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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday with my favorite co worker

It's true I DON'T often work Saturday's anymore. But usually If the end of the month falls on a weekend, I'm here at least for a few hours making sure all loose ends are wrapped up for month end close.

I had to sequestered my 10 year old Eric to accompany me in this venture due to conflicting work schedules with my wife and it being much less invasive for him to hang with me at work rather than her.

He's really excited about it.
He's all about Lego's and Star Wars and all the other stuff you SHOULD be doing at 10. However hanging with pops at the office for a few hours? NOT SO MUCH !
But I did get him to bring his reading with him and knock out his 3 chapters today, so the rest of the weekend can be all about messing around.
He's super excited about tomorrow night and that's really where all his focus is. I get it, Halloween was awesome as a kid and I plan on keeping it fun for him.

But until then, he's stuck in business hell with me.

No work out today.

scheduled 7 mile run tomorrow. A bike ride looks to be out of the question. It's all good. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

my new bike steers kind of weird

but the guy said it will take some break in time so ill just see how it goes. It has a cool tail too.

Now I'll fit right in with da fellers !! Cant wait to see how this baby really corners on the downhills.

And I chose a Bianchi cuz that's what Patrick rydes and he suggested this.

Thanks again Patrick for all your help and research.

Taking advice from the "Trail Guru"

In case you guy's and gal's didn't know, that's Kovas from He is the "TRAIL GURU" .
And he pointed out very recently that there is always time to stop and take pictures. Well I half listened to him and I snapped up a couple on the fly this a.m.
This mornings ride was pretty nice and I have to say a few degrees makes a huge difference. Temp was 51 when I left and 51 when I returned. I only rode with leggings a long sleeve compression shirt and a jersey over it, oh and I have rode with socks for the first time these last two rides.
25 miles at day break makes for a nice opening to a Friday. I'm hoping for no meeting today, it's been a pretty lack luster month and I'd rather not have to talk about it with the owners. Fortunately they own six stores and they see it is not a one sided story. I think , no I know all the stores were down this month. Fingers are crossed it will be cancelled due to us closing our months and focusing on some type of salvage.
Also If I don't have a meeting, I'm hooking up with a friend of mine for lunch time sushi, and this sounds waaaaaaaay better.

sorry about the poor photo quality, this was one handed on a slight down hill doing about 26 mph.
Day break over the back bay of Huntington Harbour outlet in Sunset beach. I'll do better in the future.

OKTOBERFAST is ending and I already know I'll fall short of swim goal set, by miles- literally.

total swim this month- 3800 meters - goal was 10,000 - OH CRAP ! who would have thunk it.

total bike this month - 182 miles - goal was 250 miles - theres an outside chance I could get to 225

total run this month - 41.8 miles - goal was 50 miles- I will hit this goal for sure.

weight to date 206 lbs- goal was 205 lbs. non issue, I could probably pee out 3 pounds by the end of the day.

Your all good motivating people, who appear to have genuine feelings for humanity and success at what ever level that means to each individual. Have a great weekend and will see what the day brings.

Peace , out !! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Continue to fight the good fight

My body feels recovered, strong and pain free. But I have about 50 % breathing capacity from my nose.
But I was scheduled for a timed 5k this A.M and that's what was going to happen. On a side note, I liked doing two a day work outs but I definitely feel fresher and more recovered when I only do a single discipline.
That being said I have been blowing off my second work out almost every day and likely will until I see it necessary to prepare for an actual race or event.

Man, I babble- anyways  timed 5k, actually my 5k is 3.4 miles, that's just what it is door to door,I just do the math. If you've read any of my blog you know I'm not a fast runner, fact is that I mentally think I need to get faster just to earn the title of "running" vs fast paced jog. I hate the term jogging, it reminds me of something that you do when you are trying to create a faster pace than a walk. I don't believe that is me.
But I digress. I told myself that I would go hard and push from the very 1st step and let my body adapt to the quicker than normal speed and pace. If I could do this and let my breathing, heart etc.. catch up and keep pace with my arm swing and leg cadence then I would no matter what have accomplished something special and it would be a victory.

I never check my splits, but I did today and I was at 7:56 mile 1 , " HOLY CRAP" this is timed not guessed and I just saw it.
So I was fired up needless to say, I almost wish I hadn't looked, because I felt good and smooth and that was really what matteredd. It took me at least 300 yards to get calmed back down and smooth again, maybe longer but I never stopped pushing.
I hit my turn around and never looked at my watch, I just picked a point and ran it out to the end. No real surges, just as hard as I felt I could go.
End result was not a sub 24 5k , but I did beat my PB by :34 seconds and that was a victory.

3.4 mile "RUN" 28:53 - 8.39 mpm, previous was 8.6.
I did it while breathing mostly from an open mouth and partially plugged nose too. My effort, heart rate, and breathing was fully recovered within 3 minutes of stopping. I also thought this was good.

post run       

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy crap, I'm a whiner !!!!!

I can't believe this but I think I'm a whiner !
Really, I have waited and snivelled about wet weather that has been detouring morning rides, sickness, blah, blah, blah.
Well today was crystal clear @ 5:30, so I start the morning rituals, without too many details of course. Coffee, unrack bike, check tires,mount lights,fill bottles, GU etc..
Walk in the back yard and holy crap, it's 48 degrees, you mid west and east coasters are laughing right now but a put sweat shirts on at 63 and jackets at 60, so lets just say I'm Californicated and leave it at that.
But it was dry and It was on.
I was excited to ride, it has been 9 days and I felt every bit of the absence of the bike. I layeredd up and headed out with a smirk, yes this is what I do, you schmucks in bed all warm and toasty. I had to tell myself that like 5 times in the first 2 miles.
But I was stoked to be cranking those pedals. The down fall is that I think they mis diagnosed or left out some diagnosis on me. I definitely had/have a bit of a sinus infection. I could feel it in my chest and lower throat a bit, but what the hell I had two lycra jerseys and a Jacket that zipped up to my chin so I was good.

With out drawn out details, I managed about 24 miles at a rather slow pace of 18.9 mph and I have to say I really felt every bit of that ride. The sunrise break over the ocean was phenomenal and I even considered a stop for a photo for you people.
I didn't stop though, I was about 19 miles deep into this ride and really just wanted to get home and hit a hot shower. Maybe next time.

