
Personally, I love it. And to me it is near perfect run weather.
I will always (if I have a choice ) take it much warmer for a ride though.

Got in a very peaceful run of 5.5 miles in just over 52:00 minutes and loved every step of the way. ( Well maybe not every step up the couple of false flat uphills) but every other step :-)
Chris K I have a bike deal for you if your serious about upping your game to Multi sport. Let me know. I have a friend who will vouch for it's abilities and condition, Obviously fit is most important.

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.    

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it just a grind or is it a funk ?

Seems to be a bit of common thread everywhere I turn. I for one have some great things in the works and happening.
On the other hand, as my life has forever been, I have some heartaches, hardships and troubled waters.
This is a (or suppose to be for me) sport related blog. However I did pre-qualify that it would also be about family life and everything that happens in my quest for regaining control of my health and life through the passion of swim,bike and run. Trials and victories.

Training first.

I don't have a concrete race schedule set up. This is a good and bad thing. I need goals to hit and peaks to rise up to. On the other hand I don't smack myself around and get all crazy when things go sideways in my life.
The closest thing out, is a 5k next weekend.
Then we are already into March and I can't lock anything down there yet.
So it has been a bit challenging to stay on top of my training game the way I want and expect to be. I have stayed true to swimming, cycling and running, along with some cross training. But I'm really relaxed about it and I'm not liking that.
There are some days better than others. I haven't had a fierce run day since Surf City 1/2 marathon. I have not ran anything over 5 miles and even those where on cruise control.
I have had a few good cycling days, so I feel good about that.
My swim has been reduced to 1-2 days a week at best for 600- 1500 meter swims. Some serious, some lazy. Well what I would call lazy.

I did manage 1200 meters yesterday, structured.
1x50 warm up
5x100 all under 1:55
2x200 both under 4:02
2x100 both under 2:00
1x50 cool down

I felt good and fresh with a mostly smooth glide and strong pull. I have no coach and no one watching. I just have to go by feel.

I hope everyone else, with life changing things going on, takes the time to reflect on where they are and where they could be.
Sometimes it's the one thing that gets me through it.

Train hard,train smart, and be healthy.

BUT FOR HEAVENS SAKE KEEP IT REAL AND ALL IN PERSPECTIVE. Life is short enough, lets not let some one or something steel our glory away.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The past revisited in a good way

I'm not a huge Face book person. Maybe I should do more in the way of it,but for me I just think too many people put too much out there. That being said I do see a purpose for it and sites like it. Example one would be "BLOGGER" all though not the same thing at all, I feel it serves a great useful purpose. For me it keeps thing relevant and also keeps me focused and accountable. I get to not only read and semi experience others trials and tribulations as well as success and victory. I also get to share some. So it seems win/win.
Another example is . Which I'm very much behind due to it's nature and content. I'm also a fan and supporter of the person that started it, especially knowing why he did it and what he does or doesn't expect from it.

This all ties together with my club ride on Saturday with I'm new to the club and not knowing how long you have been reading my blog (if ever) you know that I'm in a bit of a return to multi sport life etc..
Also with multi sport Ive done some other things as previously stated and one being played some hockey.

This is the tie in. Meeting at the normal take off spot on Saturdays ride is a normal. It was downsized due to an out of town century. Some people I recognized and some I didn't. I know this will come with time. I did however recognize or so I thought a guy I had not seen before there. Typical looked familiar to an extent, but with helmets,shades and Lycra who knows for sure.
We head out and I keep running that face through my mind only to come up blank, thanking maybe I can address him later as we end the ride some 46 miles later. Only to find out he and a couple of others had peeled off to ride some more hills. Well it is what it is.
Then yesterday while on Face book for the very brief time that I was I recognize a name affiliated with a LBS and it clicks of who that person was. I of course did the normal friend request etc.. with a quick note of who I thought he was and lo and behold it was. Small worlds collided again.

