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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The past revisited in a good way

I'm not a huge Face book person. Maybe I should do more in the way of it,but for me I just think too many people put too much out there. That being said I do see a purpose for it and sites like it. Example one would be "BLOGGER" all though not the same thing at all, I feel it serves a great useful purpose. For me it keeps thing relevant and also keeps me focused and accountable. I get to not only read and semi experience others trials and tribulations as well as success and victory. I also get to share some. So it seems win/win.
Another example is . Which I'm very much behind due to it's nature and content. I'm also a fan and supporter of the person that started it, especially knowing why he did it and what he does or doesn't expect from it.

This all ties together with my club ride on Saturday with I'm new to the club and not knowing how long you have been reading my blog (if ever) you know that I'm in a bit of a return to multi sport life etc..
Also with multi sport Ive done some other things as previously stated and one being played some hockey.

This is the tie in. Meeting at the normal take off spot on Saturdays ride is a normal. It was downsized due to an out of town century. Some people I recognized and some I didn't. I know this will come with time. I did however recognize or so I thought a guy I had not seen before there. Typical looked familiar to an extent, but with helmets,shades and Lycra who knows for sure.
We head out and I keep running that face through my mind only to come up blank, thanking maybe I can address him later as we end the ride some 46 miles later. Only to find out he and a couple of others had peeled off to ride some more hills. Well it is what it is.
Then yesterday while on Face book for the very brief time that I was I recognize a name affiliated with a LBS and it clicks of who that person was. I of course did the normal friend request etc.. with a quick note of who I thought he was and lo and behold it was. Small worlds collided again.

First meet Greg in early 90's both playing minor Hockey not for money but fun, we then started playing some tourney stuff together and did well, eventually coaching some AAA stuff together also doing well.

I think this is 98 or 99. Las Vegas classic that we steam rolled 6 straight wins for the championship. I'm in the bottom row 3rd from left with the odd jersey. I was kind of brought in as a last minute player if you know what I mean. Greg is upper right corner, he captain the team I guess. I don't remember that, but I see he's sporting the "C".     

This was a few years later in 2001. He is bottom row 3rd from the right and I am right above him. We one this tourney also with a bunch of put together ex want a be's. That included myself.
Like I said we played together more and then eventually coached youth travel teams for a couple years after. Eventually going our separate ways as life often does.

This is Greg today chasing another passion that I have, and I have yet to really talk to him much about it as he only responded to my request last night. But he was as shocked about the whole thing as I am.

Good dude, hell of an athlete. And apparently has some bike skills to boot.
It appears he's made a jump here in a crit and trying to punch there tickets. I'm looking forward to getting to see him again and introducing Patrick if he doesn't already know him. Good times, Good times.
So today I give Face book an A+.


  1. I love facebook because it's given me a chance to reconnect with so many people I'd probably never have seen again. It's wonderful to be able to have regular contact with friends who don't live near, and it's helped me to connect with some great training partners. Yes, I have to put up with my nephew's bi-polar postings about high school drama, but I'll take the trade-off.

  2. As with all social media, there are pros and cons, but one thing like this makes it all worth it.

  3. You're riding with some hardcore cyclists - u must be pretty darn good to hang in with them! Wow!

    Yeh, social networking has its place. I'm a big fan of developing community and connections!

  4. FB is great for just this reason. So glad you could catch up with him.

  5. Happy to know fb is good for something. ;)

    What? I'm just a fb hater. Oh & old boyfriends who make it so I don't have one.

    Awwww ya. I know how to pick um.

    Love the photos!!

  6. they brought you in as the ringer!!! love it