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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it just a grind or is it a funk ?

Seems to be a bit of common thread everywhere I turn. I for one have some great things in the works and happening.
On the other hand, as my life has forever been, I have some heartaches, hardships and troubled waters.
This is a (or suppose to be for me) sport related blog. However I did pre-qualify that it would also be about family life and everything that happens in my quest for regaining control of my health and life through the passion of swim,bike and run. Trials and victories.

Training first.

I don't have a concrete race schedule set up. This is a good and bad thing. I need goals to hit and peaks to rise up to. On the other hand I don't smack myself around and get all crazy when things go sideways in my life.
The closest thing out, is a 5k next weekend.
Then we are already into March and I can't lock anything down there yet.
So it has been a bit challenging to stay on top of my training game the way I want and expect to be. I have stayed true to swimming, cycling and running, along with some cross training. But I'm really relaxed about it and I'm not liking that.
There are some days better than others. I haven't had a fierce run day since Surf City 1/2 marathon. I have not ran anything over 5 miles and even those where on cruise control.
I have had a few good cycling days, so I feel good about that.
My swim has been reduced to 1-2 days a week at best for 600- 1500 meter swims. Some serious, some lazy. Well what I would call lazy.

I did manage 1200 meters yesterday, structured.
1x50 warm up
5x100 all under 1:55
2x200 both under 4:02
2x100 both under 2:00
1x50 cool down

I felt good and fresh with a mostly smooth glide and strong pull. I have no coach and no one watching. I just have to go by feel.

I hope everyone else, with life changing things going on, takes the time to reflect on where they are and where they could be.
Sometimes it's the one thing that gets me through it.

Train hard,train smart, and be healthy.

BUT FOR HEAVENS SAKE KEEP IT REAL AND ALL IN PERSPECTIVE. Life is short enough, lets not let some one or something steel our glory away.


  1. We don't train in a vacuum, no need to nlog that way either.

  2. It's like I always say - I WANT to train a lot. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a huge part of my life now. So I try to make the sacrifices on my end as much as possible so others don't have to - up early bed late, or rushing around at lunch. I guess I'm kind of lucky that my line of work is a bit flexible in that I can take an hour or two some days and make up the work in the evening when the house is asleep. So I don't take anything for granted.

    Craig, what we need to do (and I'm dead serious) is pick a destination race next summer and bring both families and make sure they have an amazing time. A thank you, if you will.

  3. Good point Kovas.

    Patrick, I think that is great idea. I say we visit it towards the end of this year and make a real effort to do it. I have passed on vacations the last two years for personal reasons. This year, in fact in about 4 months will be me, my wife,son and 2 grandkids kicking it waveside in Cabo for a week. Next year would be optimal to take a run at that.

  4. swimming 2x per week is good!
    and you are not that far removed from the half
    a several week layoff from "fierce"running is a good thing (in my book)


  5. What DRog said! You're not that far off, heck you'd do just fine right this very moment. A layoff from running does wonder, I see this across alot of blogs lately.

    No matter how hard we try - the family, work, personal life details bleed over into our training blogs. Life's ups and downs are directly reflected in our training - I'd be sad if you missed out sharing them with us! Keep it realy baby! :)

  6. I think you have been doing really well and if I lived closer I would come and swim with you and be your coach. :)

  7. We all go through this... just know that! :) And sometimes the cutbacks, for whatever reason, are actually blessings in disguise!