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Thursday, December 9, 2010

hey you buncha busy beavers

Whacked out day. Business is busy ( thank you God) and all else is cracking.

Off work out day, so nothing to report there. I feel great. And am sitting here at 4:00 p.m. pacific time wondering if I am running tomorrow a.m., or riding with or you may also know him from . He's a man with many talents (or so he says) ? I'll let you decide.

That being said don't for get to call or text me please.

Check out his fly new site it is pretty trick, and getting more posh as he goes. When there are 1000 members he's throwing a party he said. And although he didn't comment on this, ( I'm sure he will be willing to send the jet to pick some of you up ) I know he has one, because he told Kovas he did. Apparently he keeps it at one of his stores. I don't know where his stores are either though.
I'm the nearest one to him and I'm the sucker that pays retail here. (what ever!)  

That being said. I'm looking for a strong run, or ride tomorrow. Everyone try and stay healthy for god sake and train hard. Did I mention


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  1. funny I kep getting emails from Net Jets, no idea how they got my email and they are definitely wasting their time. Because Kovas will need more than a G4.