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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quit your bitching and imprivise !

I had another little mental argument with myself about training this a.m.
Oh I was going, it wasn't that at all. I am just jonesing to ride my bike and the roads are just too crappy still.
If I had an upcoming Tri or TT, I wouldn't think twice about getting out there. But the thought of cleaning a bike for a 20 mile mid speed loop just wasn't cutting it .
The beautiful thing is we are "MULTI SPORT ATHLETES" and I just as quickly shift gears and lace up a pair of running shoes and go. Hell I said I want to be a better, smoother, and faster runner right. Well then theres no problem " quit your bitching and run forest, run !"
So there it was, pounded 1/2 my morning shake, filled a water bottle, set up the I POD and waited for the fuel to settle in a bit.
Just a side note: back in the day, I couldn't eat anything before runs and barely before rides. This is likely why I bonked more than normal and never was able to push through thresholds.
That being said, I always get something down now, and it usually is relative to distances going to be traveled.
My main thing right now to increase running miles is to change up my run path variations. Ive have spent some time over the last couple weeks mapping out different routes with relative miles to where I want to get.
So I headed out on one this morning that is still just under 5 miles but has some incline, declines to it. This I need more of.
It was cool seeing the different scenery, even though it's the road and I've basically lived here all my life. Different turns, different streets and different road markers to hit and pace. I wanted this to be fairly steady and comfortable, yet I wanted it it hard enough to get the legs burning.
It was still real sloppy out there with water standing puddles everywhere and debris scattered curbside. But it didn't take long to feel free on the run and I was able to do long (longer than normal) surges. It was a great feeling, and I can't wait until one day I can run a complete loop at those speeds. But for now I can only surge, peak and recover.
I'm getting there though and I'm really glad I ran, although this may change my Saturday plans back to a ride. Tomorrow is stacked with responsibility and meetings from 6 to 6 . It's all good though, how can you possibly bitch about runners high.

4.6 miles in 42 minutes = 9.13 mpm

brkfast -whey shake
snk1 - whey bar
lunch-  veggies and small portion of roast
snk2 - grapes
dinner ?

weight 208 lb ( ive had home made choc late chip/walnut cookies 2 night in a row) I stopped at 6 :-o
sorry I aint perfect. But my goal is 205 by Halloween so I need to stay as good as possible.

Have a great day peoples.     


  1. I'd also suggest getting in some variety into your running. If you always run at one speed, that's what your body will do for you every time. I run one tempo run, 1 hills run (or speedwork) and 1 long run. They are all completely different runs from each other and it has definitely made me stronger overall and I have gotten faster as a result as well.

  2. I definitely want to hook up with you part 2 of Saturday's run. Let's try and do it, cool?

  3. Kovas, I'll take that advice to heart and act on it.
    It's just hard with my work schedule to get other places to run. But I know your right and it has to happen.

  4. Patrick, I may be riding again now. I really want to ride and think I'm going to get screwed on Sunday. I have to pick up my wifes nephew and friend from there cruise in the a.m.
    Then supposedly take them up to Hollywood and LA for some sight seeing. ( not a big fan of this) but I do love my wife, and she puts up with a great deal from me.
    will see though.

  5. Those who train, train in the rain.