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Friday, October 29, 2010

my new bike steers kind of weird

but the guy said it will take some break in time so ill just see how it goes. It has a cool tail too.

Now I'll fit right in with da fellers !! Cant wait to see how this baby really corners on the downhills.

And I chose a Bianchi cuz that's what Patrick rydes and he suggested this.

Thanks again Patrick for all your help and research.


  1. Beauty bike! Jealous of you Cali guys riding your fancy Italian bikes on PCH.

  2. I might be tired and maybe your being funny, but that tail is your cable that connect to your rear brakes.

    Other then that, good bike, nice frame, good for upgrading a piece at a time.

  3. BDD - GET SOME REST BROTHER !!!! And I mean NOW !!

    I love your humble answer though. I mean that too. Speaks volumes.

    KOVAS- well I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I'm still thinking about BDD.

  4. IU know zilch on bikes...but will prob get a bianchi roadie....b/c Patrick says so...

    w/ Kovas jealous of ANY ride as we sub 40 F now

  5. That's an awesome looking bike. Let's hit PCH in honor of Kovas.