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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm proud,so i'll brag on my wife a little here

A couple of weeks back our sickness of fitness and training finally broke my wife.
Don't get me wrong, as Ive said before she supports my efforts in multi sports. And though she finds some aspects of it, i.e. like watching cycling on tv for hours at a time, a little ridiculous, she does see the passion.
Going ahead, she asked for a pedometer/HR watch to motivate her to start walking and in my mind hopefully start running. I won't push either, but will certainly jump on any bandwagon that encourages her in that directions.
With that being said I had a pedometer for her within a week and waited anxiously to see what would happen.
Quick note: my wife is super woman in my eyes. She does 90 % of the household jobs of cooking,cleaning,accounting,grocery shopping etc.. I pick up the slack when her life is too crazy. She volunteers free hair cuts for men and women at rehab centers 1-2 times a month.On top of that has a regular hair clientele and is a part time personal assistant. SHE IS BUSY.

One other thing she has mentioned in the last  few days was how an IPOD would help her get out the door and put some miles on (I wonder where she got that term ? ).
So I listened and have that coming.
However she impressed the hell out of mid day yesterday with a pone call telling me she was at the beach and heading out on a walk. YEAH !!!!
Come to see she walked 2.86 miles and felt real good about it. On top of that it sounds as if she will venture out again today.
I tried to explain the importance of repetition in the beginning and let the distance and pace come later. She like that, and I felt it was and is the best approach for anyone starting out.
So yeah for my wife !! I'm very happy for her and proud of her.

This morning session for me was a beautiful crisp January ride of 28 miles. Exact time unknown at present time. Really I don't care. It was a strong pull and I would guess a very good time effort.
It was just real nice to be rolling those cranks over and watching the sweat rain over my clear lense Ryder's glasses.
Riding in the dark sucks, but not riding at all SUCKS even worse. So I ride !

Congrats to my wife, congrats to anyone else that is putting out the effort to better there fitness,life and health.


  1. Way to inspire and support her Craig!

  2. Look at you being an inspiration! That's great!

  3. Now you've done it. You're doomed.

    First the HR monitor, then the iPod, then the expensive shoes, running jacket, road bike, mountain bike, carbon wheels, compu-trainers.

    And it all sits there and collects dust beside the old treadmill that doesn't get used either.

    There is always an excuse to buy a new gimmick to go exercise. She's got YOU well trained. :) This rabbit hole is deeper and darker than you can ever imagine. I speak from experience. :)

    lol j/k - sort of - but you know what I mean. I know it helps to have to toys to motivate u to get out and play. I'm just sayin' though...... ..... :)

  4. JohnP - You know, that I know that you could be totally right. However, If I can keep it to a minumum and not do any to much prodding, I'm doing it with a smile.
    I'll keep you all blogged and advised. We just hope for the best possible outcome. Whatever that may be. But Im not guessing when I say it needs to involve some form of movement :)

  5. That is pure awesome for you and the wife. I say for you because you will gain so much pleasure from it as you already have and she will love it more and more. This post is making me smile as if I had just won the lottery.

    Congrats to the TRI714 Family.

  6. She sounds awesome. Steady, consistent effort will sink the hook for her. Glad that you can do this together, now.

  7. Great job by her! Without her you could do what you do and without you she couldn't do what she does!

  8. Yay for the wifey - and kudos for you being a supportive husband! :)

    Glad I've found your blog!

  9. Congratulations to your wife. The hardest step is always that first step and she did it. Give her a big hug from me :)