Anyways I got a decent ride in (yeah !!!!) I will run tomorrow a.m. and I'm not currently doing two a day work outs yet.
I thought I would give these a break until November hits.
My core work out at lunch yesterday was a solid hour, and I felt strong.
My diet/food is decent and my weight is 206 lb. 1 pound off my end of October goal weight.

I have no product reviews :-( for I am a rookie in your world, but I will say that I would kiss the man or woman who invented body glide !!! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT !!
That stuff is wonderful !!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

recovered from Lyrengitis

Had it come on Sunday a.m. and it appears to be 80 % gone. Of course the weather would have been prime for a ride this a.m. but opted out. I will work out at lunch, and hopefully do a late afternoon ride when I get home today. I wont have too much light, but even if I finish in the dark I would be just fine as long as I get some miles in.
I don't talk much, but I do take it for granted. It is not a small thing to be able to speak.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Blood, sweat, and rain

Another rain filled Saturday morning, another aborted ride.

My schedule is so morning based that even if the roads get 1/2 way decent by late morning or afternoon I can't ride. I'm getting a bit frustrated leaving my garage and waving by to my bike on the wall.

She's sad, I'm sad.

So I keep running. This is a good thing because I need to put the time in, I need to get the miles increased again. And I need to continue to work on getting out faster and getting my pace quick and steady. This has been a challenge so far, but I need to remember that I was never an uber runner and it will take a little bit of time.
I need to up my distance and was hoping for a 10 mile run. I'll get right to that answer and tell you I fell short at just under 8. But in fairness I did change my route due to ground conditions, and improvised other road extensions. This included a few longish uphills, not drastic but not easy either.
So as I changed this run route up 4 miles in I knew I would be over 7 but was hoping for over 8. My long run since my return has been at just over a 10k. This being said I feel stronger, lighter and more confident on the road than a month ago.

Without boring details of my run I will just say it was satisfying as hell. I was very proud of the distance and fairly happy with an even pace. Not fast by any stretch but a small notch above slothing.
I was soaked head to toe, and found once I pulled off my top layer that I had a bit of a combat issue.
No, I don't have a nipple ring ! Just a lack of applying this miracle juice called "body glide".
I vow from this moment on, any runs over a 5k get body glide applications.

That being said I felt a bit drained due to the on again off again rain, drizzle,rain.  also think that I now know that any run that is going to be past the 8 mile mark must have on the road fuel involved. The only thing I brought was a large hand held bottle filled with sport drink.
It was about 1/2 mile or so out that I really felt if I had a gel I would have used it.
So there I go, another lesson learned the hard way.

Congrats to Patrick over at the [THE ROAD] for his 1st place at the HB 5 MILE DERBY. Way to go brother.

Friday, October 22, 2010

the inspiring "Iron Nun"

love this lady !!! come on now, I think she has done like 20 M-DOT's !!

Shes like the worlds coolest Grandmother, Oh except for all of yours of course. Sister Buder rocks !!

Friday jibber jabber

No work out today. I have felt a little off of training this week with my lack of cycling miles. I haven't ridden my bike since last Saturdays race, and that was a short distance. I am so ready to turn those cranks over. Rain or shine I have to go tomorrow, and it needs to be a 40 + ride.
I know Patrick [ THE ROAD ], I want to run also. But I have to choose one, and I have to choose the bike. My plan for my long run may end up being and evening this next week ? Or maybe a early morning and go to work late. But I need to pedal.

Fridays are a whacked day for me at work,with a mandatory meeting mid day. This almost always blows a Friday mid day work out. Also this  meeting can be anywhere from 11 to 2. I never really know until about 10:30, so its a waiting game no matter what.
This has been a challenging month of business so I really don't look forward to it.

I have been all over Craigslist ( I wish it was my list) and e-bay for a road bike that is comparable to what I need. I can't afford what I would really like, and I can't afford to go so cheap that it's a waist of money and I destroy it. Its a quandary, and unfortunately its where I'm at right now. I'll keep looking and something will show up when it's the right time.

I made omelette's with salsa and avocado slices for dinner last night, oh and an onion bagel. Seems weird, but it was awesome and  I make perfect omelette's.

I had oatmeal for breakfast with fresh blue berries and it was yummy. An hour later I wanted something else.

I have worked out less this week than in the the past 10 weeks. I'm hungrier than normal and Ive lost 2 pounds (WTF) ?


If anyone was wondering this was a costume I wore on Lets Make a Deal in Las Vegas. This I went on and did for my wife a couple of years ago. We didn't get picked but I had a blast. I was obviously the fat Elvis.           

Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 things about myself via Rock Star Tri blog

I'll take the challenge since I'm a newbie sort of speak.

1. Ive been a self proclaimed athlete all my life and have played these sports at one time or another competitively;

A.Vertical skateboarder : was one of the youngest team members of the then famous but now defunct TEAM POWERFLEX in the 70's. ( I still skate pools and half pipes to this day at age 45*almost*)
E.wrestling (quit didn't like the spandex singlet we had to wear) can you imagine ?
F.Roller hockey
G.Ice hockey - coming from California I didn't learn to play until I was almost 30. I went on to play tournament s at an elite level within two years. Meet and became best friends with Jeff Turcotte, who's family owns and runs the largest stick handling and power skating school in America. Went on with him part time as an assistant coach to coach 8-9 year olds to the World finals in Quebec in 1995 and 1996. We were the first California team to ever do this ( WESTMINSTER WAVES out of Westminster California).Several of those kids are now playing in the NHL.
H. racquetball
I. triathlon
J. surfing - competed in many armature NSSA contests.- never amounted to anything
K. Was a weekend ski instructor and then later snow board instructor at Snow Valley in San Bernardino Mountains in the mid 80's. ( GREAT PAY AND FRINGE BENEFITS AS A SINGLE GUY AT THE TIME)
L. cycling races ( local low level stuff )
M. shooting skeet - " weird huh"
N. golf - Played on the PGA armature tour in 2007 and 2008 in the Jones flight. Won more tournaments than anyone in my division in persute of player of the year. Only to get ousted by a guy that played every single tournament that season and beat me by points. I was invited to play in Ponte Verde Florida in the nationals, and instead boycotted it and the tour never to play with them again." poor looser or very competitive" ? my mind jury is still out on that one.
O. motocross- I'm not even going to get into where that adventure lead me. But it was long, tough and semi rewarding. I meet a lot of great people and got pretty good at it.
P. power lifting

2. Ive been in the service end of major car dealerships all my life, yet I could care less about what you or I drive.

3. I'll try anything that sounds interesting or challenging. But often get bored and move on if I lack a team or lateral support (HENCE THE REASON I LIKE THIS BLOG) It actually keeps me on my game. thanx !

