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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy crap, I'm a whiner !!!!!

I can't believe this but I think I'm a whiner !
Really, I have waited and snivelled about wet weather that has been detouring morning rides, sickness, blah, blah, blah.
Well today was crystal clear @ 5:30, so I start the morning rituals, without too many details of course. Coffee, unrack bike, check tires,mount lights,fill bottles, GU etc..
Walk in the back yard and holy crap, it's 48 degrees, you mid west and east coasters are laughing right now but a put sweat shirts on at 63 and jackets at 60, so lets just say I'm Californicated and leave it at that.
But it was dry and It was on.
I was excited to ride, it has been 9 days and I felt every bit of the absence of the bike. I layeredd up and headed out with a smirk, yes this is what I do, you schmucks in bed all warm and toasty. I had to tell myself that like 5 times in the first 2 miles.
But I was stoked to be cranking those pedals. The down fall is that I think they mis diagnosed or left out some diagnosis on me. I definitely had/have a bit of a sinus infection. I could feel it in my chest and lower throat a bit, but what the hell I had two lycra jerseys and a Jacket that zipped up to my chin so I was good.

With out drawn out details, I managed about 24 miles at a rather slow pace of 18.9 mph and I have to say I really felt every bit of that ride. The sunrise break over the ocean was phenomenal and I even considered a stop for a photo for you people.
I didn't stop though, I was about 19 miles deep into this ride and really just wanted to get home and hit a hot shower. Maybe next time.

Anyways I got a decent ride in (yeah !!!!) I will run tomorrow a.m. and I'm not currently doing two a day work outs yet.
I thought I would give these a break until November hits.
My core work out at lunch yesterday was a solid hour, and I felt strong.
My diet/food is decent and my weight is 206 lb. 1 pound off my end of October goal weight.

I have no product reviews :-( for I am a rookie in your world, but I will say that I would kiss the man or woman who invented body glide !!! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT !!
That stuff is wonderful !!



  1. I will admit, there might have been a little bit of a giggle about the weather

  2. Always make time to stop and take a photo. You can be warm and clean later.

  3. You've got a picture of hockey in your post ... that makes everything A-O-K! ...

    Captain Canada - signing out!