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Friday, February 25, 2011

what have I done ?

This is a real question, out of the blue. I have a shooting pain when sitting and then shifting or l;eaning forward, or getting up.
It feels like I fell on my tailbone, but I haven't. I ran yesterday and it was not noticably uncomfortable ? I rode 2 days ago, and it is so far away from my sitz bone area I cant imagine it was hurt then ?
I thought it was from sitting on my couch kind of stretched out and lazy ?
Anyone experience this before ?
I feel fine standing and walking ? 


  1. I've never had pain in that area before, I have no idea what would cause that. I hope it goes away in the morning!! Keep us posted!

    If all else fails, I just blame it on the wife. Most pain and suffering comes from my 'better' half so the odds of being correct are in my favour lol :)

  2. very interesting....

    i got nothing! rest up?

  3. pain is a funny thing, maybe you have a little tightness from sleeping on it weird. Maybe it was the earthquake, I dunno. Without having any basis to make a diagnosis my guess is that it is not training related.

  4. I have and it wasn't good. Since I'm not a doctor, I suggest go the Rest and Ice route and if that doesn't solve it, see someone for an eval. If you get pain shooting down your leg while in process of sitting or standing, see the doctor/chiro sooner.

  5. uh oh :( I hope you are okay. Maybe see a doctor is rest doesn't help.

  6. Hope you recover quickly!! Love the new blog header!

  7. Craig, I wonder if you have pinched a nerve or if your muscle have tightened up around the area cause the nerve to pick up against the bone. Often the area of the pain is not where the injury is. I wonder if it is radiating from somewhere else.