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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday with my favorite co worker

It's true I DON'T often work Saturday's anymore. But usually If the end of the month falls on a weekend, I'm here at least for a few hours making sure all loose ends are wrapped up for month end close.

I had to sequestered my 10 year old Eric to accompany me in this venture due to conflicting work schedules with my wife and it being much less invasive for him to hang with me at work rather than her.

He's really excited about it.
He's all about Lego's and Star Wars and all the other stuff you SHOULD be doing at 10. However hanging with pops at the office for a few hours? NOT SO MUCH !
But I did get him to bring his reading with him and knock out his 3 chapters today, so the rest of the weekend can be all about messing around.
He's super excited about tomorrow night and that's really where all his focus is. I get it, Halloween was awesome as a kid and I plan on keeping it fun for him.

But until then, he's stuck in business hell with me.

No work out today.

scheduled 7 mile run tomorrow. A bike ride looks to be out of the question. It's all good. 


  1. spreadsheets...margin analysis or training analysis...that's the question. Love the bubble over Eric's head.

  2. Did you put that bubble over his head electronically or did one of your coworkers draw that on the wall behind the chair so that anyone who sits there can fall into that?

  3. Patrick- all business there, looks like profit analysis and a printed Map quest for a off site training I have to attend on th 4th.

    Rock star- LOL -But most employee's of mine wouldn't like to be parked in that seat either. That is a "this sucks " seat for sure.