4. When I graduated High school in 1983 I was 135 lbs. By the summer of 1984 I was 175 lbs and fairly buffed. ( was that a cruel lesson in life ?) Now I spend countless hours training and trying to cut weight ?

5. I love my wife unconditionally, and she is one beautiful yet strong Italian !!

6. I love to laugh, though I may not do it enough anymore. It is the one and only reason I would ever concider taking mushrooms again ( best laughs Ive ever had ). I hope I'm more responsible now though.

7. Family means everything to me, yet mine is so dysfunctional at times it puts me to tears.     

Quit your bitching and imprivise !

I had another little mental argument with myself about training this a.m.
Oh I was going, it wasn't that at all. I am just jonesing to ride my bike and the roads are just too crappy still.
If I had an upcoming Tri or TT, I wouldn't think twice about getting out there. But the thought of cleaning a bike for a 20 mile mid speed loop just wasn't cutting it .
The beautiful thing is we are "MULTI SPORT ATHLETES" and I just as quickly shift gears and lace up a pair of running shoes and go. Hell I said I want to be a better, smoother, and faster runner right. Well then theres no problem " quit your bitching and run forest, run !"
So there it was, pounded 1/2 my morning shake, filled a water bottle, set up the I POD and waited for the fuel to settle in a bit.
Just a side note: back in the day, I couldn't eat anything before runs and barely before rides. This is likely why I bonked more than normal and never was able to push through thresholds.
That being said, I always get something down now, and it usually is relative to distances going to be traveled.
My main thing right now to increase running miles is to change up my run path variations. Ive have spent some time over the last couple weeks mapping out different routes with relative miles to where I want to get.
So I headed out on one this morning that is still just under 5 miles but has some incline, declines to it. This I need more of.
It was cool seeing the different scenery, even though it's the road and I've basically lived here all my life. Different turns, different streets and different road markers to hit and pace. I wanted this to be fairly steady and comfortable, yet I wanted it it hard enough to get the legs burning.
It was still real sloppy out there with water standing puddles everywhere and debris scattered curbside. But it didn't take long to feel free on the run and I was able to do long (longer than normal) surges. It was a great feeling, and I can't wait until one day I can run a complete loop at those speeds. But for now I can only surge, peak and recover.
I'm getting there though and I'm really glad I ran, although this may change my Saturday plans back to a ride. Tomorrow is stacked with responsibility and meetings from 6 to 6 . It's all good though, how can you possibly bitch about runners high.

4.6 miles in 42 minutes = 9.13 mpm

brkfast -whey shake
snk1 - whey bar
lunch-  veggies and small portion of roast
snk2 - grapes
dinner ?

weight 208 lb ( ive had home made choc late chip/walnut cookies 2 night in a row) I stopped at 6 :-o
sorry I aint perfect. But my goal is 205 by Halloween so I need to stay as good as possible.

Have a great day peoples.     

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wet weather puts a damper on cycling motivation

I want to ride, and I want to now. But this weather hasn't let up much, I hoping it clears soon for a nice long ride this weekend.

Ive also thought about a couple hour session in the water this weekend for some cross training.  It would be nice to see if all this swimming has helped and strengthened my paddle.
My last session was months ago and because I'm old and a fare weathered surfer anymore my days are getting numbered  this year.

I also think I need to try and focus on getting my run distances up, along with a good pace. I know it all takes time but I really enjoy running and want to get some miles on.

No a.m. work out today, will hit the gym at lunch for core work. Which will include several variations of sit ups and back extensions, body weight excersizes and some back shoulder and chest work on equipment. I also like to jump rope 5-10 minutes in intervals.

dinner was - baked chicken breast, asparagus and broiled tomatoes.

brkfast- shake
snk1 - bar
lunch- left over chicken
snk2 - brocolli salad
dinner - pot roast with carrots,potatoes and celery

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quite the light show on the west coast this a.m.

Yesterday was my first work out back after Saturdays race. I took Sunday off to hang out and sleep in a bit. I ate good but not great, and I drank a couple of  beers (Sam Adams Oktoberfest) as far as beer goes, this is almost as tasty as a Guinness to me, and that says a lot.
It was just a pool swim, not timed just smooth and put down some decent laps. I did choose to keep my recovery stops to 10 seconds. 2x100 warm up- 1x450 10 second rest 1x200 10 second rest 1x100 cool down. That was it, I was not really tired and my breathing tempo felt exceptionally good. I hit 5 minutes in the jacuzzi, showered and headed back to work.

On to this mornings light show.
Woke up at 5:00 a.m. for a run but didn't get out of bed until 5:20. It's amazing what weather change can do to your mind. I was never not going this morning for I know this is what it takes to get better and this is what it took to get me back this far.
But it sure was nice when it was 70 degrees at 5:00 a.m. and sun coming up at 6:00.
That being said, I filled a water bottle and gulped down a GU, added some lite stretching and grabbed a visor and I POD. 
I was good to go and looked forward to it. Scheduled run was 5 mile out and back flat road run. My only concern was the huge blast of thunder and lightning rods spiking over the ocean. My run takes me right to the waters edge and back and it looked like I was running into the eye of the storm.
The first mile was a bit unforgiving, I hadn't run a step since Saturday and my calves were still a bit tender at first but loosened right up after I focused my attention solely on the display of lightning spikes and the amount of rain I was now running through. All I could do was keep telling myself, 'THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES, THIS STUFF BUILDS CHARACTER".
Just past mile two and started to get sight of my turn around point the skies just fricken opened up. The thunder was close and loud and this motivated me more than ever to pick up my tempo, I hit my turn around and started surges as often as possible picking out land marks in my mind to get to, then back off, reset and repeat.
There is just local traffic on this stretch in the morning and not busy at all, but I'll guarantee there was a few people that said, 'LOOK AT THIS IDIOT" hows is that worth it. Hopefully there where others that said, "YOU KNOW I REALLY WANT TO START RUNNING AGAIN". Either way for me I was happy to be out there, but I was equally as happy to hit my driveway.
I hit the garage code and there was my wife standing in the doorway to the house, via garage just looking at me.
"You went running in this ? are you crazy ?"
I said "YES" and "YES" . Coffee please. I actually finished my water first, but I was trying to play it down best as possible, it was getting a bit hairy out there.
Within 15 minutes of getting home all of the electric goes out after a huge thunder clash. 20 minutes later as I'm headed to work I see 3 fire trucks putting out 2 ground transformers that had been struck by lightning, less than 50 yards away from the same road I just ran.
It's still cracking out there right now, but I got a solid run in and got to enjoy some crazy nature.

