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Friday, December 31, 2010

Stick a fork in it

I'm so ready to wrap this up.
To my surprise Ive had a very busy and even productive day today. I hope this is a business trend that will continue into the new year.
Say it's so please. I hope and pray for all the unemployed to get jobs. That we as a nation stand strong and that the many entrepreneurs of this country come out in droves to flourish.
The hungry get feed, and the tired and weary get rest.
Homes stop foreclosing, and become a commodity once again.
Peace and harmony truly become one. ( if this would come together the others would be moot).

I hope you all have big dreams and chase after them.
Don't let the world get in your way, understand that life happens and things will have to go left and right even when you liked them in a straight line.
Find quality friends, and love them like the family you got to choose. Not like the ones you didn't get to.(oh this had to sting some, I know it did me).

Laugh more, and don't take it all so serious. In fact laugh at yourself more you are you're best comedian.
Tell the ones you love just that. "I LOVE YOU". Just because you feel it, doesn't mean they know it.

Swim longer than you ever have. Run longer than you ever imagined possible of yourself. Ride a bike 40 miles and have coffee, then get on it and ride the 40 home.
Cry when your suffering, that pain to shall pass. But the rewards could last a life time.
Don't kick yourself for falling short. Pick yourself up and set another goal. It's out there and you and I have it in us.
Stand up for yourself with confidence, be the leader not the follower. You set the trends if that's what they want to call them. To us it's life !

I'm done.
Last work out was simple but effective. 30 minutes weights and 25 minutes on the treadmill for just under 3 miles.
I got my two current cocktails of choice in front of me
I'm going to say my goodbye's to my team and get home to get away from the crazies.
Please have fun but be safe.

and by all means HAPPY NEW YEARS !!   

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year end wrap up 2010

Other than a lunch time workout tomorrow I guess my training is done for 2010.

I'll be shut down tonight due to family obligations and that will roll into tomorrow a.m. I'll be fortunate enough to get in a gym workout Friday at lunch.
 I was just informed that we will be the host house of a New Years eve party. I'll call it a get together because I'm not really the "partier" type. But it looks like there will be a few of my wife's friends and husbands coming by to play cards, food and drinks. I'll have to bust out the Wii I think and have a bowling,tennis,golf triathlon.
So that's o.k.,  It wasn't really what I had envisioned but sometimes I just take it how it's served up.
 Happy wife =  happy life. And God knows she puts up with enough of my wacky schedules and last minute surprises.
I thought I would break down a little of 2010 and how it has gone as far as fitness goes.
On January 3rd 2010 I had a revelation that I was tired of well, being tired. To me 44 was way to young to have gotten as comfortable as I had gotten. Fat is way better and more realistic word.
I had ballooned up to a swollen 240 pounds and that was before my first drink of water in the morning. My size 38 waist pants were uncomfortable and I even bought a couple of 40's.
At  just over 5'-9" I was a bit concerned. It was not only that I felt and looked like a basketball, but that I was still trying to be somewhat active.
I would still surf and skateboard, just not as long or as aggressive as I had in past years. Pawning it all off on age.
 We are very good at this, ( I wont speak for you), I was very good at this.Telling myself or trying to convince myself," well you know I'm 44 now, I should be slowing down" . And I would justify it by looking at peers and there appearance and what they did, (or didn't and don't do).

So it was a quest and January 4th I started a little adventure.
 I hit the gym that next day. My plan was to get there no less than 3 days a week. Slowly getting in some weights and then always finishing with a decent elliptical. I dropped about 13 pounds in 3 months and felt pretty good.
So as the gym goes and that routine, boredom set in. I needed something else.
So I started making my way in to the empty heavy bag room upstairs and put together a pretty brutal 50 minute non stop circuit. That started with jumping rope, kettle bells and dumb bell lunges and ended with strikes and kicks on a hanging bag. I lost another 12 pounds in 8 weeks. Not a blistering weight loss pace but I felt good. I was eating right again and in all honesty I probably gained 3-5 pounds in muscle. Muscle memory is a crazy thing.
Then July hit and my beloved Versus was hosting Le Tour de France. The one common that I had never gotten far away from (at least following) was cycling. I have even over the years continued to follow track and field,swimming and televised triathlon events.
I was so into the Tour though this year. Remembering the suffering and rewards that come with it. I pictured myself riding long flat treks and climbing switchbacks and then it dawned on me, hey you can still do this, your capable, fat yes but capable.
Within 2 weeks I had convinced my wife of letting me buy a bike. Not such an easy feet, considering I'm a bit compulsive, excessive about sports.
I went to the trusty Craigslist and started hunting, but for what ? I don't know. Just get one.

