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Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey happy thanksgiving Canada !!

I just thought I throw that out there for the Northern homies I don't know why. This could be a babbling random blog week. There has been some personal challenges lately that have been weighing on me but I'm keep my head down and moving forward, "LIFE HAPPENS" .

I wanted to run yesterday, but I was on the fence about a last minute commitment to help a brother out with a charity car wash. I opted to help  a brother out, it was way more important and I will still get in a couple more runs this week so why sweat it.
Which by the way, I had never participated in one of these car washes, but it gave me some hope of some really good people out there. They raised a lot of money.

Any ways, moving on - my training today was set for a no nonsense short 16 mile loop in the small ring "ONLY" to keep the quick twitch muscles firing hot and they are !
Spinning for long distances at max potential and staying smooth is an art in itself ( I used to be pretty good at it),today was rough though. I opted for a reverse loop to make sure I hit what ever coastal headwind that was out there and continue to run flat ( 80 psi) tires, they feel like there loaded with sand ! I hate it and can't wait to pump them up.
I suffered my quads off. Everything soaked and ragged, I felt like I was going no where fast. But I got it done and as my old training partner would have said "it's that nasty shit right there that builds character and wins races". Don't get me wrong I have no illusion of winning this race, but I guarantee I will train and ride like there's no other option. The only difference now is, it's all gravy for me. I'm winning just being able to do it !!
I'm set for a lunch pool swim at 1000 meters hard (ish).

Food was real good this weekend, except for two oven backed mini cinnamon rolls with icing ( and I don't care !!) they where awesome.

breakfast today- shake (low cal)
snk 1 - protein bar
lunch 01 cup of tuna and a bagel
snk 2 apple
dinner ?

weight ? I have checked in 3 days, but I just wore a killer pair of Hurley jeans Saturday night that hadn't been strapped on in 4 years. So I got that for a positive reinforcement.       

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