a.m. run = 5 miles @ 45:xx minutes = 9.1 mpm. pretty solid for me slopping in the puddles.          

Finish lines are good, no matter where they are.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Rock triathlon sprint race report and ramblings

First off I will say "IT WAS DAMN NICE TO RACE AGAIN" !

I will agree with Patrick @ THE ROAD blog, it was pretty laid back and friendly atmosphere. I too was there at about the same time 5:15 and checked in shortly there after.
When I got my packet and seen my number was 5, I almost freaked out ! Then the marking lady was like o.k. whats your bib number ?
ME- 5
HER-  wow, great job !
ME - yeah, don't expect national number results.
HER- she actually got it and laughed, wished me well and I was off to set up.

Transition set up, was fairly easy and done straight out of past experience. I checked out the typical stuff, bike out, bike in, run out etc..
I thought I picked a neutral spot and still think It was fine. It was not a huge turn out, under 250 total, I think.

Then I went to check out the swim leg, it was pretty dark and foggy still, so I just made my way out the swim to bike entry and back tracked.
First though was "WTF" I can't even see the lake. I keep walking the cone line up, through the parking lot, now into grass, still on grass, still on grass, damn this is going to be a long transition, but what the hell everyone has to do it, so soak it all in.

Made my way back up to transition area and ran in to Patrick, we small talked and it was good to see a familiar face. I was super excited and just wanted it to start, we talked about the transition out of the water a bit and about how the bike was suppose to have a small hill that everyone chirps about, didn't seem to be a big deal and normally I could care less, I'm o.k. with hills and love to cycle. More on that later.

So here goes:

Having been away for so long, I really have nothing to compare but past race results posted. I also found that 15 years away from anything is a long time and competitiveness will only take you so far.

I lined up front and center on the 3rd wave I have had mixed emotions about swim times, but felt I would be able to get out there in front of the mosh pit and hold my own. Patrick and I both looked at the swim and said, "looks short" ,but I was told that they actually added a lateral buoy and made sure it was spot on,so ? Any ways the horn went and we are off, all fine for the 1st 50 meters, then anxiety set in, then panic, then what the hell am I doing here. I should be on the out side towards the back at best. Crap should I stop and see whats going on ?
Then I finally told myself, just shut up and do what you do several times a week fool !
I never did get a great breathing rhythm in. In calm situations I'm good for a 3 to 4  stroke count. This was every other and pumping.
Finally at the turn around and back in I started passing people pretty regular and was stoked to see the exit banners.

swim- 11:42 
Then came the exit. Up hill slightly and long grass section. I ran it the best I could trying to get my bearings and legs under me, walked for a few steps to get my heart rate settled, then back going again in to T1.

T1- 5:41 -   I got some time to shave here, you think.

Off to the bike and I'm still trying to settle my heart and breathing. Not so much !
It was pretty much climbing after .5 miles, although not severe it was still not like o.k. lets tuck and go. But you did reach that little summit and start a down hill pretty quick. Made up some time and got my heart rate right.
As was stated by Patrick, the construction was a bit nuts and there truly was traffic right next to you. I managed to pass some riders on this stretch but still didn't have my legs yet.
we made a turn and it was flat with a bit of headwind and although traffic was on this road also it was pretty well organized. I got passed by a few and swapped spots back and forth, I lost count.
My legs really never showed up on the flats, and they definitely took a vacation when we started this climb back in.
This climb was nearly as bad as I made it seem, I'm sure. But I hit a wall and got spit out the back by a few. If it wasn't for aggression and ego, I don't know. I was in my last gear and clawing, although not alone on this painful little climb, I still felt like this was a big failure on the ride. ( I will do more hill riding)!!
Any way's when I hit that summit and started the downhill I couldn't help thinking, shit, Patricks doing that twice !
I will redeem this next year GUARANTEED !

bike- 42:36 (ouch)

Bike to run transition was tough-

T2 - 2:14-

Another bonus, more time than can be easily shaved,

O.k. so ought to the run I go and my left calve is not cooperating well. I had one GU just as I hit the bike, and I got about 3/4 of one down as I left to run. I'm now consciously waiting for it to kick in. My pace is steady and my heart rate is through the roof. I can't get my breathing to settle, but I don't care I'm pushing on and getting this thing going.
I'm not fast at running yet and maybe I never will be, but one thing I know is that I have this distance etched in my head. I do it often and it has been getting better.
I felt the fuel kick in a bit, and my left calve stopped twinging. My right showed up a little,but I'm pretty sure it was the quick little up and down rollers on this run.
I think on an average day run, this place would be a great run spot. Today, not so much for me. It tested my calves going up and quads going down. ( note to self- "run other terrain" ). Finally, at the turn around I felt o.k. and picked my pace up to a decent glide. Passed some people and thanked the volunteers all the way back in, everyone of them. I actually took the time in my head then to soak it in and say, o.k. this was tough, tougher than Id thought it would be, but your done and you will get better and it will get easier. Bottom line in reality you will probably finish where you thought would and TRIATHLON is not easy,  15 years ago, yesterday, today or tomorrow. That's why we do this thing !!
before I knew it I was headed down the shoot, heard my name and I was not exhausted or out of breathe. Tells me I left a lot out there ,but hey I'll be back and with more confidence next time.

run - 30:36 - ouch again.

total time 1:32:52  8th in G - 69th O/A

goal was 1:30 - calculating in about 4 minutes for both transitions.

