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Monday, October 4, 2010

So it's on

From today until race day OCT 16th. I will eat as clean and portion controled as at all possible. I really feel I can approach this race with a fun and yet serious demeanor. I figure if I'm putting in the miles and time, I might as well see how well I can do as a persnal goal. So there will be very little if any slips and cheat meals. And I will stay as close to if not spot on to my training rotation as possible. Real life issues permiting.
Today is a run /swim double day.

This a.m. run was short 3.4 miler at decent pace. I ran it in 31 flat, which is 9.1 mm. I felt confident, not over reved but slightly pushing it.

lunch will be pool swim - 2x100 warm ups.  2x300 with 10 second rest. 2x100 and 2x50 cool down.

This was yesterdays swim, getting caught in the rain in Palm Springs while soaking the body. Does this count as swim time  ?    


  1. Absolutely swim time - body/water awareness.

  2. its training no matter how you slice it. Training for what is the question...