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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Im of Irish decent, but the Italians are so coooool

And I'm not talking about my beautiful Italian wife either,although she has a ton of great moments too.

But this is some other hot Italian I just recently hooked up with.

That's right, I'll be cheating on my Quintana Roo TT at times. She knows about it. They've now meet and will see how things go.
I'm sure they had a long discussion after I put it together last night and shut the lights off.

I'm sure they had there spats, and laughs. Blue probably told Celeste about my crank abuse, my constant dripping and spitting. How I don't care about where my drool goes when I'm riding. How I keep telling her I'm loosing weight, but she can't tell, still feels like the same bag rocks on her seat.

There going to have to get along a place nice together. This is going to be a long,brutal relationship. Were all going to have our good and bad days. Along with victories and defeats.
I'll only blame them when they fail me. Otherwise I'll accept all other criticism.

So the story continues and the passion rises.

I only took it for a couple of fitting spins last night and I have a couple of issues the way it came. I did buy it used via e-bay. I know, I have a self admitted issue with this.

1st of all I'm 5-9 and change and I purchased as listed a 54 cm bike. It was listed 2x this way. However the down tube indicates a 59 cm. My inseam is 30 inches and I actually fit over the top tube fine ? I would have liked a little more than a 1/2 inch crotch clearance though. I have stood over many bikes,especially in the last 3 months. I don't believe this is a 54 cm.
I'm questioning that it is not really a 59 cm frame, but I'm sure it's not 54 cm. I love this bike and have waited weeks for it. I have an e-mail sent to the seller but haven't heard anything back yet.

Other than that, for a 2007 it is in great condition. Some minor frame scrapes that I will try and polish out. The cranks are compact FSA.The brifters are Dur ace, along with the rear derailleur.The front derailleur is Ultegra and it has the black 105 brakes.
The wheels and tires are fairly new, with less than 400 on them I'm told. THEY would not have been my choice due to color and brand. But after putting them together last night, hubs spindles and cassette. They actually look pretty strong. The bladed spokes he used were a nice touch too. Will see.
Lastly the stem appears to be a 110, although I have moved the seat a bit forward to get a little less reach in the cockpit, I think I would be better served with a 100. I haven't measured it yet so I'm not 100 % sure it is a 110. But from past experience I think it is.
Bike fit it huge and I have waited a bit for this bike. More than the several weeks that it took to ship. I want this to be as right as possible being ht it is used I will give it all a little grace, but I plan on putting thousands of hard fought miles on this bike, and it has to be pleasing to the body or it goes. And I don't want it to go. This was the ideal bike for me, brand and model. The price was reasonable for an aluminum/carbon mix bike with good to better components. I hope I'm not over reacting.

Question : at 5-9 with a 30 inseam could I even fit over a 59 cm and feel comfortable ? I don't think I have ever thrown my leg over anything taller than a 56 cm is the reason I'm asking. Ive seen 58-60 cm bikes they normally look huge and this doesn't ??


  1. I wish I could help you with your question but I am totally bike ignorant. Ask the guys at my local bike

  2. Can't believe Patrick finally unloaded his old Bianchi! If you need more clearance while straddling the bike, just let out some air in the tires.

  3. I mean you are not standing next to it as a real guide but it doesn't look to be anything bigger than a 56...

  4. good idea , im taking that picture at lunch

  5. Kovas, I need as much air as i can get in those tires.

  6. Whoa baby! She's gorgeous! I'm luvin' it!!

    That definitely looks like a 59cm. How is your reach? Those hoodies may be too far away for you it seems?

    He probably measured 54cm from center of BB to the top tube at a 'straight up' angle, instead of measuring ALONG the seat tube. Seller might not have known how to measure correctly? Or a Typo.

    Dont fret about the top tube clearance. 1/2 inch is irrelevant for the most part, this is norm in alot of cases. Just adjust seatpost to a comfortable height. U need to pay attention to the reach. Can you get comfortable on the hoods?

  7. I gotta say again though, she's smokin' hot looking!

  8. I know zip about bikes

    but it looks tight~!


  9. Love your new bike!! She looks hot (it is a she?) Don't tell my bike I was looking at your bike - I think mine might be a she and she can be a real bitch if she gets jealous. I hope your QR isn't like that. :)

    I don't know much about bikes, I would do what you just did if I had a question - ask bloggy land!

  10. Is that a green bike I spy with my Green Girl eye?