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Thursday, January 13, 2011

come on, come on now touch me babe

Happened to be what came blaring out of my IPOD this morning on shuffle. There are only a handful of Doors songs that I would say I would run to and I wouldn't have thought this to be one. However it actually worked to get my dragging arse going. My bike volume has been so pathetic in the last couple weeks with this cold, and then the cold weather at 6 a.m. ( please no comments from the peanut gallery about California can't be cold) or blah, blah, blah, yadda yadda. That being said I had a really strong indoor cycle session yesterday at lunch and smoked my legs.
This definitely was a test this morning to see where I was at with this stupid head cold of late and how much is lingering. My recovery was good yesterday, and I had a great dinner of diced chicken with mixed bell peppers and onions for dinner. I woke up at 5:40 and couldn't get it together and out the door until 6:30. This time also included breaking my favorite headset and finding the back up ear buds(which I hate) and then having to go in and out of the garage 6 times. All this because I was a morning moron and kept forgetting stuff that I needed.
The sunrise was just off the hook beautiful. It was a brisk 46 f and clear as a photo. I headed out a different way to break up the doldrums and headed off to the beach. Hit PCH and looped back, cutting through various neighborhoods to the Marina and then back home. Total run 6 and change at 56 minutes put me at 9 mpm pace and I never felt like my legs would really fire. They were pretty toast from yesterdays pedal fest. Though I won't truly be happy until I can consistently put down 5 plus miles in the 8 plus minute range. I still thought this to be a good example of where my fitness is at right now.
Body fatigue, nose still a bit gooey, but getting it done.
I had  a GARMIN on for the first time and I did something wrong and noticed it stopped somewhere at 17:37 ? I must have paused it. So once I get this thing a little more dialed in I'll give Garmin reports I guess.
Love your life, it can all change tomorrow and I hope it does for you. FOR THE BETTER !

Iam not this guy anymore.


  1. It's not cold unless your boogers freeze inside your nose.

    Wanna trade places?!? :)

  2. No f-ing way JohnP. I'm gooooood. Frozen boogers better meen I'm snowboarding somewhere epic.

  3. That would be a fast run for me on any day. Nice job! And I'm doing my best to keep my mouth shut about the 12 degrees here this morning...oops, it slipped out. :) I do sooo much better if I set everything out the night before...which has happened about twice in 8 months.

  4. Good job on the run - even if your legs felt like toast you still got out and got it done. For that you should feel proud of yourself. :)

  5. Great blog. Thanks for commenting on my Throwback. I hope to see you more often. I am also looking forward to your brown cordoroy suit pictures. Let me know if you post them.


  6. good job getting the workouts in while battling the head cold,,,