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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain, rain go away. Please

I know we are quite spoiled with epic weather nearly all year, but I'm not ready for wet low pressure systems yet.
Yesterday @ 4:00 p.m. the skies opened up for what felt like a February down pour. Fortunately that only lasted for under 20 minutes, then it was just on and off drizzle. I had screwed up my training schedule a bit yesterday. I thought I was suppose to swim OW in the evening, when really it was a core work out at lunch.
For the most part I keep my training schedule and log at work, since I'm there 9-10 + hours at least 5 day's a week. When I had opened it to log my morning ride I had seen lunch core work out :-o. I become kind of a worry wart when I pre plan and things twist, but I've already told myself that Isn't happening this go around. Plans change, life happens, and this is for competitive spirit and fun, NOT YOUR JOB STUPID!
Got in the water, and because the outside temp had dipped, the water actually felt really good.
I really don't know where the actual start, turn around and finish is on this swim to make up 1/2 mile out and back, so I just start my watch at the first buoy, do my turn at the small pier and don;t hit the stop button until I'm scraping sand with my knees.
This was the 1st time I have logged OW swim and it read 16:22.
As far as 1/2 mile goes I think that is really, really NOT SO GOOD. I was a bit disappointed and kind of surprised, I knew I had went out very average but picked up within 400 yards or so.I pulled really hard in the last 3rd of it and thought my fluid and breathing were awesome ?
All I can say is ? whatever. I have no real comparison and there was no one there to ask.
Patrick maybe you have some insight ?
This will bug me, but I can only say I will try and continue to get faster.
The bonus was that the rain never even showed back up in the slighttest drizzle until I was dried ad driving back home.

Was scheduled to ride this a.m.- passed due to weather. Will do 50 minutes of core work out at lunch.

dinner was- Turkey meatloaf- asparagus- and a half sweet potato.

todays breakfast - banana and peanut butter whey shake (mmmm)
snk1 -whey bar
snk2 - almonds
lunch - tuna roll up in whole wheat tortilla
snk 3 apple
dinner - Turkey chili ( homemade) small salad.

weight today 209 lbs.           


  1. I'm not a good swimmer, but that seems like a reasonable time to me. Plus, it is what it is, use it as a baseline. If you don't improve, THEN you can worry.

  2. O.k. after further investigation and not knowing the actual distance.I'm very much o.k. with that swim time. In fact if I can duplicate that in a human blender start, I think I'll be o.k.
    Thanks Kovas