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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fridays fire !

We work so hard to get here. Who am I kidding we work so hard all week long. It's just nice to not have to be s responsible for a day or so.

This week has had it's highs and lows. I choose to leave the lows where there at.
I'll stay focused on the highs.
This was a good week of training with a decent time trial on the  Tri bike, a real good swim session, and a couple of short but decent speed runs.
I have got a long ride with OC Velo and tomorrow. I CAN'T freakin wait to get back on the BIANCHI . I don't care which ride we choose 42- 60 miles will still be 50-70 miles for me when it's all said and done. But there is a petty big difference in the pace That the A group can do over the B group.
I like the fact that my strength and fitness gives me the option to do either or. Don't get me wrong the A group will likely spit me out the back in places, but for the most part if I stay in line I think I can hang. On the other hand the B group can and will go at it hard too so it makes for a more than adequate session. And fitness and strength can change from day to day. We all know that. One day you can be super human and the next be flat,flat, flat.
Oh crap, let's not say the word flat.
 I think it would be smartest to choose the shorter due to my long run scheduled on Sunday morning. It is slated for 12 miles.
This will be my last run over 7 miles until next Sundays Surf city 1/2 marathon.
Speaking of Sunday run. My wife is still into it, well not running yet, but we'll see.
But even so, she has walked 3 days this week and not felt better than 70 % due to sinus/ear infection.

She had a 2:30 hair client and then was going to head out again today.
Come Sunday she will walk, while I run. Our plan is when I hit my 6 mile turn around, I will call or text her and she will turn around  and start walking back as I chase her down. Good for me, good for her.

The best thing to me is :
A- she's still motivated to walk
B- she wants to challenge and stretch her distance. ( she is going to be amazed at how far she will walk in 2 hours)
C- we are (kind of ) doing it together. I hope this leads in to bigger and better things.
D- I get my long run in, without shape shifting my home life. (this does get tricky at times).
E- even walking she is  going to get a taste of what being out there for awhile is about.

I hope her mind doesn't change her plans for her. She really is only about 80 % well yet.
My eating plan leading up to this race, has helped her too and she is feeling some shedding of weight. This makes anyone feel good. And really if it wasn't for her discipline of cooking and shopping  for the proper foods ? Who knows what would be going on.

CONFESSION :The last two days I have resorted to digging deep in my closet and wearing to pairs of pants from suits that I have from 6 years ago.
On one hand it is sad that I am that much of a clothes hoarder.
On the other hand it was a blessing, because I am running out of pants that fit. However I am not yet in a position to go drop $ 30-$ 50 a piece for 1/2 a dozen pairs of dress pants for work.


I hope everything goes as written this weekend. And if it doesn't I hope I use my head and make it full filling anyways.

For those racing this weekend, or just pushing yourself to new levels. GOOD LUCK !

For those that have fallen off the pace. I say get up and start moving again. We all fall into funks. What gives you character and makes you different is how you rebound and get back to it.
So your fitness fell, or you added a few pounds. It's only an issue if you don't do something RIGHT NOW, about it.

Don't kick yourself while you down.
Lick your wounds and GO FORWARD.
Because driving out of your rear view mirror sucks.


Train hard, train smart, and be healthy.
Im not the guy in this picture anymore



  1. For a wedding a year ago, I wore a dress I'd had for ten years. My name is Kate, and I'm a clothes hoarder. Really I'm not that bad about most clothes, but this was a great dress. I kept putting it in yard sales, but I couldn't bring myself to Goodwill it when it didn't sell.

    So glad your wife is enjoying getting out there, and you're right...that support work makes a huge difference.

  2. That is awesome that your wife is still participating despite feeling so bad! I do hope this leads to more for you two. It was so rewarding to train with my husband.

  3. I hear ya! I am still in 'transition' between clothes sizes. I've been wearing oversized pants for ages now. I'm slowly building up a proper fitting collection finally. It's not cheap replacing all my suits!
    Now I need to work on the shirts. My little body looks like I'm lost in a parachute. Did I seriously fit into this stuff at one time? Wow.

    I asked my wife if she could find some of my 'fat-photos' so I could post a before and after. She instantly said 'oh, I have tons!'. .... ..... .... mmmkk. Thanks I guess lol.

  4. i wish I had more fatguy photos of myself:)

    great pic! in all your glory!~

    push Forward into new Levels!


  5. Great post... sure there are lows, but I love that you focus on the highs. And super big kudos to your wife - hope she keeps the walking up ... I think it'll make you and her happy! :)