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Friday, October 29, 2010

Taking advice from the "Trail Guru"

In case you guy's and gal's didn't know, that's Kovas from He is the "TRAIL GURU" .
And he pointed out very recently that there is always time to stop and take pictures. Well I half listened to him and I snapped up a couple on the fly this a.m.
This mornings ride was pretty nice and I have to say a few degrees makes a huge difference. Temp was 51 when I left and 51 when I returned. I only rode with leggings a long sleeve compression shirt and a jersey over it, oh and I have rode with socks for the first time these last two rides.
25 miles at day break makes for a nice opening to a Friday. I'm hoping for no meeting today, it's been a pretty lack luster month and I'd rather not have to talk about it with the owners. Fortunately they own six stores and they see it is not a one sided story. I think , no I know all the stores were down this month. Fingers are crossed it will be cancelled due to us closing our months and focusing on some type of salvage.
Also If I don't have a meeting, I'm hooking up with a friend of mine for lunch time sushi, and this sounds waaaaaaaay better.

sorry about the poor photo quality, this was one handed on a slight down hill doing about 26 mph.
Day break over the back bay of Huntington Harbour outlet in Sunset beach. I'll do better in the future.

OKTOBERFAST is ending and I already know I'll fall short of swim goal set, by miles- literally.

total swim this month- 3800 meters - goal was 10,000 - OH CRAP ! who would have thunk it.

total bike this month - 182 miles - goal was 250 miles - theres an outside chance I could get to 225

total run this month - 41.8 miles - goal was 50 miles- I will hit this goal for sure.

weight to date 206 lbs- goal was 205 lbs. non issue, I could probably pee out 3 pounds by the end of the day.

Your all good motivating people, who appear to have genuine feelings for humanity and success at what ever level that means to each individual. Have a great weekend and will see what the day brings.

Peace , out !! 


  1. I only half listen to Kovas too but I always pick the wrong half. So now I am completely listening.

    He is the tail guru and I think that suits him...

  2. Good job on your ride! Cooler weather is definitely nicer to train in! I probably would have crashed trying to take a picture going downhill at 20mph!!