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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday playlist and in shuffle mode no less

Warning this is random, but could be entertaining too.

This week flew by

I trained every other day, and it felt like I had the whole week off. (I DON'T LIKE IT).

I finished up my long run play list from last Sundays 1/2 during this mornings 4 mile run and it was everything from ; Late 70's Clash, DRI, Dead Kennedy's, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Ramones, Drop Kick Murphy's, Flogging Molly, G&R, Van Halen (wth??) Incubus,Sublime, The Specials, The Jam, Danzig, along with a couple from Aerosmith and Queen. I am going to use this play list for awhile. It is wide spread and not boring to say the least.

I made the best spinach and Munster omelet this morning.

I'm in the market for another pair of running shoes ( along with several new pairs of good running socks). I love the Kayanos, but my back up pair of Asics are just feeling sloppy and need to retire.

I can't wait to do a long ride @ 55 + miles tomorrow in high 70's sunshine. "don't hate".

My taxes are done !! And all things considering it wasn't bad at all.

I'm going for some excellent Cuban food Saturday night (getting my early Valentines groove on).

We are already 1/2 way through February.

Kovas is still the TRAIL GURU.

EMZ still freaking rocks !! Thanks for the shirt, it's funny how it made a round trip to Cali, but you haven't. P.S. I win the contest for male shirt model. Yes I biased but what can I say.

BDD - sent me a picture of himself, HE IS 5'- 3" tall at 138 lbs. How do you get BDD out of that. But he is 6 weeks deep in M DOT training, so he has that going for him.

Chris k BQ'd - NUFF SAID !! ATTA BOY !

Kate (from San Diego) BQ'd - and said "F" it, I'm running Chicago !! WTH ??

My girly feet healed up enough to run this morning and opted to do it naked .I mean, naked of gadgets of course.

Patrick is a bid dude ( not fat, not chubby) BIG DUDE. That runs like the freaking wind------------- GREAT JOB HOME BOY------ I'll trade you some cycling speed for some of that run speed any day.
I think we should find out if Nan would be a swim leg participant in a relay and go throw down a crazy arse time in a TRI !

It's just 3 hour  after my run and I wish I could go run again right now.

Eric my 10 year old called us last night after 6 days sick and said he's is all better and he got 3 A's on tests last week. (this is not normal).

My middle step son called and said he put an offer on a house !

My oldest called and said his fiance, now ex fiance broke his heart, and that now breaks my heart. So goes life my son, so goes life.

I cant find a Triathlon that I'm really interested in. But I did sign up for a 5k with the wife.

Races are awesome, but I really, really like training. I need the structure in my life.

Every time I see someone running in green I think its "THE GREEN GIRL RUNNING". should I stop waving at them all ??

I almost got taken out in a cross walk this morning by a driver. I know he felt bad, but I was so pissed I couldn't look at him or his passenger without exploding. So I didn't acknowledge his apologetic hand gestures and kept running.

Jon cooks and trains like a bad ass

JohnP I want to cycle with you, come on out "LOTCR" I like that.

Barbie your bike now looks UTI professional !!

BC is missing in action and although it shouldn't concern me, oddly it does.

I truly want to see all you guys/gals get outside and off those trainers. You blow my mind at how much volume you can do on them.


train hard,train smart, be healthy.


  1. Whoa, what a stream of consciousness only it all makes sense! Of course we hate you that you get to train in 70 degree weather. Such is life.

  2. You mean some people don't wear green when they are running?

    Congratulations on getting that playlist together - I love that feeling of accomplishment!

  3. I loved this post, so many thoughts all scrunched into a great read. I couldn't stop laughing when you said you have been waving at every girl wearing green. That's hilarious.

  4. don't you just love our weather here in CA?! what's that Cuban place you just mentioned? Where? Would like to try it some time. Maybe on Monday. =)

  5. I have to hate on teh 70's weather!! But, glad you are taking advantage by getting 55 miles in!!

    Your list brought up so many responses! ha!! Sorry about your eldest and the ex. Boo!

    Enjoy your early V-day celebration tomorrow!

  6. I agree with the others. What a quick and efficient way to dump out your brain and do some shout-outs. Thanks for looking out for me. I was MIA, but am back (now 6 pounds lighter). Game on.

  7. Great playlist! I just remembered I need to add some Clash and Aerosmith to my running!~~
    great news E feels better and notching A's!! woo hooo to that

  8. Yuck at the omlet! lol
    Exciting times on the home buying!
    Woman suck!
    I would love to ride with you one day! I could see us making a trip your way some day!