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Monday, December 13, 2010

It was just alot of running around and not enough running.

Time challenged weekend to say the least.
My son was invited to a school friends birthday party Saturday night. That's great but it consisted of a 1 hour commute 1 way. It was a Halo (sp?) party. Do you know of these little guys? He has been a Lego's Star Wars/Clone wars fanatic up until about 3 weeks ago, now it's all about  Halo.
These brave parents of this boy took on 16, 9-10-11 year olds. Of which 10 were spending the night. Great for the kids ! Crazy for the parents, but they seemed good with it. The weather was awesome and I took this picture when leaving there house. Quite the sunset over the mountains.
Then it was back home to hook up with my other son and get a few domestic things handled.
On top of that I had sushi for dinner again. This is a record that has not been seen in a few years, now 3 times in 1 month, I'm on a roll (no pun intended).

Now because I had to go fetch the little guy from "the party house" at some kind of reasonable hour. I opted out of a 2 hour run for a less time consuming ride at 34 miles. Yes I could have just gotten up earlier and got the run in, but damn I get up pre dawn every morning and just wanted to be normal 1 day.
So I was able to head down into Newport beach via PCH and opted to stay on the flat ground. I turned and headed towards South Newport with semi secluded wind blocked streets. Normally you would see allot of beach cruisers etc.. But because it's December and kind of early I really had non of that.
I made my way down through Lido,Balboa peninsula to where it dead ends to a channel that separates Corona Del Mar and Newport beach. This is better known as the Wedge. During summer South swells this beach break gets mutated with freak size waves.

But it was mellow as a lake today and usually is in December.
This is a shot of the harbor between the two places.

I took a quick peek and headed back home. I anticipated some wind but really it was not bad at all. I was able to bridge up to a couple of groups and Take a turn pulling with them for a few miles. Then one 7 man freight train came by and I noticed the lead out was on a Cervelo, so I jumped out and of the group I was in and tried to get on board. They were humming, we were already moving at about 23 + mph and they came by with race wheels howling. I did a huge effort in a big gear and was only able to get up and past a few guys getting spit out the back. It was really hard to get any snap that late in my ride at the speed they were already moving at. It was fun to try though. Anyways it made that last couple miles of my ride just that much better. I soloed up to my turn off point and there was no one left. Hopefully I'll get another shot at something similar soon.
Got home, through down a banana and a Gatorade and headed to get boy wonder. He was a sleepless wreck and I new he would be in nap mode the rest of the day. I gave both dogs a bath and chilled out myself. While the wife was with two of her friends making some 40 dozen cookies ? No lie I think that's the real number.
I'll hit a long run some evening this week and we'll do it all over again.


  1. The amount of cyclists out this weekend was stunning. Glad you hooked up. Can you make it out this Saturday?

  2. Patrick, this weekend should be a GO !! 90% SURE. I'll let you know if there is any Atchisonism that interferes. (WHAT ? That could be a word)

    Kovas- that place is a circus now. Not like back in the day. But it is sick power.