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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tick tick tick

Time is marching on. Getting fired up for race day.
Yesterdays lunch swim went well. It was a schedule pool swim 1000 meters hard for time. 2x100 warm up then 3x250 followed by 2x50. Done with 10 second breaks in sets. Finish time total 17:12. I felt good and smooth but that always seems to be the case in the pool. I will say I almost pulled out of going but I was happy when I got going.

Today, Tuesday was a hard 3.4 mile run. I was hoping to bust PB, and really felt good after first 1/2 mile but settled for 9.1 per mile. Not awesome and all said I could have probably surged more but overall it got done and it was respectable for me, this is my week link I get it.

No lunch work out scheduled today, I need to find a replacement watch band or an inexpensive watch.

dinner was wheat tortilla filled with chicken and stuffed with asparagus and artichoke hearts. It was awesome and I ate allot !

breakfast- whey shake
snk1 whey bar
lunch- left over from dinner :-) portion will be smaller.
snack 2 almonds and grapes.
dinner ?

weight as of this a.m. 208 lbs.  


  1. So strange how much easier it is in the pool. You'd think the salt would help more!

  2. I hate the wall turns in a pool w/o, but the lane line is a plus. I do like the freedom of the open water though.

  3. I do the lunch swim as well, its makes my life easier and work to go by faster.