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Friday, October 1, 2010

Swim , Bike ,Run

Like anything else when you slip away from it you usually forget how truly awesome and releasing it was. I have spent some time lately really looking back to when I had done my last running road races, Duathlons, and Triathlons and I was quite shocked. I originally just rounded things up in my head from when I had gotten together with my now wife, and we have been together 10 years as of this month and will have been  married, 8 of those this past June 1.In reality I started racing multi sport events in 1985 after a co worker who was an awesome athlete had went to Fiji to do an Ironman ( I believe it was called the German brown Ironman). He came from a road bike back ground and we started doing lunch rides and runs.
He was a good inspiration and I was hooked for several years, doing some form of  multi sport racing at least 1 to 2 times a month for over 3 years.
Somehow,someway another friend of mine got me to commit to a motocross race. I had done a couple of desert races but never closed track racing in motocross, but had ridden quite a bit and because I was so physically fit at the time I took on the challenge. Going from Novice to expert in just over a years time.
I was able to use the bike and run for training, but never again to train like I did for Triathlon. And so there it how it went away. From 5 and 10k's, and the multitude of duathlons and triathlons basically was nothing more than a way to stay in decent shape. What a shame.
I went on to race motocross off and on until December of 2006 and trained less and less to really nothing but show up race and leave. My fitness got worse my results got worse.
My final race came in the 2nd weekend of December 2nd and final moto of the day I was landed on by another bike on the down side of a 40 foot jump. I was sure a was destroyed. I rag dolled, body and bike to the infield, it looked like a yard sale.
I immediately jumped up by adrenaline checking my body parts. I couldn't believe what had just happened and then  I couldn't believe I was walking. I pushed my bike back to the pits with the help of friends, loaded up and had it sold within a month. Never to race again. And I'm fine with that. At 40 it was time.  
So here we are present day. Now with just under two months of training under my belt and 16 days away from a race I can't believe I'm getting to do this again. It's almost surreal at times on runs, and rides. I still use a lot of old loops I did some 15-18 years ago and I still remember things that happened then.
I really feel different this time around, I'm heavier and much older, but I feel more drive, more commitment and I really believe I'm going to be faster. Im glad I have people like yourselves out there to drive me and keep me curious and stoked. Thanks !!
I can't wait to compete and see where the chips fall. ONCE AGAIN I'LL SAY IT. IT'S ALL WIN,WIN FROM HERE !!


  1. Cool to hear your background. Great to hear you've rekindled the desire and are starting with a great attitude.

  2. I wish I had the "maturity" so to speak I have now 15 years ago, that's for sure. Hey can't do a ride tomorrow...and we both race next week. After that?

  3. You race next week. I race the following. But I get what your saying.
    Im thinking of showing up for a support team for you ! :-)

  4. That would be rad, outside of family, no ones ever come to cheer me on. I can try to come out to yours as well...