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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday ramblings

No work out this a.m. It was supposed to be a short run moderate pace. I woke up with indegestion, heartburn and a headache. Immediately took some anti acid and sat on the couch watching the finish of the cycling worlds that I had not yet been able to finish via previously recorded on DVR. It sucks to get up at 5 a.m. to train, only to feel like crap and then eventually blow it off. I felt better by the time I would have pushed out the door, but that wasn't saying much.
So I believe it was from the pot roast the was crock potted yesterday, it was awesome !! but hella salty. And I don't think all that salt sat well.
Here should have been my first clue (other than taste) I drank 2 large glasses of Gatorade with the meal, and that consisted of a small salad and 3 little burro's. The burritos contained less than 6 oz. of meat between them with some low fat cheese.
Anyway's I thought it best to pass on the run, and do it tomorrow. It wont be pushed, just steady and short. And I would rather be safe than sorry in this case. This run won't make or break me.
With 40 full oz. of water in me already I feel heaps better. There will be no left overs of that meat eaten for lunch or any other time.

September on the trip to see my dad 216 lbs
I know this isnt a full body shot, but its what I have.        

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