Had a great time, and Will be currently searching for an inexpensive road bike to up my miles on. I will also be turning up the distance on my runs. I thought about one November Tri, but think I will shoot for a couple of local runs instead.

Thanks Patrick, and all the other well wishes.




Friday, October 15, 2010

So seriously Lets Do This "AGAIN"

I feeling the anxiety of my first race back. Phantom back pains, whats that twinge behind me right knee, Oh crap is that the sniffles or allergies, blah, blah, blah etc.. I'm sure 90 % is in my head, and I know I'm about as fit as I could be from where I started on August 8th to now. Ive followed a pretty well thought out training plan almost spot on, pushing where I needed to and backing off at other times.
Hell Ive done some form of racing over the past 25 years, and most of that was on a much larger stage and venue.
But I'll be damned if I haven't stumbled through the same action as If I'd never left it, and maybe that's who I am ?
By 6:30 p.m. yesterday (Thursday) I had 75 % of my gear ready and race clothes set out.Bottles in place to be filled, gels stored, towels etc..
I feel like a freak and my wife was about a sentence away from telling me so. But I digress, I'm just really psyched to be doing this again and really can't wait to get out there to challenge myself.
And to get to be a home stretch cheering section for Partick Mahoney or The Road [ A Multi-Sport Blog] author/ blogger extraordinaire. So that's always cool too.

Having felt like crap yesterday morning (now that was real),I opted to do my short easy run this a.m., I was shocked and surprised to wake up to it raining but figured what the hell at least it will be cool out there. I wore my normal running gear and opted for a light wind jacket pull over, eh what a mistake I was baking in this thing and it didn't breathe for anything. I almost convinced myself to pull it off but then came to the reality this run was under 3 miles and If you just stay steady you ll be home in 10 minutes.
So there it is, final little work out  done and hopefully a smooth day ahead.

dinner last night was Halibut and rice with a green salad, some chips and salsa too. (friends birthday dinner, and those Cadillac Margaritas looked pretty tasty too).

breakfast - whey shake
snk1 whey bar
lunch turkey and cheese on a bagel
snk 2 grapes and almonds
dinner - chopped chicken breast, brown rice, small salad. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday ramblings

No work out this a.m. It was supposed to be a short run moderate pace. I woke up with indegestion, heartburn and a headache. Immediately took some anti acid and sat on the couch watching the finish of the cycling worlds that I had not yet been able to finish via previously recorded on DVR. It sucks to get up at 5 a.m. to train, only to feel like crap and then eventually blow it off. I felt better by the time I would have pushed out the door, but that wasn't saying much.
So I believe it was from the pot roast the was crock potted yesterday, it was awesome !! but hella salty. And I don't think all that salt sat well.
Here should have been my first clue (other than taste) I drank 2 large glasses of Gatorade with the meal, and that consisted of a small salad and 3 little burro's. The burritos contained less than 6 oz. of meat between them with some low fat cheese.
Anyway's I thought it best to pass on the run, and do it tomorrow. It wont be pushed, just steady and short. And I would rather be safe than sorry in this case. This run won't make or break me.
With 40 full oz. of water in me already I feel heaps better. There will be no left overs of that meat eaten for lunch or any other time.

September on the trip to see my dad 216 lbs
I know this isnt a full body shot, but its what I have.        

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


summer 2009 240 lbs. and not happy

June 2010

229 lbs and wondering what to do next

more to follow for recent months

bike gremlins WTF ??

Pitch dark a.m. rides are the order these days. Sunrise is not until approximately 7:00 a.m. and I don't have time to wait for that, so off i go in the dark front light on back light flickering. I'm fine with this but riding in the daylight is a bit more apealing and I would say at least twice as safe.
Anyways this was my last scheduled ride until Saturdays race, so i'll regroup on Sunday and figure out future training plan and schedule for cycling. This ride was supposed to be 18 miles steady, no sprints, no surges, just aero and keep it smooth.
I felt like crap from the first mile. Not until about mile 8 that I felt like I should even be out there.
This is where I noticed I had no speedo (again) however it was mapping distance traveled, so that was good. I also just put on new tires a couple of rides ago and havn't been able to get my rear wheel set properly. And I wasn't going to adjust the brake out, knowing it was just fine before. So I kept feeling like my rear wheel was dragging a bit. Come to find out it was. I found the left side spindle adjusting screw had moved in a couple of small turns, and the wheel would shift ever so slightly on heavy torque.
So all in all I got that figured out and I fell confident about my ride. I will be doing a thorough clean and lube/inspection tonight to make sure she's all good.
I really felt it was an early test of patience, and I really feel like I only passed with a C+, MAYBE a B.
However I give myself credit for sticking with it until I figured it out and fixed it.

I probably need this to happen so it's out of the way and over it.

dinner last night - salmon, green salad and 1/2 sweet potato

breakfast- whey shake
snk1 -whey bar
lunch- chicken and veggies
snk2 - grapes and almonds from yesterday
dinner- shredded beef burrito. and salad


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tick tick tick

Time is marching on. Getting fired up for race day.
Yesterdays lunch swim went well. It was a schedule pool swim 1000 meters hard for time. 2x100 warm up then 3x250 followed by 2x50. Done with 10 second breaks in sets. Finish time total 17:12. I felt good and smooth but that always seems to be the case in the pool. I will say I almost pulled out of going but I was happy when I got going.

Today, Tuesday was a hard 3.4 mile run. I was hoping to bust PB, and really felt good after first 1/2 mile but settled for 9.1 per mile. Not awesome and all said I could have probably surged more but overall it got done and it was respectable for me, this is my week link I get it.

No lunch work out scheduled today, I need to find a replacement watch band or an inexpensive watch.

dinner was wheat tortilla filled with chicken and stuffed with asparagus and artichoke hearts. It was awesome and I ate allot !

breakfast- whey shake
snk1 whey bar
lunch- left over from dinner :-) portion will be smaller.
snack 2 almonds and grapes.
dinner ?

weight as of this a.m. 208 lbs.  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey happy thanksgiving Canada !!

