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Friday, October 15, 2010

So seriously Lets Do This "AGAIN"

I feeling the anxiety of my first race back. Phantom back pains, whats that twinge behind me right knee, Oh crap is that the sniffles or allergies, blah, blah, blah etc.. I'm sure 90 % is in my head, and I know I'm about as fit as I could be from where I started on August 8th to now. Ive followed a pretty well thought out training plan almost spot on, pushing where I needed to and backing off at other times.
Hell Ive done some form of racing over the past 25 years, and most of that was on a much larger stage and venue.
But I'll be damned if I haven't stumbled through the same action as If I'd never left it, and maybe that's who I am ?
By 6:30 p.m. yesterday (Thursday) I had 75 % of my gear ready and race clothes set out.Bottles in place to be filled, gels stored, towels etc..
I feel like a freak and my wife was about a sentence away from telling me so. But I digress, I'm just really psyched to be doing this again and really can't wait to get out there to challenge myself.
And to get to be a home stretch cheering section for Partick Mahoney or The Road [ A Multi-Sport Blog] author/ blogger extraordinaire. So that's always cool too.

Having felt like crap yesterday morning (now that was real),I opted to do my short easy run this a.m., I was shocked and surprised to wake up to it raining but figured what the hell at least it will be cool out there. I wore my normal running gear and opted for a light wind jacket pull over, eh what a mistake I was baking in this thing and it didn't breathe for anything. I almost convinced myself to pull it off but then came to the reality this run was under 3 miles and If you just stay steady you ll be home in 10 minutes.
So there it is, final little work out  done and hopefully a smooth day ahead.

dinner last night was Halibut and rice with a green salad, some chips and salsa too. (friends birthday dinner, and those Cadillac Margaritas looked pretty tasty too).

breakfast - whey shake
snk1 whey bar
lunch turkey and cheese on a bagel
snk 2 grapes and almonds
dinner - chopped chicken breast, brown rice, small salad. 


  1. I'm stoked for you, you've been working your ass off. I have the fake sniffles as well of course. I'm about negative 75% packed. I'll see you tomorrow.

  2. Good luck, remember the finish line is your reward for all the hard work you have put in

  3. Thanks BDD, of course your right.

    Thanks to you too Patrick. As many peoples blogs and stories have been inspiring and helpful to follow, yours of course is very close to home in more ways than one. I oddly feel obligated in a good way to push through crap to not let anyone down.
    When in reality, the victory is already ours. Now, let's go suffer and have fun doing it !

    Patrick I will also be leaving early from my house, we'll meet out there. I know thats cool with you. Later on that.

  4. Enjoy this race weekend, anxiety and all. It's half the fun.