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Friday, January 14, 2011

beauty eh !

Beautiful So CAL day. Would be a great day for a ride,run, or even an OWS.
But I'm at work and feel pretty lucky to be here. That being said, if I was off on a multi sport trek it would be sweet too.
Today is rest day. And I always trip a little on rest day,except last week when I was really feeling the head cold. But now I would say I am just about full strength.
Ive had a few solid work outs this week and can see it all locking back in.
I'm locked and loaded for a long ride with OC VELO and tomorrow. I'm stoked and prepared to hurt. It will suck getting spit out the back of the pack, but I have to get my bike fitness back to par so I will just go with it.
Actually I'm feeling lucky to even get the hook up, being that I will be rolling on my Tri bike. That can be a bit taboo, but Ive been told it may be a little more laxed. Will see, I'll expect the eye rolls and snubbing but hope I can fit in quick, because they are not getting rid of me that easy.
Patricks pretty solid, he'll have my back :).

Family notes. I got the grand kids come in from Vegas and we will get to give them there Christmas gifts. Yeah for them, yeah for us. They get gifts, I get them.
Oh which also means Chucky Cheese tonight. That sucks, because it is my least favorite place to patronize. Sorry I don't mean to offend (actually 2nd least, 1st is Walmart). But we are also celebrating my granddaughters 8th b-day and she digs it.
So I will endure, and take out my vengeance on there salad bar.
Business has been fair to pretty good, and that is a great sign.

I ordered my 1st road ID this week, and bet I get it today ! I HOPE.

I ordered some other cool stuff too, but I'll share that as they get here.

If you haven't got on board with because you have been on vacation in a cave on a deserted Island, please do so.
Have a great weekend of traveling safe, training hard and smart. And loving your family and friends.

Howl at the moon ! 



  1. The taboo has been broken. One guy rolls his all the time. You know where Worthy Park is? 7:30

  2. Went to Chuck's last night for my step-son's 5th b-day and that salad bar didn't know what hit it. I agree with you on the going there, no place I'd rather not be but for the kids you make the best of it. Good luck.

  3. 17 th st just before main ? I think. You ride over right ?

  4. Have fun tomorrow! I have my dirty girls ride tomorrow, and I can't wait.

    Chuck E. Cheese...ugh. I've avoided it since my older boys were kids. My youngest has heard of it but never been there and I think we're going to keep it that way. Maybe I'll be more relaxed with my grandkids.

  5. I'm going to Chuck E Cheese Tomorrow!!!! I'm excited cause I get to play ski ball :D and fraternize with all the PTA moms (ok I'm not excited about that part, I pretty much avoid them and just play gamess :)