First meet Greg in early 90's both playing minor Hockey not for money but fun, we then started playing some tourney stuff together and did well, eventually coaching some AAA stuff together also doing well.

I think this is 98 or 99. Las Vegas classic that we steam rolled 6 straight wins for the championship. I'm in the bottom row 3rd from left with the odd jersey. I was kind of brought in as a last minute player if you know what I mean. Greg is upper right corner, he captain the team I guess. I don't remember that, but I see he's sporting the "C".     

This was a few years later in 2001. He is bottom row 3rd from the right and I am right above him. We one this tourney also with a bunch of put together ex want a be's. That included myself.
Like I said we played together more and then eventually coached youth travel teams for a couple years after. Eventually going our separate ways as life often does.

This is Greg today chasing another passion that I have, and I have yet to really talk to him much about it as he only responded to my request last night. But he was as shocked about the whole thing as I am.

Good dude, hell of an athlete. And apparently has some bike skills to boot.
It appears he's made a jump here in a crit and trying to punch there tickets. I'm looking forward to getting to see him again and introducing Patrick if he doesn't already know him. Good times, Good times.
So today I give Face book an A+.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Good things have to come to an end, so they say

Here on the west coast it has been picture perfect weather. Not that I'm rubbing it in, BUT I AM.
They say we are in for 3-4 days of non stop wet weather so I tried my hardest to make it a full outdoor weekend.

Friday I blew a mental gasket on my blog, and stepped out away from what this blog is (mostly) suppose to be out. But sometimes you just have to say shite happens and take the good with the bad.

So training we. Limited crew was available due to a local century ride but I think there was at one time up to 11 riders with us. That is super light considering the weather and the turn outs they have been having.
I'm new to the club, in fact have not even received my jersey as of yet.
They put together some very thought out routes that always incorporates several hills, sometimes short, sometimes long. Generally focusing on getting out of as much traffic as possible and into some open areas for real cycling skills to be tested and learned. At the end of the day I was able to get just under 57 miles and I felt we had good efforts out there.
Ive been fortunate enough over the last couple of rides to posses some power after the 50 mile marks. And have taken advantage of the tests of pulling the crew home at a fairly high pace. Patrick from seems to enjoy it as well as others, so I'll continue to embark on this test to see just how hard and  fast we can actually go.
Cycling is my forte and I might as well take advantage of it while I can. If I where running, I would be finishing up as they where all going home. So it is what it is.
On this day though we threw in a little extra chilli's in the sauce. And at a steady pace line of 25 mph where I was rolling 2nd wheel, we had the lead out rider crack and get so fatigued that he forgot to flick his elbow for a man change, or any other sign for that matter.
As he started quickly fading to the right side of the line, that pushed me quickly to the shoulder. Keep in mind we are only dealing with about 2.5 feet of area. I freaked out for a split second and let out some type of loud "OH SHIT" etc.. or something verbal and opted to move out as far right as I could to make sure the rest of the crew behind did not get into a chain reaction pile up. If you ever seen it, it's not pretty. If you've ever been there, it's even worse.
Within a fraction of a second I was far right out, of the line, now heading off the road on to what I hoped was at least loose dirt and not sand. To compound it there is a 6 foot tall chain link fence and at this very spot a 4 foot high steel guard rail (really ? why right here ?). First thought was, this shit is gonna hurt.  2nd was I'm not going down.
I managed to relax as I went well off road for way longer than I wanted to without a mountain bike or motorcycle. Held my composer, missed all the obstacles and manged to get back on the road while only having a minor heart attack. No one went down. And other than everyone shatting themselves in disbelief, we managed to just keep rolling.
The joke was made about 15 minutes later at the normal end of ride coffee stop, that it was just a hazing stunt to the club and I could now receive my jersey.
If that's the case ( I know it's not), I'm glad it's done and I hope I passed the audition).
I later made the comment to Patrick that my motocross instinct of all the years racing just paid off in dividends, and I wasn't joking. On a street/road bicycle you never expect to have to anticipate that. Racing motocross you expect it every 100 yards for 15-40 minutes X 2.
So that's my big story for the weekend.
Other than that, Sunday found me and the wife @ a great new local Farmers market stocking up on fresh fruits and veggies.