Now why I bought a full on Tri bike ? I have no idea. It just looked so damn cool. And to be honest I had been away from Cycling and or multi sport for so long that I didn't really think it out.
That being said, it has probably been the best mistake I made all year. If not for that bike I doubt I would have gotten the Tri bug again.
Putting me in that aero position was all it took to remember.
And so it went. Bike turned into a run, and a run turned into a swim.

I remember my first run on the road, it's one of the same runs I do once a week to this day. It's a 3.4 mile loop that I now use for a tempo run.
But on 8-13-2010 that 3.4 miles was an all out war in my mind. I remember telling myself do not stop,just keep going forward. I think that run took me between 44-46 minutes and I was exhausted when I got back home. I also remember how accomplished I felt and how proud I was that I ran it out. I will probably do this run as long as I live in this area and smile every time.

I also remember getting in that pool the first day. I swam 50 meters and thought I was going to pop. I couldn't breath, I was sinking etc.. I was thinking to myself ,really that's all you got ? You grew up in the water and you can't swim 50 yards ?

Now don't get me wrong, I don't want any of this taken out of context of where it should be heading.

I am NOT a great cyclist. I'm NOT a great swimmer. And I'm definitely NOT  a great runner.

But what I am, is a GRATEFUL man.
 Grateful for reinventing myself.
 Grateful for finding your blogs, (ALL OF THEM ) !
 Grateful my wife, (who kind of ) gets it, almost always.
And most of all grateful it's just the beginning of what's still ahead.

So here I stand completey in awe of really everyone on here. Everyone comes from somewhere and everyone starts from something. But even with all the different disciplines separated or in unison, it's pretty amazing the life we get to choose to live.

Year end wrap up-

Jan 1st 2010
weight 240 pounds 40 inch waist. Couch potato growing.

December 30th
weight 203 pounds 36 inch waist. DRIVEN triathlete.

Miles in  21 weeks of  " LETS DO THIS AGAIN"

SWIM =  19.1 MILES
RUN = 110.1 MILES

Total = 1009.2

My true goal for 2011 will be to triple these distances. I hope your all there with me and for me.

Happy New Year. And thank you so much for your inspiration.

Craig (TRI714)                

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

for the record only, I did compete and complete

1.2 Miles1.200:46:3656 Miles56.102:57:4913.1 Miles13.302:02:05
Penalty TimeBonus TimeTotals
1 baclava0:01:000:06:00Swim0:46:36

I sent it too :-(

13.1 Miles13.302:02:05

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

speed challenged

Its truly a beautiful day in the OC. All my previous rants on the weather and here we sit in clear blue skies with some pretty warm temps.
Without checking  I'm calling it mid 60's.
I really should have made it a ride day but I couldn't get my but going quick enough to have made it a good ride. I didn't want to just go out and put 15 or so miles in and not get a real good work out in.
So as I sat there on the couch this morning belittling myself about above laziness.
 I decided I would hit the gym today and press a solid core workout for 30 minutes at high reps and high intensity and then jump right into a treadmill interval work out at 5k distance.

First it felt good to do some solid reps for resistance in another discipline. I was pretty strong and kept everything real tight and smooth being careful not to over stretch or strain. I got a solid session in mixing in chest,back,shoulders,tris,bis and abs.
T1 to run was smooth and fast :) going right into a fairly easy 10 mpm pace for the first mile.
Moving it to 9 mpm @ 1.5. I held that until 2.2 miles then did 2 minute surges @ 7:31 pace.
I have to say I am everyday amazed how you people hold 5,6,7 and even 8 mpm paces for distance.
Sure I'm heavier than the average runner, but there are plenty my size and bigger on here that would make me look silly.
I don't like this treadmill thing, but if this is the next step at getting faster, I'm in.
I really feel like I'm in decent shape (cardio wise) and  fitness is ever changing as I slowly chip away at these last 10-15 pounds. But I really feel I have so far to go to even be sub 9 runner for any real distance, like 10k or better.
I'm not as concerned as I am in awe of some of you.

When did it change for you ?
How long did it take ?
I'm fairly consistent (I THINK) please tell me if I'm not.
I started running "again" August 8th. Am I not being realistic with this time frame of progress ?    

This was a shot on the freeway heading to the gym. Ugly scenery, but beautiful day.

