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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bike gremlins WTF ??

Pitch dark a.m. rides are the order these days. Sunrise is not until approximately 7:00 a.m. and I don't have time to wait for that, so off i go in the dark front light on back light flickering. I'm fine with this but riding in the daylight is a bit more apealing and I would say at least twice as safe.
Anyways this was my last scheduled ride until Saturdays race, so i'll regroup on Sunday and figure out future training plan and schedule for cycling. This ride was supposed to be 18 miles steady, no sprints, no surges, just aero and keep it smooth.
I felt like crap from the first mile. Not until about mile 8 that I felt like I should even be out there.
This is where I noticed I had no speedo (again) however it was mapping distance traveled, so that was good. I also just put on new tires a couple of rides ago and havn't been able to get my rear wheel set properly. And I wasn't going to adjust the brake out, knowing it was just fine before. So I kept feeling like my rear wheel was dragging a bit. Come to find out it was. I found the left side spindle adjusting screw had moved in a couple of small turns, and the wheel would shift ever so slightly on heavy torque.
So all in all I got that figured out and I fell confident about my ride. I will be doing a thorough clean and lube/inspection tonight to make sure she's all good.
I really felt it was an early test of patience, and I really feel like I only passed with a C+, MAYBE a B.
However I give myself credit for sticking with it until I figured it out and fixed it.

I probably need this to happen so it's out of the way and over it.

dinner last night - salmon, green salad and 1/2 sweet potato

breakfast- whey shake
snk1 -whey bar
lunch- chicken and veggies
snk2 - grapes and almonds from yesterday
dinner- shredded beef burrito. and salad


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