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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday jibber jabber

No work out today. I have felt a little off of training this week with my lack of cycling miles. I haven't ridden my bike since last Saturdays race, and that was a short distance. I am so ready to turn those cranks over. Rain or shine I have to go tomorrow, and it needs to be a 40 + ride.
I know Patrick [ THE ROAD ], I want to run also. But I have to choose one, and I have to choose the bike. My plan for my long run may end up being and evening this next week ? Or maybe a early morning and go to work late. But I need to pedal.

Fridays are a whacked day for me at work,with a mandatory meeting mid day. This almost always blows a Friday mid day work out. Also this  meeting can be anywhere from 11 to 2. I never really know until about 10:30, so its a waiting game no matter what.
This has been a challenging month of business so I really don't look forward to it.

I have been all over Craigslist ( I wish it was my list) and e-bay for a road bike that is comparable to what I need. I can't afford what I would really like, and I can't afford to go so cheap that it's a waist of money and I destroy it. Its a quandary, and unfortunately its where I'm at right now. I'll keep looking and something will show up when it's the right time.

I made omelette's with salsa and avocado slices for dinner last night, oh and an onion bagel. Seems weird, but it was awesome and  I make perfect omelette's.

I had oatmeal for breakfast with fresh blue berries and it was yummy. An hour later I wanted something else.

I have worked out less this week than in the the past 10 weeks. I'm hungrier than normal and Ive lost 2 pounds (WTF) ?


If anyone was wondering this was a costume I wore on Lets Make a Deal in Las Vegas. This I went on and did for my wife a couple of years ago. We didn't get picked but I had a blast. I was obviously the fat Elvis.           


  1. What are you looking for in a roadie and whats your budget, I can give some tips

  2. choices, choices.

    The sun just came out I have a bike here and a lunch hour so I'm outta here soon.

    Once BBD gives you some recommendations I can probably get you a price hook-up locally if what he suggests is new and/or is carried by one of my shops.

  3. If you can wait on the bike, I would do that because during winter people sometimes get rid of them as they are not riding. Or you break into one of Patrick's shops. Who knew he had shops?

  4. BDD- It won't be new for more reasons than one. But I'm looking for just a solid road bike with good geometry. Ive only had Bianchi and Specialized bikes in the past but there seem to be allot of options out there now for quality bikes with good gruppos and decent wheel sets. So I'm just looking for a mid level roadie that maybe someone has put some tlc into or even a few years older that has decent components. Because Im plus 200 (for now) I really need to make sure I don't get something I'm going to wrinkle when putting some watts on it,or buckle hubs,spokes and wheels when climing. At this point I can't be to particular because of funds. I'm just happy my wife understood the reasoning behind needing it versus my tri-bike.
    I want to do some group rides at decent pace to work on strength and speed. But Ive found that 8 out of 10 times no matter how much work you do, they really snub you. I don't take it personal and I don't really care if they approve of me or not. But if they wont let you play, your not going to play.
    So that's where I'm at with that.
    Patrick, your sticking it to me with the lunch ride, good for you brother. Go get some, I'm envious. Thanks for the offer, but it's going to have to be a used ride for at least this year.

    Kovas your killing me, I actually laughed out loud. That rat bastard never said anything about having shops to me!

  5. I never got your price range, so i went with $1000.00, your are looking at used, best bet is ebay if you know your size. 105 components which are still racing gears and Mavic Askum wheels, which are real strong and durable. Alumuium frame with carbon fork and seat post.

    Try looking into Trek 2.1, Giant Defy 1, some specialized bikes, Fuji (makes an ok bike, but the other 3 are better), might get lucky and find a Scott Speedster or Cannondale in that price range.