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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ironband - Please Please Santa (Can you help me get a new bike?)

Maybe some can relate to this. Just saying.
My bike and I, have had a major make up session. No longer the wench I once called her. And we've decided she's staying, in fact were going to get her some toys to play with after the first of the year.

Shes sleek,fast and paid for !!
What's on your list though ??


  1. I'm getting the Forerunner 305, sitting in my closet awaiting xmas!

  2. I would love to have Santa bring me a paid registration for Buffalo Springs 70.3 in June.

    You refer to the bike as her but what is the name?

    I have called mine El Diablo. I originally wanted to go female as well but decided that I wanted to ride like I was on fire.

  3. That would be Sheena (she's a punk).

  4. Hahaha I can totally relate, I have told all family members that all I want is a bike and they can all chip in together :D

  5. When you say Girl and Toys I have to take pause. Sorry.