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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is a silent request, because I would never say this to someones face.

Vendors,suppliers, good clients etc.. PLEASE STOP BRINGING ME COOKIES. As if I didn't have enough of them at home this last 5 days. Holy crap, the cookie Congo line is never ending.

Please bring me gift cards to all swim,bike and run shops. PLEASE. Even your average sporting goods store would be better.
I've lost weight, you comment on it, congratulate me on my reaffirmation to multi sport etc..
And you bring me cookies. Damn it ! I'll re gift em ! I'll do it I tell you.

I may have a cookie give away on here. But No one would sign up :-(.

As it is, I delivered 28 made up plates of cookies to my team today.
Only difference is that they ate them all and asked if there would be more coming.

Business Santa, please send me one of these instead.

cookies anyone ??????????

No training today. Going to my sons Christmas show tonight. Yeah, I love him so much. Any chance this will be different than the last 5 years though ?    


  1. I just love cookies, but they are not allowed in the house OR they are separated out into portion size bags so there is no over-indulging.

  2. I wish you had posted this earlier - disregard the box I sent you.

  3. HAHAHA I am lucky to work with people who act like they havent ate in 3 weeks when free food is around.