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Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 things about myself via Rock Star Tri blog

I'll take the challenge since I'm a newbie sort of speak.

1. Ive been a self proclaimed athlete all my life and have played these sports at one time or another competitively;

A.Vertical skateboarder : was one of the youngest team members of the then famous but now defunct TEAM POWERFLEX in the 70's. ( I still skate pools and half pipes to this day at age 45*almost*)
E.wrestling (quit didn't like the spandex singlet we had to wear) can you imagine ?
F.Roller hockey
G.Ice hockey - coming from California I didn't learn to play until I was almost 30. I went on to play tournament s at an elite level within two years. Meet and became best friends with Jeff Turcotte, who's family owns and runs the largest stick handling and power skating school in America. Went on with him part time as an assistant coach to coach 8-9 year olds to the World finals in Quebec in 1995 and 1996. We were the first California team to ever do this ( WESTMINSTER WAVES out of Westminster California).Several of those kids are now playing in the NHL.
H. racquetball
I. triathlon
J. surfing - competed in many armature NSSA contests.- never amounted to anything
K. Was a weekend ski instructor and then later snow board instructor at Snow Valley in San Bernardino Mountains in the mid 80's. ( GREAT PAY AND FRINGE BENEFITS AS A SINGLE GUY AT THE TIME)
L. cycling races ( local low level stuff )
M. shooting skeet - " weird huh"
N. golf - Played on the PGA armature tour in 2007 and 2008 in the Jones flight. Won more tournaments than anyone in my division in persute of player of the year. Only to get ousted by a guy that played every single tournament that season and beat me by points. I was invited to play in Ponte Verde Florida in the nationals, and instead boycotted it and the tour never to play with them again." poor looser or very competitive" ? my mind jury is still out on that one.
O. motocross- I'm not even going to get into where that adventure lead me. But it was long, tough and semi rewarding. I meet a lot of great people and got pretty good at it.
P. power lifting

2. Ive been in the service end of major car dealerships all my life, yet I could care less about what you or I drive.

3. I'll try anything that sounds interesting or challenging. But often get bored and move on if I lack a team or lateral support (HENCE THE REASON I LIKE THIS BLOG) It actually keeps me on my game. thanx !

4. When I graduated High school in 1983 I was 135 lbs. By the summer of 1984 I was 175 lbs and fairly buffed. ( was that a cruel lesson in life ?) Now I spend countless hours training and trying to cut weight ?

5. I love my wife unconditionally, and she is one beautiful yet strong Italian !!

6. I love to laugh, though I may not do it enough anymore. It is the one and only reason I would ever concider taking mushrooms again ( best laughs Ive ever had ). I hope I'm more responsible now though.

7. Family means everything to me, yet mine is so dysfunctional at times it puts me to tears.     


  1. I played hockey as well, I love it. I even continued it when I went to Arizona, people would look at me weird when I said I played hockey, why wouldnt I??? Playing indoors on the ice in the middle of the desert, sounds like a brillant move to me

  2. We're similar age and have tried similar stuff kind of interesting.

  3. Just so you know my first car was a Nissan, but I know you don't care. Maybe you and Kovas can have a vert skate competition after he is done with his race with Chris K.

  4. Kovas, no need to bring pads or a board got it covered.
    Patrick, my first car was a 65 MGB, man I wish I had that thing.Now old cars I do like. New ones, eh, they just get me there. Side note: I was with Ford for 24 of the 27 years I have been on this roller coaster.

    BDD, If you still play and need equipment let me know. I got a gear bag full.

  5. p.s. I just realized I put the wrong dates in for the Mite aaa teams, it was 1995 and 1996 sorry. Im sure you did the math and said "wtf"

  6. I should have put your #7 on my list. Thanks for stopping by and playing along. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  7. Wow man, skateboarding in the early days "that's cool". Very few people had the guts to do that. Amazing.

    Oh, and golf is in the same catagory of darts, shuffleboard and bowling, it's not a sport. hahaha.