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Friday, October 8, 2010

So Cal weather back in full swing

I hope it stays for a bit. It's for this reason we can tolerate all the manusia that goes on out here, don't get me started.
I stared at my gym back for 6.2 seconds this morning thinking I had a pool swim at lunch on my training schedule today but blew it off and felt a bit guilty.
I knew I had nothing this morning because it was my turn to drop our youngest Eric off at school, and that negates 80 % of a.m. work outs, although sometimes I get up extra early and do a run. Not the case today though and I quickly got over the guilt as I watched my wife buzz around getting ready for her early work start this a.m. all the while I'm sipping coffee and eating blue berry filled oatmeal and watching Tivo of 2008 IRONMAN. Bonus !!
What was even a bigger bonus was to get to my training log to find out this is a scheduled rest day and I have skipped nothing !
As I looked at it I see where I scheduled my 10k run thursday, off Friday, and  bike run brick on Saturday a.m. So now I'm extra excited about this tomorrow. It's my first rst day that is not killing me with anxiety. Likely because I will be going to purchase a few small race neccesities today.

FYI- yesterday was tough.
Thanks for the inspiration. Partick I'm excited for your "OLY" this weekend. I'm still working on getting there for race support.   


  1. Rest days are super important, but I too find it hard to take my own advice. The taper this week is killing me, I get on the scale twice a day freaking out.

  2. LOL !!!! Whats up with that anyway's. All good I got to buy some necc. Items today that makes me feel good. Your going to go hard and finish strong, period ! I hope I'm there to catch first hand, sufffering and joy!