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Monday, December 6, 2010

Got to get it while you can

Knowing this was going to be a somewhat crazy weekend I had fully prepared myself for zero workouts.
In all honesty I had faith I was going to wrap everything I needed to up by Saturday and be ready to roll on Sunday.
That didn't happen. Saturday was much more action packed and draining than I thought.Sunday came and I was in full recovery mode. Things took as much mental toll on me as did it physically.
 Now that chapter is 95 % closed so moving on.
With the anticipation that this could happen I did come home from work Friday night and hussle my butt around to get everything set up for my pre dawn Saturday road trip.
By 9:00 p.m. Friday I was done with all pre arrangement stuff and would have loved to just hit the couch. But the competitive side took over and reality set in. My inner brain told me gear up and get a run in now, you may not get to in the next 48 hours.
So that's what happened.
I was excited to run, I'm just not used to pouring out the door this late at night. Anyone that has read my past knows I'm a morning or mid day guy with training, with the occasional 6 p.m. session.

But I laced em up and headed out. Was really needing at least 5 miles and hoping for 7+.

This is my ready to roll, fake smile, picture in the mirror look. Again, happy to run, just not this late.   I loaded up two 8 oz belt flasks, threw on the reflective hat and headed out to an IPOD full of punk rock music.
The music did help. I didn't need but 1 flask and the air temp was awesome. No real stupid drivers out there and I managed to run out just short of 10k, exactly  6.1 miles @ a 9:21 mpm pace.
It was pretty soothing to the body and mind and probably just what I needed.

After I got home and unwound a bit, I was in the hall way office reading and came across this article and I had to laugh because of "you know who"

Pretty funny,and actually insightful.
Hopefully SUAR has read this. If not pass it along to her @

Have a good Monday.

Today is a swim day. 1500 meters at intervals. 


  1. sounds like a great run. My mind works the same way, I have 45 minutes until _____, I can get a run in!!

  2. Look at you punk rocking those tights! Don't you live in sunny California?

  3. The only thing sunny about that run was the glow of the street lights. And yes my past life griends would be wildly interested in Craig in lycra.

  4. Prior to writing this blog how likely were you to take that picture before heading out for a run? With the blog I take pictures of just about everything. It's hilarious but great memories.

  5. I prefer tights too - Glad I'm not the only one out there strutting our stuff lol

    I draw the line at anything lululemon though. That is crossing the line. :) Just sayin'....