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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I stand corrected on the cookie count

I was informed that my wife and her two friends made not 40 dozen, but 90 dozen cookies.
And yes I ate 5 of them last night :-( . And everyone of them where excellent. I tell you one thing it was very easy to get up and get my morning run in today.

5 cookies has got to be some kind of motivation. Good or bad. It could have been worse I could have crumbled the peanut butter ones up in Vanilla bean ice cream. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT. I'm not proud, but I'm honest.
And I did say could have, not did. Jeez, don't judge.

I am still encouraging here and outside of here on a regular basis . This was created by a great guy, with absolute great intentions for people that want to be great. And greatness comes and shows in many forms.
I even पिम्पेद  suggested it to some cyclist while riding this Sunday. Now weather they have checked it ? I don't know. I do however know it will continue to grow into a strong resource for our many passions and sports.

Lunch swim yesterday at 1000 meters 4x250's was supposed to be no less than 1600 and closer to 2000 meters.
I for once got jinxed  interrupted by the lunch time swimming pool bozos Ive heard so much about. I though my pool was exempt. But this was not the case, they have apparently;y moved from your pools to mine, or at least they did yesterday.
Somehow they thought it was o.k. to stay at one end of the pool and swim laterally across the pool. Which I would be more than o.k. with except for they would still be there as I was coming in for a wall turn. I may also be a little more forgiving if a swam 50 meter intervals, but my intervals are no less than 200's right now except warm up and cool down laps. I have to stuff quite a bit of swim into a semi short period.
So anyways, I finished the 1000 and just hopped out, no cool down at all. Grabbed my gear and sat in the sauna for 5 minutes before showing to get my head straight.

Today was a morning run at a faster pace, not quite tempo but it was quick enough to breath hard and feel some leg burn. 3.4 miles at 31:13. Shaved, showered, egg white omelet and at work before 7:45. :-)   


  1. Here in NC we call that kind of swimming playing sharks and minnows. Except it is for kids and not the lap pool. Sometimes you just need to smack somebody. Or while in the water- transistion to breast stroke and place a nice heel kick in the ribs "by accident"

  2. Dont get me started with rude people in the pool, I go on, and on, and on and be mad the rest of the day. Two words, aqua aerobics

  3. I ran into some bozos yesterday but they didn't swim laterally. They decided to jump in the pool and creat siezmic waves, which is ok b/c I need the open water practice. They then proceeded to flail across the pool. After about 100y they got out.

    You my friend are a man on a mission with all those things done prior to work and still getting there at 7:45a.

    I love it though. Get up early, get it done and get your head straight for work. Perfect.

  4. the pool has made me want to quit swimming more than once....

  5. Oh summer please return to me, for I promise to do more open water swims.

  6. All those cookies....waaaaaaay too dangerous for a guy like me

  7. nice post..keep it up.
    --I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - smartwool socks

  8. Yup we got a special breed of bozo's at my pool too.

    TRI714 said exactly what I've been thinking lol