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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

recovered from Lyrengitis

Had it come on Sunday a.m. and it appears to be 80 % gone. Of course the weather would have been prime for a ride this a.m. but opted out. I will work out at lunch, and hopefully do a late afternoon ride when I get home today. I wont have too much light, but even if I finish in the dark I would be just fine as long as I get some miles in.
I don't talk much, but I do take it for granted. It is not a small thing to be able to speak.  


  1. Good thing you don't rely on speaking for a living. Or do you, working for a car dealership? Glad it was on the weekend and you're doing better.

  2. what did you say?

    just kidding. and the weather is good again...

  3. Did you give me blog germs?! I'm sick too :(

  4. Hey - thanks for checking out my blog! I appreciated the kind words about my run training.

    Your blog is a good read so far. You and I are very similar in age...lots of similarities in our youth.

  5. Kovas, probably half of my day is deligating and by 9:30 I was so frustated I just said "f it" .

    Patrick, your a funny guy ( and apperently a damn fast runner too !) now zip it and move along while we have this window of sun. p.s. here comes the off shore winds though. It will be Kona queen K in our own back yard.

    LL- I sure hope not, but I really think they may have over looked a sinus infection ? Be well and take care.

    Joel, your welcome. I hope to get more info and right back at ya. Where did you grow up ?