 There really is nothing like fresh !!!

This morning was a short and fast 3.8 miles. I felt good with no twinges or pain. My long runs may drop off from the weekly ramp up to 10 + milers, to more frequent 4-7 mile runs. This could change if I find another 1/2 mary to train for. Otherwise my longest run portion of a race will be 6.2 and I can't see banging out 10-12 mile runs unless it's just for the glory of running some distance (which could very well happen).

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday playlist and in shuffle mode no less

Warning this is random, but could be entertaining too.

This week flew by

I trained every other day, and it felt like I had the whole week off. (I DON'T LIKE IT).

I finished up my long run play list from last Sundays 1/2 during this mornings 4 mile run and it was everything from ; Late 70's Clash, DRI, Dead Kennedy's, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Ramones, Drop Kick Murphy's, Flogging Molly, G&R, Van Halen (wth??) Incubus,Sublime, The Specials, The Jam, Danzig, along with a couple from Aerosmith and Queen. I am going to use this play list for awhile. It is wide spread and not boring to say the least.

I made the best spinach and Munster omelet this morning.

I'm in the market for another pair of running shoes ( along with several new pairs of good running socks). I love the Kayanos, but my back up pair of Asics are just feeling sloppy and need to retire.

I can't wait to do a long ride @ 55 + miles tomorrow in high 70's sunshine. "don't hate".

My taxes are done !! And all things considering it wasn't bad at all.

I'm going for some excellent Cuban food Saturday night (getting my early Valentines groove on).

We are already 1/2 way through February.

Kovas is still the TRAIL GURU.

EMZ still freaking rocks !! Thanks for the shirt, it's funny how it made a round trip to Cali, but you haven't. P.S. I win the contest for male shirt model. Yes I biased but what can I say.

BDD - sent me a picture of himself, HE IS 5'- 3" tall at 138 lbs. How do you get BDD out of that. But he is 6 weeks deep in M DOT training, so he has that going for him.

Chris k BQ'd - NUFF SAID !! ATTA BOY !

Kate (from San Diego) BQ'd - and said "F" it, I'm running Chicago !! WTH ??

My girly feet healed up enough to run this morning and opted to do it naked .I mean, naked of gadgets of course.

Patrick is a bid dude ( not fat, not chubby) BIG DUDE. That runs like the freaking wind------------- GREAT JOB HOME BOY------ I'll trade you some cycling speed for some of that run speed any day.
I think we should find out if Nan would be a swim leg participant in a relay and go throw down a crazy arse time in a TRI !

It's just 3 hour  after my run and I wish I could go run again right now.

Eric my 10 year old called us last night after 6 days sick and said he's is all better and he got 3 A's on tests last week. (this is not normal).

My middle step son called and said he put an offer on a house !

My oldest called and said his fiance, now ex fiance broke his heart, and that now breaks my heart. So goes life my son, so goes life.

I cant find a Triathlon that I'm really interested in. But I did sign up for a 5k with the wife.

Races are awesome, but I really, really like training. I need the structure in my life.

Every time I see someone running in green I think its "THE GREEN GIRL RUNNING". should I stop waving at them all ??

I almost got taken out in a cross walk this morning by a driver. I know he felt bad, but I was so pissed I couldn't look at him or his passenger without exploding. So I didn't acknowledge his apologetic hand gestures and kept running.

Jon cooks and trains like a bad ass

JohnP I want to cycle with you, come on out "LOTCR" I like that.

Barbie your bike now looks UTI professional !!

BC is missing in action and although it shouldn't concern me, oddly it does.

I truly want to see all you guys/gals get outside and off those trainers. You blow my mind at how much volume you can do on them.


train hard,train smart, be healthy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sometimes beauty is the beast

First thank you that wished my father well on his birthday. He is an awesome man, and will forever be my hero.