Do I need to sacrifice days like this to stay consistent on the mill to push myself ?

Whats your honest opinions? I trust them and will take heed.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa showed up in awesome fashion

First off Merry Christmas,

And I hope your day was special. Filled with family,friends and good times.

So it's true,Santa does exist and I have proof. He appeared to me in the form of an endurance athlete.

Although I wasn't awoke because of a clatter on the roof top. I surely was stoked with sound of pedal clatters.
And there he was, with Rudolf and a couple of elves in tow. I found this small and happy crew making there way down to PCH to get some Christmas cheer on. As I had to pull them over and take a photo op. It made me smile and got to share with them hopefully they will show up and reveal there selves to us.

enjoyed see them, hope you do to.
Hope all your days where blessed with whatever that may be to you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday blah,blah,blah and extras

Update on  .

Yesterday's bonk really cracked me. Between the lack of food and what seemed like dehydration ? Which I can't believe. I had the head ache/body ache from hell yesterday. Patrick I'm sorry If I sounded out of it or short when you called. I really was feeling like rolling death.
But a few Advil and some bio freeze on my neck, coupled with a viewing of THE POLAR EXPRESS with my very excited 10 year old son, and I was back to normal by about 9:30 p.m.
Note to self : screw up you intake and you don't operate well.

So for the Christmas virtual 70.3 ( by the way I have to say was an awesome last minute race) I had to knock off another 16.9 miles on the bike today and 4.6 running. I got 23.8 miles in this morning on an absolutely beautiful crisp HB morning.
I'll blow out of work around 12 today and lace up my Kayanos for the last 4.6 run. Ive already for warned Eric my son to be ready to go on his bike, Boy wonder is getting some extra exercise today with the old man.


Both my stepsons are proposing to there girlfriends this Christmas. How excited do you think my wife is ??
I'll just tell you that she is like super mom on crack. "VERY HAPPY".

Everyone is coming to our house today @ 2:30 for an early dinner that said "super mom on crack" is preparing.
She has made a spiral ham (love), Home made mac and cheese (love even more), big ass tossed salad (emmmmm love,love) and home made FREETE (sp?) there Italian. Stuffed,puffy little hot pockets thingies, and they ROCK !!!

Then all 7 of us, plus her Auntie and one of my oldest sons friend (who has no blood family) are all going to see "LITTLE FOCKERS" .
I  love all the FOCKER movies. I even love to say it :).
So take that fockers.

Then it will be back home to enjoy the kids opening some gifts, yes that includes auntie and said friend. " got NO family ? come to our house, you do now !" That's how we roll at our ranch.

I will then partake in some type of sweet snack that I have been forbidden to eat over the last few days, because of penalties to be incurred at above race. Not to much though.

Then it will be lights out and see what Santa brings. believe it or not my sons on the fence with this. But I'm not going to be the definitive breaking point. I'll let the boys spoiler friends close the deal on that one. As the recent conversations with him on this subject have gone, this will be the last Santa year :(

No promises on training this weekend. If I get some that would be great. if I don't, no worries mate.

Last shameless picture of self (for at least a few days) this ones for Neil at

Thanks again-
I'm down with the white shades.
 Merry Christmas and a safe and truly wonderful holiday.

Now go get fat, because this holiday is about to come to a screeching halt you bunch of  slackers !!! :-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good day sunshine

First things first. I need to give a HUGE shout out to . If you haven't read his blog I highly suggest it. He has a huge passion for running and on top of that he does it barefoot. This brings on whole new levels of respect, oh and he lives in Calgary so in climate weather is a factor at times I would imagine. He also is a family guy that plows snow (to say the least) check him out.
A couple weeks back he was reviewing a pair of clear lense glasses from He gave an honest review and was not to stoked on this particular pair. I made a reply comment that I too like Ryder products. I almost jokingly asked if he would just PAY THEM FORWARD to me. I made the statement that if I didn't like them I would do the same and just pass them on.
He was using them for cold weather running. I would use them because most of my run and ride training starts well before day break.
Well Neil they showed up yesterday !! I got an early present. I have to say I was pretty damn touched and taken back that he would spend  $ xx.xx on shipping something to a guy that he doesn't know.
We have followed each others blogs and made comments at times but that was it.
Perfect timing to receive them. I wore them today on my ride, and sorry for the ones that might have wanted them.
I'm keeping them because they ROCK !!
Thanks again Neil. Unselfish and good deeds in my world deserve payback. So ??

