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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I had gained 9 pounds and I have hair on my legs.

Early off season fails.
Once the intensity of my training dropped off and my intake did not I quickly packed on 9 pounds, and it all felt like it was sitting in my mid section.
Which likely it was since I'm somewhat of a desk jockey . For roughly 4 weeks my racing has been over and my training has been cut in 1/2 at times. However I have enjoyed some rides a bit more. This weekend I will get to put in a long effort with Patrick and the Out-Spoke-n crew. Then trying and further hash out plans for 2012. Which at this point and time, I am throwing myself in the drivers seat as per a long conversation with the shop owner. No F------g way I can do this alone, so I will be leaning on Patrick for help on this. Fortunately he has already been a great ambassador and it appears he has more patience than me for lolly gagging and shenanigans.
But anyways we may be on the verge of getting this thing spun up right.
Then it will be another 3-4 days of light training efforts and then the OC GRAN FONDO he has spoke of. I'm looking forward to this also, even though we have literally road every mile of this in one way or another this last year. But it will be a good,hard ride and I like that idea.

Turns out the 9 pounds was no more than Boston lager and crap food + portion control x ride your bike fat ass. Once I did this again for a week I lost the 9 lbs plus 1. Truthfully I miss the weekly training races, and the monthly Cal Cup races. Oh and I will have smooth legs by 9/30/11 so don't get all crazy.
Not much else going on. But I was able to pick these wheels up prior to the last couple races of the year. And yes Carbon does matter. I didn't realize it until I put them on, took them off, put them on and took them off again. What a difference in spin up speed and ride quality. And I have a pretty decent set of aluminum clinchers at that.
check it .

For those that read my last post. My final race of the year on 9/11/11 - I barely finished the first race in the field. And as far as the 2 nd race I dropped out 3 laps in.

WTH you say ? I know come to find out I had taken on a very bad sinus infection 2 days earlier, that finally manifested into a mind swaying, I can't freakin breath nightmare. Believe me I was very broken that afternoon and question what the hell was wrong with me and what was I doing! Fortunately in the end, it ended up being an issue other than a lack of heart. Truthfully I was more concerned about that.


See them next year, vowing to be lighter faster and stronger. oh ya and older :-)    



  1. Epic fail. Bah, you were sick.

    My training dropped like a hot potato when school started. After this weekend's race I'm back on it.

  2. Older is good - don't forget that makes us wiser as well.

  3. wait
    you HAD gained but now lost ALREADY
    nice work

    gained lbs and hairy legs these are the same things I am battling! not e a s y

    dude is that a Golden Tee machine?!!! NICE

  4. So, where are you now? I hope all is well.