Back on to training :

I haven't ran yet since Sunday. I was trying to let the feet blisters heel and it appears they are just about ready to go. I could have probably ran this morning, but having a cyclists heart I have been craving the cranks.
My last ride was a killer loop with and . I think all said and done that day ended up being 58 miles. A great ride for sure and we had some stellar climbs and included some fast flat pulls as a team.
I then put the bike away and focused on the pre 1/2 taper and runs only.
Yesterday would have been my 1st ride back but you know the story there.

So here we are at present time. Crisp yet balmy at 6:15 a.m. if that makes sense. In So Cal we get these crazy canyon winds, called  Santa Ana's.
I won't go into the science of it, but they can be heaven and hell all wrapped up.
I felt them while standing in my backyard with a steaming cup of JO this morning and thought well it's either pay the piper and ride or get your run back on.
I chose to hit the saddle.
Heading out North first with the anticipation of a decent headwind back I was hoping.
My legs felt good, and it was great to be riding again for the first 8 miles or so I didn't come across 1 rider, but several runners (which probably would have been a good to great choice). But I finally came across another fairly local club that I see out there sometimes ant they were huddled in about a 15 man/woman crew trying to get after it. At this point they where opposite side of the highway of me, and I know as we glanced over at each other, both sides though the same thing, where is the freaking tailwind ?
The wind was shifting so much at times out there that you could go from a steady 22-23 mph and get whacked 2 minutes later down to 13 mph. As I continued down PCH, I observed no less than 7 of there club riders that had gotten spit out the back. Now normally this consist of someone or a few people to either hold up, or drop back and pull them back in. But I have a feeling there was a consensus that if you get spat out today, we'll see you at the next meet up point, period.
It was tough riding in the saddle, tough riding out of the saddle, drops, hoods, you name it there was very little to no comfort zone.
It was a character builder and strength trainer at the very least. I was glad I was out there, very thankful in fact to have the ability and the opportunity to be capable. But it was tough to say the least.
I didn't feel bad for the people that got blown out the back of that crew, especially since I was rolling solo. The one thing I kept thinking was, it's not all sunshine and smooth roads and sometimes the beauty of it all can be the beast.
I did stop to take a couple photos for you. As Catalina island is 27 miles west of our coast, but on days like today you feel as if you can touch it.



And yes Kovas it is about shoulder to head high again and just draining, peeling pipes. Someday brother, someday.

One last note; I want to give a huge shout out to, I follow them on facebook. They have been doing a style review for the past week. I commented on a couple of pairs and then commented that I could not find a local shop that had replacement lenses for glasses. They stepped right up and offered some up. Now I haven't received them yet, but it was only 24 hours ago. But if this is an example of there customer service I'll be a promoter and buyer for life. I really like the styles, form and feel of them weather I'm riding or running. They stay clear and put.

NOTE;( I am not a product reviewer for Ryders eyewear, they have not paid me anything for this statement. Nor asked me to endorse them. It is soley my personal feelings and experiences).

Train hard, train smart, be healthy.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

I  blew off my morning run/ride (didn't know until I go) session this morning. Instead I chose to be the 1st one to call my dad on his birthday today. He's 79 and means the world to me. Sadly he'll never see this and that's o.k.
We'll just say he is a good O'l boy in the country and computers are a gadget he prefers to not deal with.

Quick tribute :

Grew up poor farm boy in Southern Illinois 1 of 11 children.

Was an above average student, That never had the opportunity to further that past high school.

Was a stand out cross country runner in high school and a talented baseball player.

Served in our military for 4 years ( still active to this day in The American Legion honoring our soldiers)

Self made senior management with loyalty and hard work with an aerospace company.

Married and started to help raise 3 children.

Was and still is an avid hunter and fisherman ( though now can be challenged at times due to back issues).
He taught me how to hunt and fish and respect other people.
Showed me how to respect the land and other peoples feelings.

