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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sore no more

Monday was rest day after a pretty full week of training last week. I had some soreness in my inner groin area on both the left and right side. I was hoping a day of rest, food and recovery was all I needed. Turns out that was it.
This will be a taper week as a few of us will be running the same race in Huntington Beach. I will try and keep it simple here this week so as it won't get redundant of others blogs.
Today was a steady 3.25 recovery run at what I believed to be a moderate pace. Total time of 27:47. I didn't check HR or anything, I just ran as it felt good and just out of the slogging comfort zone. I was surprised to see 2 other runners on this same or similar out and back at 5:50 a.m.
If I see anyone out there it is usually if on this part of the road for a weekend run. But it was cool, and they were both moving well and smooth.
One guy past me on his out,shortly after my turn around point as I was heading back in. He had great form and cadence coming at me and was hoping his turn around point was where mine had been. This way he would be chasing me down (as we all try and do). It would push him to push me. I didn't want to go to hard because this was more of a recovery run (up beet). I did stay ahead until the light, where we both got held up and small talked for about 90 seconds. The light was green and it was back on. He was fluid and quick tempo, it as great to see and follow. I stayed at his shoulders for about .25 miles an started drifting back as I looked at my Garmin and noticed he was pacing @ 8:03 mpm. that was faster than I needed to be going, so I just let him continue and I backed out. It still got me home averaging a 9:01 mpm for my last mile.

My recovery time to normal breathing and HR was very quick and I felt loose and happy to run pain free. It was crystal clear and about 48 degrees and it felt great in shorts,long tech shirt and a beanie. The only thing that would have been better would have been being able to add about 3-4 more miles to that run,it was just one of those mornings.

Diet is spot on, my body feels great. If life doesn't throw too many twist to it, I should be as dialed in for this weekend as I can be at this time.
I'll miss riding this week, but it will make just that much more awesome upon return to the saddle.    

I hope everyone else is feeling like a million bucks and happy where there at in there life right now.      


  1. Way to rock the beanie. Sure is a lot of posting about groins recently.

  2. Dude,I LOVE running in a beanie it the morning. If my whole head is warm, everything else just seems good. Suddenly I had a vision of George in his big ol Russian hat via Seinfeld episode.

  3. Sounds like you are going to have to invest in some new dress pants! great job on your workouts!

  4. hey! are you running the full or the half on Sunday? See you there!

  5. Running the 1/2. But you will see me there.

  6. nice work on the diet and feeling great
    should mean great things on the wknd


  7. Isn't it amazing how diet can have such a positive or negative impact on one's outlook. Well done you.