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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


summer 2009 240 lbs. and not happy

June 2010

229 lbs and wondering what to do next

more to follow for recent months


  1. Based on the second picture, my first thought world be to keep sitting back and crack a beer. But a light beer.

  2. Progress is progress, keep it up. Do you have a goal in mind? Are you tracking calories?

  3. Patrick a beer would have been good that day. I remember it being one of the few hot days we had that month.
    I'm not totaly tracking calories. But I'm really contious of what I take in. What I post is what I eat. I'm not much of a snacker per say. My issue is, amount !! And I keep that under a real close eye unless I have a double work out day. But even then I'm keeping it real. I'm at 208 right now, and will be at 205 or below before this month ends. Ultimate target is 185-189.