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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome back to the future

The only 4 medals I could find from the 80's and maybe 1 from the early 90's. I see one of them is a 4 man TT. I remember we got corprate sponsorship and won it. Sadly I only speak with one of those guys to this day.

also a picture of I believe Zuma beach triathlon, or Marina del ray. Check out the shorts !!

Let the teazing begin


  1. You want the teasing to begin? OK. After I turned my monitor sideways to see the bike shot in perspective, I still couldn't see the shorts. Do you still have them so we can review?

  2. If I had those shorts. My wife would not let them in the house. NO REVEIWS !! sorry.You can barely see a flap of orange coming from my thigh. Classic (Ken Souza look hahahah) I can only tell you this, Tri shorts and skins suits are awesome in comparison. And that it weird about the pics. I rotated them when copied to computer ? why did it rotate them back.