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Friday, December 17, 2010

Flash Friday, well splash Friday

Soggy day today, and it's not getting any better.

I should have run this morning while the rain was lite. I did not. Now I have to contemplate the distance that I want to slog around in tonight.
This was a HUUUGE mistake.
This is also very likely going to effect Saturdays long ride.
It is the 1st weekend that the stars had aligned where ; A- I was going to get to hook up in a large group ride (for the entire ride) not just jumping in.
 B - I don't think Ive seen since Big Rock Tri in October (and we live almost around the corner from each other). I was supposed to ride with his club.
C - If this keeps up, and its suppose to, we may not get rides in at all.

The upside is no work.
 Don't take that the wrong way, I'm thankful for a job.
 I just enjoy weekend freedom.

Sounds like myself and may get time to set down for a few minutes and lay out my kit for Surf City race. That would be a good thing. Oh WAIT, same guy. Still never see him.

I have no kids this weekend. My wife will randomly be shopping etc.. I'm sure.

But I really love to ride and  I feel like my bike fitness could be slipping from my grips. Ive went from 2-4 rides a week to 1 weekday 22-25 miler and 1 weekend 35-45 miler.
Miles are longer, but I like that consistency.
I have to keep reminding myself that I am training for a 1/2 marathon, not a Century ride.
Another  4-8 weeks and it's going to be back on for steady swim,bike,run training.  

So no training yet today. However I'm guessing about 5 mile run in the crud.

People have a good weekend train hard, train smart.    


  1. It is looking grim. I'm going to run in Bolsa Chica after I see you if you want to go. If I'm going to get wet I might as well get dirty as well.

  2. I saw you guys were socked in and getting drenched for days. i ALMOST felt sorry for you guys....but not quite:)

  3. Hope you get your rides and runs in. Our weather has been so weird. Today it is sunny but with gail force winds. Go figure.

  4. Thanks for hooking up Patrick. When you called I was just getting ready to call and pull the plug. I got a run in later. I did what I felt I should do with my wife. I think you get it.