Relocated to Southern California in 1971 to better his family's life ( I'm pretty sure he didn't want to leave the country and 100 % of his friends and family for himself).

As a father to me. I can't remember him missing one baseball game from 7 years old until 17.
Not one soccer game from 7 years old until 17.
He used to get up and take me surfing every Saturday and Sunday, even when he didn't understand my passion for it. He was stoked when 2 years later he realized I was capable of riding my bike the 6 miles to and 6 miles back on my own.
He never bawked at taking me to skate parks. Even when he couldn't understand my passion for it. He also couldn't believe someone would pay me to do it.

I got him to start playing golf at the age of 50 so we could do something together. He was hooked even to this day with his wrecked back he loves it and is an active club member.

Took on a 2nd job when he became a single parent to make sure we all had what we needed. Even when that meant less for him. I never once heard him complain.

Even as I got older and got into other activities that he didn't quite get, he was always there.

He has since retired and moved back to the same home that he moved from when he got out of the service. He currently takes care of his older brother who is an double leg amputee. I never here him complain.
Still spends almost every weekend with 2-6 of his still alive siblings. Family values run real deep with them, and it's truly through the good and the bad.

He walked 23 minutes on his treadmill this morning and can't wait to get back outside and walk in the fresh air with allot less snow on the ground.

When I asked how he was going to celebrate his birthday he replied " I'M DOING IT RIGHT NOW, TALKING WITH YOU".

I love you dad,

Have a great day.



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuff Tuesday workout

Trying to get my game face back on today.

Thanks to all for all the awesome comments and well wishes. I really do have you people in my head out there. Weather it be training or racing. It's a crazy sensation, like I owe you a good showing. That being said, thank you and congrats to all that raced or even to those that didn't but had kick arse training sessions over the weekend.

Speaking of training, it was an off day yesterday for me. I would have like to get something done as a recovery from Sunday, but my son Eric the 10 year old can't seem to shake the tail of this cold. He has this lingering cough that needs to take of residence elsewhere !
The Dr. checked him out and said everything looks good. No bronchial issues, no ear or throat issues, chest is clear and no real fever. Give him this and give it a few more day's.
That is always the hardest part, you can't do jack shite !

So he is back with his mom from his week long extended stay with us, (under crappy circumstances). And I'm back to, well trying to get back to normal training.

It's my quest to try and focus no less than 2 hours a week on core, no matter how I break it up. Obviously I won't change any swim, bike, run times and or day's. It just has to be worked in. Hell or high water I'm doing it for 60 days and then I will revisit it.
So today ended up being a longer core set up to 40 minutes and a shorter 550 meter lunch swim.
I was pretty spent due to my core set had 3 separate integrated shoulder raise moves, along with the rest. It effected me more than I thought. I also ran out of time to finish the last 450 meters of what I wanted to get done in the swim. 
My wife is still on board with her walking. And although it took a little back seat with our little guy last week, and her sacrificing her time so I could continue my pre race stuff. She is right back at it. I will walk with her tonight, and I'm guessing it will be 3-4 miles. I will encourage some jog sections to her, in hopes of building up her confidence to run.
She has committed to a local 5k on February 27th, yeah !!! her ! She said even if she power walked the whole thing she wants to do it.
I told her I would do it with her, and to my surprise she said, no you run as fast as you can and then you can watch me cross a finish line :-) LOL ! I had to laughh, but good on her.
So think about this. This is the one in Los Alamitos I spoke about.
I'm going to try and get a bike in tomorrow a.m. or a 4 mile run, and do the bike on Thursday.

A couple final things and thoughts.

My race day weight was not at 195 lb as I challenged myself to. I ran at 199 lbs. and couldn't care less. Other than my feet, I can't remember sleeping better pre race and feeling that good on race morning. No phantom pains, stomach good etc..
So like I said, big deal on the weight, it was a side bar goal.

