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Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa showed up in awesome fashion

First off Merry Christmas,

And I hope your day was special. Filled with family,friends and good times.

So it's true,Santa does exist and I have proof. He appeared to me in the form of an endurance athlete.

Although I wasn't awoke because of a clatter on the roof top. I surely was stoked with sound of pedal clatters.
And there he was, with Rudolf and a couple of elves in tow. I found this small and happy crew making there way down to PCH to get some Christmas cheer on. As I had to pull them over and take a photo op. It made me smile and got to share with them hopefully they will show up and reveal there selves to us.

enjoyed see them, hope you do to.
Hope all your days where blessed with whatever that may be to you.


  1. Santa rides a Colnago? I would have thought a red specialized s-works (The S, I'm told, stands for Santa). That's why I bought one. At least that's what I told my wife - She didn't buy it though.

  2. Christmas ride on the PCH.....ummm ummm ummm!
    thats what Im talkin about!


  3. Fun people for sure, doing it right.