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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time trials are good

As hard as it was to leave the Bianchi mounted on the wall this morning, I did it.
It was a time trial morning. And as different as the two bikes are, there is no comparison in aerodynamics.
My Quintana Roo (in my eyes) is the best bang for the buck TT bike as it is set up.
I'm so glad that I was persuaded to hold on to this bike.
That being said, this bike as most true TT bikes sucks arse on steep climbs. They are not the most comfortable 70 + mile rides, unless of course you can spend allot of time in the aero bars. But riding in the bull horns for 3-4-5 hours is not ideal. And most of those rides will be held for my other love.
But  today was an early TT day @ 20-23 miles.
It was crisp and I dressed as non layered as possible.
Bib shorts with a long sleeve lite base shirt and tights. Tight cycling jersey and arm warmers with full finger gloves. Thin skull cap and Brick shoe covers, topped with my kick arse clear lens Ryder shades.

I only gave myself about 2 miles to get the blood moving and then it was large ring, hammer down aero. I got held at a few lights early on that kept breaking momentum, but I was damned if it was going to crack me a change my mind of going all out.
I was cranking off miles in big gears, just turning perfect large circles at 24-25 steady mph. I felt great and exhausted all in one.
I never spent more than a couple of minutes in the upright position until hitting my turn in spot off PCH. This gets me back home in just about 2.5 miles.
Total miles 21.67 in  1:05:36 . Today was epic hammer weather and I wish I could run that same loop without stopping and having to rebuild max wattage back up,just to see where my time would actualy land.
I have no pictures of the morning, but I'm sure other West coasters will. I'll leave you with the real hero for the day.
Side note: My wife finally caved ad went to the doc's yesterday. Sinus + ear infection = cypro and drops. She still walked 2.5 miles the day before. Took yesterday off because she was feeling like the leaning tower of Pisa, with equilibrium all screwed up. But said this morning that she is already feeling better and is  looking forward to getting out there.

Enjoying the weather while it's here. Taking advantage of it while we can.
Have a great day.


  1. Can't wait for Time Trial season. Just got fitted on my slice, and I am ready to hit the road. When the temperature warms up. In 2 or 3 months.

  2. Dang Craig, you make it sound like war!

  3. I think half of HB is on antibiotics for sinus and ear infections...

  4. aaaahhhh I can't wait to get my bike next week! =) Wanna take it to PCH =)

  5. Nice ride and great job on the TT.

    Hope the wife feels better soon.

  6. Sounds like an awesome workout!