And since we are on that. I ate so many buffalo wings that the wife made on Sunday, I could have shat an egg.
Along with garlic bread, pasta 1, pasta 2, meatballs, spicy Italian sausage etc..
I closed it all with a large chocolate chip cookie topped with cookie dough ice cream.
O.k. so that was fun (for a day) I reeled it back in and I'm already re focused.

Train hard, train smart, be healthy.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

13.1 miles running with 20,000 people is way cool

Very humbling day for me. I was not over confident in what the day was to bring. I was excited and in awe of everything going on.
First I would like to say sorry to the people from blog land that I wanted to meet. It wasn't in the cards for me due to my still sick son. In fact as I type this I am waiting for his doctors office to open to make his appointment.

I have not run over 11 miles (ever) and I knew there was going to be some mental games from 10-13.1 for me. I also know my passion for achievement and desire to endure. My threshold is high and I can grind anything out.
The first thing I noticed having not run a road race in so many years was, things don't change. You go out hard and if you don't check yourself you'll just crack and never recover.
I kind of hurt myself when I had signed up for this race. I had only run 8 miles 2x and with the thought of adding 5+ miles to that, I placed myself in a deeper coral than I needed to be. I signed up for a 2:20 finish time. Considering where I finished it doesn't seem like it would be such an issue, but it was.

The first 3 plus miles was a huge challenge to find slots and gaps to dart through to get where I needed to be and settle in. The race splits show 3 mile split at 9:28, where my Garmin shows differently in the 8's. But really who cares at this point I knew right away this was going to be a problem. Getting through at a reasonable pace and then trying to keep anxiety down with a reasonable heart rate.

At about the 4 mile mark I seemed to get in a flow. Just in the last couple of weeks I had been hitting consistent 9 and below miles for 5 plus mile runs. As it turns out I did average 9:27 mpm. And mentally I was hoping for 9:31. But as I was out there and running and seen where I was consistently pacing at 8:51 to 9:10 I thought I would smash what I thought I would do.

The weather was overcast and cool, but not cold. I think for me, other than some dense fog, perfect run weather.
I saw Patrick on his way back in at what should have been about 11 mile marker. He was just about 30 seconds or less behind the 1:40 pace group. I was stoked for him, knowing where he was hoping to finish.
Ironically it was just about that same point when I got there that both my feet where really trying to start a fire in my shoes.
It was a long slight incline and I watched so many people cracking and dropping off on that section. For me, other than some hot feet I knew what was there, I have ran it,  road it, knew it.
However I had never been in pain up it.
I spent the next full mile fidgeting with my toes and trying different run strides and steps to ease the pain. I finally had to pull my shoes off and see the socks all bunched up. The problem was my socks had hardly shifted if at all.
I KNEW AT THAT POINT they were all just a series of blisters and I needed to man up, do a gut check and get the "F" back on my way.
Wasn't It just 30 minutes ago that you were going to crack 2:00 hours? Now how are you  going to act. Go get this thing done and then lick your wounds.

I pounded out the last two miles, even conjuring up a sprint finish for the last 200 yards. I was happy to be done, and now have a better idea of what to expect in the future. This is no 5k,10k or even a 10k after a swim and a bike. This is 13.1 miles at an ongoing race pace. All run.

Total time 2:07 minutes total miles 13.18 and all kinds of lessons learned. Congrats to those that hit there BQ, yeah Chris k.
Awesome job by Patrick, I knew where he was shooting to be and he blasted it, great job brother. As far as the rest of you, I look forward to your race report.
So some fails and some wins here. I did manage to pace my neighbors nephew through the race. He is 27 and had only ran 10 miles once at 2:05. I kept him in step the whole race, made him drink when necessary and kept him gelled at the right distance.When I had to stop to check my feet I urged him to keep going as steady as possible. He thanked me and did so and finished at 2:06 for 13.18 miles. He was appreciative and elated, thanked me for the motivation and the fuel. .