The sun has reappeared back in So Cal today. "HELL YEAH".  LEAVING MY GARAGE.
I felt like a kid the night before Christmas. I was up by 5:20 geared up and out the door by 6:00 a.m. sharp. front and rear lights flashing. I knew I would have a little hell to pay, but oh so worth it to turn those cranks over.
It was everything I thought it would be, flood signs everywhere, debris scattered from side to side. I fully expected to be changing a flat today.
By the time I made it down some back roads to further my trip south, the sun was cracking.
 OH GLORY, Good day sunshine is back for a few.

I'm not going to lie, this was a love,hate ride today. I was so excited to be out and riding,no matter what the recent weather had done. I dressed right, but didn't fuel right. I didn't take the time (not that I had any excess) time to eat this morning, I opted for a Gu and I would take another at my turn around.
SOOOOOO I forgot the other Gu. I was bonking hard at 20 or so miles.
Like dead wind and only being able to hit 18/19 mph. I was getting nauseous and could do nothing more than laugh at my pathetic self.
Really ? I'm not a rookie at this.Cycling has been a passion of mine for years and this was just another lesson learned. Your never over prepared, and you should always double check what's coming with you.
The funny thing is that I took the time to sneak back into the house before I took off and grabbed some chap stick. I think I actually looked at the Gu sitting on the counter.
Anyways, I was super happy to get some true road miles in. And another 28.6 miles off of Luke's I'm still not sure how this is all going to play out,but I love competition and Ive actually lost 2 pounds this week.
 FYI for those involved, I had my company  Christmas lunch yesterday and brought 4 home made cakes that my wife whipped up, 1- red velvet with whip cream frosting topped with cherries, 2- lemon bunt, 3- Chocolate chocolate chip, 4- some pumpkin cheesecake swirl thingy. I DIDN'T TOUCH THEM.
But in the closing hours of the night a had a yummy piece of honey drenched Baklava :-(. I penalized myself a minute.
Please be safe people, it was quite nasty. And yet I thanked the heavens above more than once on that ride, that I was able to be there.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

** MY 100 BLOG POST ** Its all coming to a head

Had to edit this ** 100 th post ** sigh ! Where does the time go ?

So many count downs;

we got Christmas in 4 days

Christmas parties and get togethers now lining up like up like Jets ready to take off.

I get my son 5 days straight ( OH YEAH !!!!) my Christmas present !!

Giveaways galore coming breathing down our neck. ROCK ON !! This is win/win completed or not it has got me on fire for a goal. This thing is continuing to breathe fire !! Yah ! Good job buddy. SUAR is no doubt getting a new bathing suit. Not that I saw any problems with her current one. See thru is in ! And a completely healed body so she can get out of the water and back on the road.

 hes setting PR's all over and looking to crank out even bigger numbers and goals. praying for an answer to his Achilles issue. And that he wears no more bra's in pictures anyways. This ones banking there are stilettos and buckles by the boat loads coming her way. Hes trying to still review another 75 products in the next 4 days. All the while giving perfectly descriptive reviews. Shes signing up for as many 1/2 M DOTS as she can get into before 2010 ends. shes trying to figure how many ways she can travel through fowl weather and still get all her miles in. on a mission still ever since p90x entered his life. I think the blog name speaks for itself and him.
 hoping for some knee miracles and yet still runs like the wind. Matty O ,Christmas is almost here hope you have nice and not naughty. is looking for one last interview to continue on his quest for Tri madness !! anyone no this guy, hes fairly inspiring. Pretty crafty too, for a musician ,Triathlete. What ? check his business cards !! this one is writing down comebacks that are never ending and still in search of ?? But faster,faster,faster he goes. last minute mapping of all the great barefoot runs in THE GREAT NORTH. And planning his next teddy bear bombing (at a hockey game) good lord. counting the days before his biggest fan sends him all his new Tri toys. And is sending out a world wide photo of himself :-( . He'll keep that a secret as long as Kramer kept Cosmo a secret. For those that followed that, your my people. looking for more student, but loading up on all the cool motivating quotes for 2011. cooking up something good for sure she cant wait to treat herself to vanilla ice cream and peanut butter. Don't laugh ,I tried it and it fricken ROCKED !!! my new favorite fat food.


Have a great day.

swim was awesome yesterday. Or over swim- 2350 meters -no traffic
and I got to run almost 4 miles of 6.4 miles this morning, without getting pissed on.
Grateful to be alive, grateful to get to run !!