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Friday, February 18, 2011

annoying people day

Sorry, not very positive. But this is what it was. I'm not even getting into it.
Shamefully I passed on a pre dawn ride this morning. Now I'll be lucky if I get a ride in by Sunday
** sigh**. That is what you get for being complacent. I will run for sure, rain or shine. I don't know when, but it will happen.

have a job - check
have a roof - check
have a family - check
have a ride- check
have my health - check

o.k. it's apparently all better.

A closing photo of one of my old race bikes, you'll want to know the story. I'll share on a later date. Enjoy it, I know I didn't

Train hard, train smart, be healthy. 


  1. I just had a blog post very similar to this...must be the week for it! I did the same thing as you. Quick count of the blessings is a good reminder.

    I've had a hard time getting motivated to keep with my plan too. Got back on that horse today, though.

  2. got it.

    Hey I don't know tons about motorcycles but this bike seems to be missing a wheel.

  3. I hope that whatever it is clears up for you :)