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Thursday, February 17, 2011

First of all

Some time ago I was tagged with a Stylish Blogger Award. I know it's hard to believe it is here if you don't believe it
I tagged several people that may and may not respond. It would be based on if the really read my blog or not. Apparently some just don't but here is the list below.
James at
Barbie at
Patrick at
BDD at
Diana at
Neil at
John at
Shannon at
Kate at
Joel at
DRog at
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Charisa at
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Now some really do read my blog because they responded, others obviously don't :-( (shame on you) - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. And some that I would have included had already been tagged, so I gave them reprieve to ealleviate redundancy.

O.k. that is my rant, now onward.

Reading other blogs, I'm very excited and impressed with some (a lot) of times and distances being laid down. It appears most are on track and getting fired up;. I LOVE IT, YOU PEOPLE ROCK !!!

I too got to get out of a nice toasty bed this morning and was greeted by beautiful,crisp and clear 43 degree run weather. And I know that would be heaven to a lot of people and hell to others.
Personally, I love it. And to me it is near perfect run weather.
I will always (if I have a choice ) take it much warmer for a ride though.

Got in a very peaceful run of 5.5 miles in just over 52:00 minutes and loved every step of the way. ( Well maybe not every step up the couple of false flat uphills) but every other step :-)
Chris K I have a bike deal for you if your serious about upping your game to Multi sport. Let me know. I have a friend who will vouch for it's abilities and condition, Obviously fit is most important.

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.    


  1. We're having fabulous weather here. High 60' heaven. :) The groundhog is my new favorite animal. Now I'm home with two sick kiddos, but I'm hoping my husband gets home in time for me to get out and run before I have to take the one healthy kid to volleyball practice.

  2. Its on blogger to do list, I havent forgotten

  3. Isn't nice to wake up and feel that weather knowing that you are going to run. You (in CA) have it better than most most of the time and me (in TX) really have 12 mos to run outdoors but it is the idea of what spring brings that makes it exciting.

  4. Trust me, Patrick is a great salesman for you. Seems it would not fit, I'm 5' 11". And, I'm not quite there yet regarding biking. Although I did promise Patrick that I would DVR and watch an upcoming bike race in France.

  5. Craig, I'm just not that interesting. But for you, I will dig up 7 more.

  6. 5-11 it's not your bike :-(. When do they ever races bikes in France ? when did all this start ?

    Kate hope the kids get rid of it !

    BDD - no pressures. you have put enough on yourself as it is.

    J- I really liked Texas, but I'm sticking to the West coast.

  7. Nice call out! :)

    Great job with the run. Sounds like perfect weather to get out there and enjoy it... well, all of it except the false flats.

  8. Uh, that is the most perfect weather! We were in the teens/20's in the mornings and now we jumped overnight to 50's! sigh, we'll never get it right! Congrats on the run! :)

  9. I think I responded - actually I must of cause I forwarded it on :)