Now I have a true goal time to beat and I can't wait to tick minutes off as the time goes by and races get under my belt.
I'm still a hockey player in runners clothing but I'm getting there :-).

Both my feet ended up having blister issues. Both the balls and big toes plus my outer bases of pinky toes. That might have occurred when I tried to change my stride ?
My quads are a little toast and my right knee is a little swollen, but not bad for a guy 1/2 year ago hadn't ran at all. I'll be back at it tomorrow, targeting a couple shorter races and maybe even another fairly close 1/2 mary. Thanks for all the well wishes, I tried to hold up my end.

Friday, February 4, 2011


For me it's the right place, for some it wouldn't be. From 7 to 45 years old this is where it's been and this is where I want to stay.
I love visiting places outside of California, but I always miss home.
It's not necessarily what you see is what you get. Because what I see and hear from family and friends outside is way different than the life I lead.
You hear the land of fruits and nuts. The OC. The Hills. Rodeo drive. Gang Violence, The Lakers, the this, the that.

When I think of my home, I think


along with

and some
soon to be we'll be here
and we'll be getting these
and allthough there are many of you out there that I would love to meet. You'll just have to know that your very inspiring from a distance. HOPEFULLY some day, somehow it will all be arranged. But or now we'll have to be your eyes and ears out here. Thanks for all the e-mails and well wishes.
And even though I am not BQ minded, I will be PB minded and you'll all be there every step of the freaking way.
Maybe some day you'll be out here long enough to show you how to snap that surfboard off the top of that wave, or we can experience how awesome that empty wave really is in person. Maybe we can pack ride off of the ocean and up through some rural canyons together. Or maybe we'll just take a leisurely run down the coast and site see. I'll tell you it's easy on the eyes.
If and when it ever happens you'll still be in my thoughts. Everyone thaw out and get your races on. It's February and so the season begins !!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Must be EMZ day ??

I see Patrick was feeding her belt buckle ego (oh crap another sniper).


I asked for one of these, shooting from the hip one day. And this was after saying (with all due respect) that her parents resembled Florence Henderson and Buzz Aldrin. NOT really a bad thing in my book. Famous Astronaut and Americas mom of the 70's.
Anyways, within minutes she had my info, and within a few days I was trying to explain this .
And NO I'm NOT flexing at you. I'm pointing at the shirt and tying to shoot a picture into a mirror at the same time. I would think I am more coordinated than this. "BUT I'M APPARENTLY NOT"" So this is what you get.

This was the attempt at a better picture.
Clearly the issue is the model and photographer. So I'll just say thanks EMZ, I'll try and rock it proudly for you.

On the other side of the fence, my son is sick, but manageable. He's home with my wife, taking some meds and kicking back. I did go home and wrap him up in my arm like the wee ladd that he is and tell him I loved him. It may not of made him feel better, but I sure loved it :-).

Today continued the taper up to this weekends race and was a 5.32 mile out and back in 50:42 and I felt great. Better than feeling great, look at that shirt. You should have seen all the compliments I had at 6:15 a.m. ,or not.

Be safe, train hard but smart, and be healthy.

Have a great day



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wacked out wednesday

Well today is another off day due to taper week. I will run again tomorrow, but today is ?? well it is what it is.
Not  a huge fan of off days but they are so necessary. So I'll just roll through some things.

Whacked out-
My boss tells me on Monday he is having food catered in. Sweet !!
I get a call yesterday and asked if I can supplement what is being catered in with some Korean ribs and Hot links.
WTF ? what happened to catered. His reply- yeah that's coming too, I just thought you could make some of that BBQ also.
ME in my head - " really ? what world do you gravitate to when not present with us" ? You just don't whip up shit for 80-90 people. Freaking moron. I'd call him out on it, but I like him to damn much.

So I BBQ ed today (ppfft)

I got a call from school to come get my son, he's sick. ( I got this call while standing in front of 45 pounds of meat grilling) CRAP ! Thank God for my super woman wife, who changed plans and went and got him.