I just thought I throw that out there for the Northern homies I don't know why. This could be a babbling random blog week. There has been some personal challenges lately that have been weighing on me but I'm keep my head down and moving forward, "LIFE HAPPENS" .

I wanted to run yesterday, but I was on the fence about a last minute commitment to help a brother out with a charity car wash. I opted to help  a brother out, it was way more important and I will still get in a couple more runs this week so why sweat it.
Which by the way, I had never participated in one of these car washes, but it gave me some hope of some really good people out there. They raised a lot of money.

Any ways, moving on - my training today was set for a no nonsense short 16 mile loop in the small ring "ONLY" to keep the quick twitch muscles firing hot and they are !
Spinning for long distances at max potential and staying smooth is an art in itself ( I used to be pretty good at it),today was rough though. I opted for a reverse loop to make sure I hit what ever coastal headwind that was out there and continue to run flat ( 80 psi) tires, they feel like there loaded with sand ! I hate it and can't wait to pump them up.
I suffered my quads off. Everything soaked and ragged, I felt like I was going no where fast. But I got it done and as my old training partner would have said "it's that nasty shit right there that builds character and wins races". Don't get me wrong I have no illusion of winning this race, but I guarantee I will train and ride like there's no other option. The only difference now is, it's all gravy for me. I'm winning just being able to do it !!
I'm set for a lunch pool swim at 1000 meters hard (ish).

Food was real good this weekend, except for two oven backed mini cinnamon rolls with icing ( and I don't care !!) they where awesome.

breakfast today- shake (low cal)
snk 1 - protein bar
lunch 01 cup of tuna and a bagel
snk 2 apple
dinner ?

weight ? I have checked in 3 days, but I just wore a killer pair of Hurley jeans Saturday night that hadn't been strapped on in 4 years. So I got that for a positive reinforcement.       

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brick Saturday

My first opportunity to due a true bike to run brick.
Knowing this I tried to keep my food yesterday good. It was my middle sons birthday and we did a family dinner at Bucca di Bepo (sp?) I kept it pretty real, considering the amount of food that can be in front of you via serving it up family style.
I definitely wont be eating this next Friday night but it  was damn good.
I even had a small piece of homemade carrot cake my wife whipped up.
I got up and set up my garage transition the way i will have it come race day. Filled bottles with selected beverages and a GU that I would take down towards the end of the ride to prepare for the run.
I'm not a huge fuel during a race guy, and it has killed me in the past. Gels were not available back in the stone ages so I'm big on those and blocks.
That being said I got out there on the bike with a typical 3 mile warm up stretch and then turned on the open lane to go hard.
My goal was to hit at at about 75-80 % on the bike for a 15 mile loop, and finish with a 3.4 mile run at closer to 90 % if I could.
The bike was kind of scary, it took me forever to settle down my breathing and heart rate. I was kind of freaking out, telling myself jeez if your this whacked out now, how the hell are you going to be on race day.
Finally I pulled it together and told myself you've been here, done this, it's just been along time ago. Relax and take it in. I finished the 14.8 mile ride at an average speed of just over 19 mph. Relatively slow compared to my normal bike, but I knew I wasted allot of time in the first 5 miles and that was not going to happen again. Also I took in consideration I'm running the low tire pressure and wasn't pushing it all to limits, just a strong simulation.
Next came the run, OH CRAP ! I forgot this tree trunk, brick footed sensation ! But I managed to keep a quick short step pace and slowly increase. At about .8 mile mark I king of felt the GU kick in that I got down at mile 11 on the bike. My tight right calve and Achilles loosened up and I picked it up a little more.
I ran today with no I-POD as it will be on race day, and that was the first time in well over 7 weeks. It was kind of strange, and I knew it would be, that's the reason I didn't wait until race day.
I stayed as smooth as possible, but didn't feel I was doing very well. All in all I blasted in to the garage checked my time and it was 31.23 for 3.4, roughly 9 minute miles. I was right no great but all in all I was happy I got that work out in. And I feel I can build off of that. I know I will be able to go faster on the bike with little damages, as far as the run I could and will definitely be able to push myself harder. All in all a great work out and a great morning to find out where I'm at a little.
Really, I was pretty stoked just to reflect where I'm at today versus 3 months ago, let alone 11 months ago at 240 lbs. and not being able to stand looking in the mirror.
Don't get me wrong I'm no better looking, but I'm much happier in 36 " waist than border line 40's and sporting Large shirts versus choked out in an XL.

post pig out dinner and brick weight - 209 lbs.  

Friday, October 8, 2010

So Cal weather back in full swing

I hope it stays for a bit. It's for this reason we can tolerate all the manusia that goes on out here, don't get me started.
I stared at my gym back for 6.2 seconds this morning thinking I had a pool swim at lunch on my training schedule today but blew it off and felt a bit guilty.
I knew I had nothing this morning because it was my turn to drop our youngest Eric off at school, and that negates 80 % of a.m. work outs, although sometimes I get up extra early and do a run. Not the case today though and I quickly got over the guilt as I watched my wife buzz around getting ready for her early work start this a.m. all the while I'm sipping coffee and eating blue berry filled oatmeal and watching Tivo of 2008 IRONMAN. Bonus !!
What was even a bigger bonus was to get to my training log to find out this is a scheduled rest day and I have skipped nothing !
As I looked at it I see where I scheduled my 10k run thursday, off Friday, and  bike run brick on Saturday a.m. So now I'm extra excited about this tomorrow. It's my first rst day that is not killing me with anxiety. Likely because I will be going to purchase a few small race neccesities today.

FYI- yesterday was tough.
Thanks for the inspiration. Partick I'm excited for your "OLY" this weekend. I'm still working on getting there for race support.   

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good day, bad day ?

