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Monday, October 25, 2010

Blood, sweat, and rain

Another rain filled Saturday morning, another aborted ride.

My schedule is so morning based that even if the roads get 1/2 way decent by late morning or afternoon I can't ride. I'm getting a bit frustrated leaving my garage and waving by to my bike on the wall.

She's sad, I'm sad.

So I keep running. This is a good thing because I need to put the time in, I need to get the miles increased again. And I need to continue to work on getting out faster and getting my pace quick and steady. This has been a challenge so far, but I need to remember that I was never an uber runner and it will take a little bit of time.
I need to up my distance and was hoping for a 10 mile run. I'll get right to that answer and tell you I fell short at just under 8. But in fairness I did change my route due to ground conditions, and improvised other road extensions. This included a few longish uphills, not drastic but not easy either.
So as I changed this run route up 4 miles in I knew I would be over 7 but was hoping for over 8. My long run since my return has been at just over a 10k. This being said I feel stronger, lighter and more confident on the road than a month ago.

Without boring details of my run I will just say it was satisfying as hell. I was very proud of the distance and fairly happy with an even pace. Not fast by any stretch but a small notch above slothing.
I was soaked head to toe, and found once I pulled off my top layer that I had a bit of a combat issue.
No, I don't have a nipple ring ! Just a lack of applying this miracle juice called "body glide".
I vow from this moment on, any runs over a 5k get body glide applications.

That being said I felt a bit drained due to the on again off again rain, drizzle,rain.  also think that I now know that any run that is going to be past the 8 mile mark must have on the road fuel involved. The only thing I brought was a large hand held bottle filled with sport drink.
It was about 1/2 mile or so out that I really felt if I had a gel I would have used it.
So there I go, another lesson learned the hard way.

Congrats to Patrick over at the [THE ROAD] for his 1st place at the HB 5 MILE DERBY. Way to go brother.


  1. OUCH!!!! Those hurt!!!

    What budget are you looking at for your bike? What is your bike now? More importantly, what is the wheelset size? 700x23

    Email me,

  2. Nice going on the longer run! Happily, I've never had bloody nipples. Ouch.

  3. Dude I get chaffing so bad that I started wearing a under armour tank a size to small underneath my top layer to keep my shit protected...

  4. OWWW...That reminds me of this guy I was running with at the MDI marathon one year...poor guy looked just like that.

    My buddy Steve puts round bandaids on his nipples before he runs...Not sure if that is helpful or not?

    "She's sad, I'm sad." awww, poor bike!

  5. TR1714...I am now following you...and I noticed your lack of quality assurance in filtering your followers. Still, I’m looking forward to following your journey...and your nipples.

  6. Use the circular band-aids. They work miracles.