Speaking of which, I just know that school gets there minds blown with all of us. Me, my wife, and the Ex.
We all show up at holiday performances together. Go to all the parent/teacher conferences together etc..
We just all get along and I'm sure it blows there Catholic minds.
LOL- It's not about your school, it's about or son. GET OVER YOURSELVES :-).

There was platter, upon platter of deli sandwiches, egg rolls, some sort of Asian creme puff thingies and I didn't touch anything. (well one egg roll). I love freaking egg rolls.

Here we are in February ! How the hell did that happen. Wasn't I just wondering when Kovas would get to finally open his new Garmin for Christmas?
And now here we are just days away from the world famous Hallmark holiday on 2/14.

I FREAKING CAN'T WAIT TO RUN 13.1 MILES THIS SUNDAY !!!! I never in a thousand years thought that would come out of my mouth.

On top of that, the further past February we go, the more races keep coming. Along with some siiiiiick training !! YEAH !!

I have been really good on clean food for now going on 5 weeks ( I mean really good). I want a rib eye now !!
Sorry my Vegan friends, It's who I can be. And come Sunday after 12:00,it's all on for a day or so.

Reading your blogs every day is like drinking coffee to me, I really want it.

Even though my son is more than fine with my wife, his step mom. I'm still leaving work early to go wrap my arms around him and tell him that I love him. You see we wouldn't have normally got him until Friday evening and through the weekend, but because his mom was busy when the school called, and they then quickly called me.Where keeping him. LOL !! "NO REALLY WE ARE". :-) I'm going to go home and watch some lame movie with him while he still thinks I'm a super hero. (sadly we only have so many years) then they grow up.
 :-(. And were just dad I love you,but can I have a car.

I made dinner last night, Ahi tuna steaks, sweat potato and asparagus. It wasn't my wife, but I tried.
These guys where wishing they had some, and check out my big guys ayes. WTH ??


Tomorrow a.m. run 5 miles or so and hopefully the boy gets back to school.

Train hard, be smart, and stay happy and healthy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sore no more

Monday was rest day after a pretty full week of training last week. I had some soreness in my inner groin area on both the left and right side. I was hoping a day of rest, food and recovery was all I needed. Turns out that was it.
This will be a taper week as a few of us will be running the same race in Huntington Beach. I will try and keep it simple here this week so as it won't get redundant of others blogs.
Today was a steady 3.25 recovery run at what I believed to be a moderate pace. Total time of 27:47. I didn't check HR or anything, I just ran as it felt good and just out of the slogging comfort zone. I was surprised to see 2 other runners on this same or similar out and back at 5:50 a.m.
If I see anyone out there it is usually if on this part of the road for a weekend run. But it was cool, and they were both moving well and smooth.
One guy past me on his out,shortly after my turn around point as I was heading back in. He had great form and cadence coming at me and was hoping his turn around point was where mine had been. This way he would be chasing me down (as we all try and do). It would push him to push me. I didn't want to go to hard because this was more of a recovery run (up beet). I did stay ahead until the light, where we both got held up and small talked for about 90 seconds. The light was green and it was back on. He was fluid and quick tempo, it as great to see and follow. I stayed at his shoulders for about .25 miles an started drifting back as I looked at my Garmin and noticed he was pacing @ 8:03 mpm. that was faster than I needed to be going, so I just let him continue and I backed out. It still got me home averaging a 9:01 mpm for my last mile.

My recovery time to normal breathing and HR was very quick and I felt loose and happy to run pain free. It was crystal clear and about 48 degrees and it felt great in shorts,long tech shirt and a beanie. The only thing that would have been better would have been being able to add about 3-4 more miles to that run,it was just one of those mornings.

Diet is spot on, my body feels great. If life doesn't throw too many twist to it, I should be as dialed in for this weekend as I can be at this time.
I'll miss riding this week, but it will make just that much more awesome upon return to the saddle.    

I hope everyone else is feeling like a million bucks and happy where there at in there life right now.