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Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday blah,blah,blah and extras

Update on  .

Yesterday's bonk really cracked me. Between the lack of food and what seemed like dehydration ? Which I can't believe. I had the head ache/body ache from hell yesterday. Patrick I'm sorry If I sounded out of it or short when you called. I really was feeling like rolling death.
But a few Advil and some bio freeze on my neck, coupled with a viewing of THE POLAR EXPRESS with my very excited 10 year old son, and I was back to normal by about 9:30 p.m.
Note to self : screw up you intake and you don't operate well.

So for the Christmas virtual 70.3 ( by the way I have to say was an awesome last minute race) I had to knock off another 16.9 miles on the bike today and 4.6 running. I got 23.8 miles in this morning on an absolutely beautiful crisp HB morning.
I'll blow out of work around 12 today and lace up my Kayanos for the last 4.6 run. Ive already for warned Eric my son to be ready to go on his bike, Boy wonder is getting some extra exercise today with the old man.


Both my stepsons are proposing to there girlfriends this Christmas. How excited do you think my wife is ??
I'll just tell you that she is like super mom on crack. "VERY HAPPY".

Everyone is coming to our house today @ 2:30 for an early dinner that said "super mom on crack" is preparing.
She has made a spiral ham (love), Home made mac and cheese (love even more), big ass tossed salad (emmmmm love,love) and home made FREETE (sp?) there Italian. Stuffed,puffy little hot pockets thingies, and they ROCK !!!

Then all 7 of us, plus her Auntie and one of my oldest sons friend (who has no blood family) are all going to see "LITTLE FOCKERS" .
I  love all the FOCKER movies. I even love to say it :).
So take that fockers.

Then it will be back home to enjoy the kids opening some gifts, yes that includes auntie and said friend. " got NO family ? come to our house, you do now !" That's how we roll at our ranch.

I will then partake in some type of sweet snack that I have been forbidden to eat over the last few days, because of penalties to be incurred at above race. Not to much though.

Then it will be lights out and see what Santa brings. believe it or not my sons on the fence with this. But I'm not going to be the definitive breaking point. I'll let the boys spoiler friends close the deal on that one. As the recent conversations with him on this subject have gone, this will be the last Santa year :(

No promises on training this weekend. If I get some that would be great. if I don't, no worries mate.

Last shameless picture of self (for at least a few days) this ones for Neil at

Thanks again-
I'm down with the white shades.
 Merry Christmas and a safe and truly wonderful holiday.

Now go get fat, because this holiday is about to come to a screeching halt you bunch of  slackers !!! :-)


  1. Merry Christmas. Way to get through the virtual 70.3. It was a great idea to end the year on.

    Enjoy the holidays, engagements, FOCKERS, gifts, even strangers....

  2. virtual 70.3 was fun, and a tuff challenge to get through in that time frame with everything going on. THanks for hosting it.