Today is a bit somber for me. I woke today knowing that @ 1:00 p.m. I will helping a very good friend and employee of mine bury his 10 month old daughter.
Sadly, she got what appeared to be a common cold 3 weeks ago, within two days it was determined croup (sp?) and 24 hours later she was transported to one of the premier children's hospitals in California, maybe top 10 in the United States. It all happened so quickly and within hours of her arrival there she had to be revived multiple times and put on life support. They did testing for about 4 days and determined it was time to bring her out of sedation and see what response they got. 18 hours later she was declared passed and there lives were further flipped and tossed.
I only share this for a couple of reasons.
1. I need to share it. It's been bottled up in me for a couple of weeks now. I have been running a couple of different donation campaigns for them locally here and that has kept my focus off reality. That all comes to a halt today.
2. In my run this morning I really felt the spirit of life just flowing with me this morning, and I was actually emotionally overwhelmed with what a blessing it is to be free to run, and ride and swim. And to do it all with joy and passion at whatever level that is to each of us.
My watch band broke within 400 yards of my start of what was supposed to be a timed and serious 10 k this morning. I laughed at it as I picked it up off the ground and kept going. I thought today baby Madison gets me through this run on fire ! And she did. I won't post a time because it really isn't important today but I will say it was the fastest and most inspiring run Ive ever had.

You are great people in so many ways and I really don't even know you ( YET). Lets keep living the dream ! And doing what we love with our families in tact and in tow.    

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain, rain go away. Please

I know we are quite spoiled with epic weather nearly all year, but I'm not ready for wet low pressure systems yet.
Yesterday @ 4:00 p.m. the skies opened up for what felt like a February down pour. Fortunately that only lasted for under 20 minutes, then it was just on and off drizzle. I had screwed up my training schedule a bit yesterday. I thought I was suppose to swim OW in the evening, when really it was a core work out at lunch.
For the most part I keep my training schedule and log at work, since I'm there 9-10 + hours at least 5 day's a week. When I had opened it to log my morning ride I had seen lunch core work out :-o. I become kind of a worry wart when I pre plan and things twist, but I've already told myself that Isn't happening this go around. Plans change, life happens, and this is for competitive spirit and fun, NOT YOUR JOB STUPID!
Got in the water, and because the outside temp had dipped, the water actually felt really good.
I really don't know where the actual start, turn around and finish is on this swim to make up 1/2 mile out and back, so I just start my watch at the first buoy, do my turn at the small pier and don;t hit the stop button until I'm scraping sand with my knees.
This was the 1st time I have logged OW swim and it read 16:22.
As far as 1/2 mile goes I think that is really, really NOT SO GOOD. I was a bit disappointed and kind of surprised, I knew I had went out very average but picked up within 400 yards or so.I pulled really hard in the last 3rd of it and thought my fluid and breathing were awesome ?
All I can say is ? whatever. I have no real comparison and there was no one there to ask.
Patrick maybe you have some insight ?
This will bug me, but I can only say I will try and continue to get faster.
The bonus was that the rain never even showed back up in the slighttest drizzle until I was dried ad driving back home.

Was scheduled to ride this a.m.- passed due to weather. Will do 50 minutes of core work out at lunch.

dinner was- Turkey meatloaf- asparagus- and a half sweet potato.

todays breakfast - banana and peanut butter whey shake (mmmm)
snk1 -whey bar
snk2 - almonds
lunch - tuna roll up in whole wheat tortilla
snk 3 apple
dinner - Turkey chili ( homemade) small salad.

weight today 209 lbs.           

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome back to the future

The only 4 medals I could find from the 80's and maybe 1 from the early 90's. I see one of them is a 4 man TT. I remember we got corprate sponsorship and won it. Sadly I only speak with one of those guys to this day.

also a picture of I believe Zuma beach triathlon, or Marina del ray. Check out the shorts !!

Let the teazing begin

low tire pressure bike training

So this was always a past training aid I've used and it seemed to work back in the stone age for me so I will try in again.
I now have 7 rides left until my race. 2 of the 7 have been completed.
The two that have been done : 50 miles ( just shy of) at a pretty blistering pace for me anyways. 2nd was today's 22 miler large ring only, fairly hard at an average of 20 mph. Was pitch dark as I left earlier today @ 5:30 a.m.and not as warm as it has been. But still mild enough for just shorts and a long sleeve jersey.
 I only really have 100 miles of riding left in those 5 days in various intervals and distances. But I have for the last 2 rides and will for the last 5 rides, make sure my tire pressure is run at no more than  80 psi until my final ride. The advantage is on race day. Pump them back up to 120 psi for full hard tire effect. This is the absolute next best thing to race wheels, and tubular tires.
If you've done this before, you know what I mean. If you haven't you should try it.

And if you are wondering? yes I do have multiple run and swim work outs in there too. It just didn't seem important since my focus was the air pressure tip.I'll post more on work outs as they go.  

yesterdays lunch swim was perfect to what I had written and I felt smooth and fairly quick, with absolutely no panic breathing issues. Even on sprint laps and longer stroke counts I was spot on.
My meals were perfect and my weight is safely dropping 0-.5 lb a day.

breakfast today- protein bar - pre ride
post ride shake
snack 1 protein bar
lunch turkey and Swiss roll ups ( just meat and cheese)
snack 2 apple
snack 3 almonds and dried cran berries ( hand ful)
dinner salmon, asparagus, green salad. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

So it's on

From today until race day OCT 16th. I will eat as clean and portion controled as at all possible. I really feel I can approach this race with a fun and yet serious demeanor. I figure if I'm putting in the miles and time, I might as well see how well I can do as a persnal goal. So there will be very little if any slips and cheat meals. And I will stay as close to if not spot on to my training rotation as possible. Real life issues permiting.
Today is a run /swim double day.

This a.m. run was short 3.4 miler at decent pace. I ran it in 31 flat, which is 9.1 mm. I felt confident, not over reved but slightly pushing it.

lunch will be pool swim - 2x100 warm ups.  2x300 with 10 second rest. 2x100 and 2x50 cool down.

This was yesterdays swim, getting caught in the rain in Palm Springs while soaking the body. Does this count as swim time  ?    

