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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kicking it old school and loving this.

A bit, wait, way off topic. But I pulled up to my office yesterday and found this parked out front. True California classic straight from Germany. This thing was dirty, but oh so cherry.

1956 oval window rag top. The inside was flawless and all original.

Then come to find out it was a client/vendor/friend of mine. I asked if I could test drive it for a year or so. Sadly he declined.
I don't know if your a fan or not, but VW's of this age and caliber are art to me.

Moving forward.
I managed to take advantage of the dry,coldish weather and get in a pre dawn to sunrise 20 mile ride.
Was fortunate enough to hook up with another rider at mile 10 from another local cycling club. We chatted and spun at a fairly high speed for the next 5-6 miles. It's funny when you have other riders or another rider how fast you can go and still bla,bla, bla.
He was my envy of the day. He was meeting 5 other friends another 8 miles North and then turning around and heading south down to San Clemente. In just a quick calculation in my head he should get in 60-75 miles of riding. *** sigh *** on a Wednesday morning, to me that is just about as good as it gets.
Anyways, he was super friendly, we parted ways at my turn off and I wished him safety and a good day.
I got in just under 21 miles in 1:03 and didn't even have a crank come off :-)
Sadly this may be the last ride until Sunday. Assuming Saturday washes out with the suspected rain, but I'm still hopeful.

Train hard, train smart, be healthy. 



  1. My boyfriend would have freaked out, too! He always gets excited when he sees that oval window.

  2. What? It's supposed to rain again? My Feb mileage is in the toilet.

  3. Nice find! Looks like its in great condition!

    I wish I could ride outdoors. Why didn't you do the 60 mile ride? Not enough time? I have a feeling you could do it no problem.
    Glad to see you got your crank fixed! I've had cranks come off on me before, its scary!

    I'd take rain anyday! We still have a least a month of white stuff here. :(

  4. Dude, im not even commenting on here about weather. These poor souls anywhere east of us past Arizona are just under seige ! But yes it supposed to.

    Green girl your boyfriend knows whats up !

    John I could ditch work but that could get a little dicey with bills and all. LOL, Believe me I would have loved to have got to put on another 50 or so miles today.

  5. nice ride! (the VW) and also nice ride (21)

    rain v. snow


  6. My first ever vehicle was a 1971 VW convertible. Ohhhhhh she was so beautiful. Silver, had flared guards, a fin on the back, mag wheels and I ended up putting a brand new engine in it. Sadly when i fell pregnant with the twins she had to go. But I sold her for double the price I paid.

  7. Classic anything is cool - from a time when products had a personality.