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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

** MY 100 BLOG POST ** Its all coming to a head

Had to edit this ** 100 th post ** sigh ! Where does the time go ?

So many count downs;

we got Christmas in 4 days

Christmas parties and get togethers now lining up like up like Jets ready to take off.

I get my son 5 days straight ( OH YEAH !!!!) my Christmas present !!

Giveaways galore coming breathing down our neck. ROCK ON !! This is win/win completed or not it has got me on fire for a goal. This thing is continuing to breathe fire !! Yah ! Good job buddy. SUAR is no doubt getting a new bathing suit. Not that I saw any problems with her current one. See thru is in ! And a completely healed body so she can get out of the water and back on the road.

 hes setting PR's all over and looking to crank out even bigger numbers and goals. praying for an answer to his Achilles issue. And that he wears no more bra's in pictures anyways. This ones banking there are stilettos and buckles by the boat loads coming her way. Hes trying to still review another 75 products in the next 4 days. All the while giving perfectly descriptive reviews. Shes signing up for as many 1/2 M DOTS as she can get into before 2010 ends. shes trying to figure how many ways she can travel through fowl weather and still get all her miles in. on a mission still ever since p90x entered his life. I think the blog name speaks for itself and him.
 hoping for some knee miracles and yet still runs like the wind. Matty O ,Christmas is almost here hope you have nice and not naughty. is looking for one last interview to continue on his quest for Tri madness !! anyone no this guy, hes fairly inspiring. Pretty crafty too, for a musician ,Triathlete. What ? check his business cards !! this one is writing down comebacks that are never ending and still in search of ?? But faster,faster,faster he goes. last minute mapping of all the great barefoot runs in THE GREAT NORTH. And planning his next teddy bear bombing (at a hockey game) good lord. counting the days before his biggest fan sends him all his new Tri toys. And is sending out a world wide photo of himself :-( . He'll keep that a secret as long as Kramer kept Cosmo a secret. For those that followed that, your my people. looking for more student, but loading up on all the cool motivating quotes for 2011. cooking up something good for sure she cant wait to treat herself to vanilla ice cream and peanut butter. Don't laugh ,I tried it and it fricken ROCKED !!! my new favorite fat food.


Have a great day.

swim was awesome yesterday. Or over swim- 2350 meters -no traffic
and I got to run almost 4 miles of 6.4 miles this morning, without getting pissed on.
Grateful to be alive, grateful to get to run !!


  1. Wow...this was like a virtual bloggers Christmas party! Thanks for the cool updates on everyone!

  2. Oh I like having a clear lane indeed! :)

  3. Nice post. Congrats on the "century!"

  4. Awesome post and call-outs of all these cool folks in blog-land. Thanks for the shout out, too. Now...the real any ideas for interviews? ;-)

  5. looks like the rain has ended for you guys? that would be good news!
    nice hundo

  6. How cool was that. Thanks for the shout-out. I hope you have a very Merry Xmas.