Mr Mahoney are sure it's only an 8% grade

Well, I liked Patricks route, and since I too wanted a 50 mile ride I opted for the same path of pain that Patrick had showed last Friday. I knew Pch well (hahaha) but haven't been into riding since they cut that turn for Newport coast Drive. It is a long grinding grade, that appears to go steeper than 8 % at least at times. I could be soft and wrong. It has been a long time since I had climbed that long at that pitch. But it was awesome !! Thanks Patrick.
If I remember correctly you hit this quad busting, calve splitting little wall about 20-22 miles in, so your warmed up physically maybe just not mentally.
Saturday a.m. @ 6 a.m. was projected launch time. The clouds were thick and black and thunder had been cracking everywhere. For 15 minutes I had talked myself down to a 25 mile loop, just knowing i was going to face some water out there.
By 6:20 I had managed to stuff down a protein bar and fill 2 water bottles, while loading a sleeveless tri jersey with a few shot blocks and 2 gu's.
Screw it, I was all in for 50, let's do this thing. You don't get faster and stronger by watching it on t.v. and typing about it.
So off I went watching the weather roll in and out and heading south right into the lions den. I felt really good and was just making smooth circles, never coming up out of aero for more than seconds at a time, only to cover lights etc..
It was humid and the weather was pretty intense, it made it kind of fun to fool myself I would outrun the storm. They kept saying late morning and I knew even with the climb I would only be out there for 2.5 hours give or take.
So smooth and enjoyable, and refueling at 15 miles out getting ready for extra energy that was going to be burned rapidly.
Made the turn and started the climb with a smile.
That didn't last long, that smile turned to open mouth, then grimace, then WTF, then determination, then wondering were the hell this thing ended etc..
I really do love to climb, even being a big guy a can climb usually with the better of them ( not the best). In the saddle deep to the back of the seat clawing smooth, up and out of the saddle stretching the quads, back down again. Anything to stay steady and smooth, that's key. I got to see a few people come down it, but I never seen anyone behind.
Finally crested, and I was elated to be there. I was also pretty stoked I hadn't cracked on a true wall test. The down hill coming out of that thing going back through San Joaquin toll was awesome. Literally miles of downhill hitting speeds well over 45 mph. I like speed !!
Started one more small climb back out which at this point felt like butter. And thought I would refuel for the 25 plus mile ride back in. Only to find I had drooped a double shot GU, and only had two little blocks left and about 3/4 bottle of water.
Damn, I got struck by the road fuel gremlin !!
Well whatever, it was dark now and I was going to take on rain any minute so I say suck it up and get back to PCH you should have a tailwind.
Sure enough 4 miles later I'm turning onto PCH and it opens up with big drops. It was kind of refreshing and it was kind of distracting but I did have that tailwind I was hoping for.
Now it's about 8:00 a.m. or so and I'm looking to find a couple of people that want to work and take advantage of this tailwind.
I found one guy about 3 miles later full leopard skin riding kit ?? WTF and sporting a fixie. So I hum by him and he jumps on. I'm like o.k. lets see how this works out I'm not biased of who I do pulls with as long as there not sketchy and unsafe.
leopard boy would go on to suck a wheel for another 3 miles. I finally gave him a little look back like, hey I'm 35 miles deep into this thing, you want to help out or are you just comfortable back there.
He did take about a 30 second pull up there and then just rolled out. There was a bridge crossing coming with a slight climb up and over,so I figured I was just going to hammer and see if he holds on.
BYE, BYE ! I finally got hooked up with a small 12 man group about 15 miles left, DAMN all roadies. I love em, I consider myself one also, but there a bit weird about full tri bikes. I really hope to be able to find good used one after the first of the year so I can participate without scowls of some :-).
They were moving good, and I was feeling really good still so I moved up front to see if they would latch on or let the tri geek go on is own.
I kept it smooth and steady and focused on 26 mph, not wavering or surging. I looked back after about a mile to see all single file holding on and hammering.
It felt awesome, It had been a long time since I was a lead out rider and it felt even better that they were on board.
So there I stayed, AND THEY LET ME TOO, for probably another couple of miles. And I was o.k. with it. Finally I cracked and dropped back, all but 4 riders commented on the pull. I thought that was a win. I just tucked in and held on for another few miles before making my turn and switching gears to a cool down pace.
Rain was never really an issue for more than 15 minutes.
The ride was great, my longest ride since the comeback.
The hill was a great challenge, mentally as well as physically.
And my strength and speed were pretty good for current weight.

THANKS PATRICK ! will have to do this together.            

Friday, October 1, 2010

Swim , Bike ,Run

Like anything else when you slip away from it you usually forget how truly awesome and releasing it was. I have spent some time lately really looking back to when I had done my last running road races, Duathlons, and Triathlons and I was quite shocked. I originally just rounded things up in my head from when I had gotten together with my now wife, and we have been together 10 years as of this month and will have been  married, 8 of those this past June 1.In reality I started racing multi sport events in 1985 after a co worker who was an awesome athlete had went to Fiji to do an Ironman ( I believe it was called the German brown Ironman). He came from a road bike back ground and we started doing lunch rides and runs.
He was a good inspiration and I was hooked for several years, doing some form of  multi sport racing at least 1 to 2 times a month for over 3 years.
Somehow,someway another friend of mine got me to commit to a motocross race. I had done a couple of desert races but never closed track racing in motocross, but had ridden quite a bit and because I was so physically fit at the time I took on the challenge. Going from Novice to expert in just over a years time.
I was able to use the bike and run for training, but never again to train like I did for Triathlon. And so there it how it went away. From 5 and 10k's, and the multitude of duathlons and triathlons basically was nothing more than a way to stay in decent shape. What a shame.
I went on to race motocross off and on until December of 2006 and trained less and less to really nothing but show up race and leave. My fitness got worse my results got worse.
My final race came in the 2nd weekend of December 2nd and final moto of the day I was landed on by another bike on the down side of a 40 foot jump. I was sure a was destroyed. I rag dolled, body and bike to the infield, it looked like a yard sale.
I immediately jumped up by adrenaline checking my body parts. I couldn't believe what had just happened and then  I couldn't believe I was walking. I pushed my bike back to the pits with the help of friends, loaded up and had it sold within a month. Never to race again. And I'm fine with that. At 40 it was time.  
So here we are present day. Now with just under two months of training under my belt and 16 days away from a race I can't believe I'm getting to do this again. It's almost surreal at times on runs, and rides. I still use a lot of old loops I did some 15-18 years ago and I still remember things that happened then.
I really feel different this time around, I'm heavier and much older, but I feel more drive, more commitment and I really believe I'm going to be faster. Im glad I have people like yourselves out there to drive me and keep me curious and stoked. Thanks !!
I can't wait to compete and see where the chips fall. ONCE AGAIN I'LL SAY IT. IT'S ALL WIN,WIN FROM HERE !!